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Herbert Asquith, the British Prime Minister who took Britain into World War I, was a Liberal.

During World War I, Asquith's energies were devoted to a mistress 35 years his junior - Venetia Stanley. 

A new book, CONSPIRACY OF SECRETS by Bobbie Neate, claims that Asquith had sex with Venetia and produced a bastard son, Louis Stanley.

The priapic PM who wrote love letters to his mistress.


Asquith was married to Margot Tennant, a baronet's daughter.

Asquith had his 'little harem'.

Clementine Churchill complained of Asquith's habit of peering down girl's cleavages.

Lady Ottoline Morrell reported that Asquith "Would take a lady’s hand as she sat beside him on the sofa, and make her feel his erected instrument under his trousers".

One woman complained of Asquith's "drooling, high thigh-stroking advances".

Jugendwehr / Kinderhelm

By 1915, Venetia, aged 28, had begun flirting with Asquith's pal, Edwin Montagu, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

(The Samuels and the Rothschilds favored the Balfour Declaration; Cohen, Magnus, Mountefiore and Montagu were against it. British Jewry Tried To Stop Zionism)

Venetia agreed to marry Montagu.

In 1916, Lloyd George ousted Asquith as Liberal leader.

Venetia had a string of lovers including media mogul, Lord Beaverbrook.

Venetia organised wild parties where chloroform, morphine and champagne were consumed.

Asquith and Venetia resumed their friendship, after the death of Montagu in 1924.

         WWI French Postcard "Bonne Année" - Wishing All My Flickr Friends a Bang-up New Year!

Asquith was a Freemason (Secret Societies Old and New 1927 - Google Books Result)

The German Kaiser believed that Freemasons were responsible for World War I.

He wrote: "I have been informed that an important rôle was played in the preparation of the World War directed against the monarchical Central Powers by the policy of the international 'Great Orient Lodge'; a policy extending over many years..."

Herbert Asquith was a friend of the Rothschilds.

"It was Cyril Flower, husband of a Rothschild, who helped to push Asquith forward into influential circles. He attended Asquith’s second wedding (to Margot Tennant).
In 1892, Lady Anthony Rothschild had Asquith’s five children to stay at her residence for Christmas! 

"Asquith was an occasional guest at Tring Park, Nathaniel Rothschild’s seat and “at one period, Alfred Rothschild used to go to 10, Downing Street every morning to see Asquith, another close friend, who set great store on his advice.” 

"In Asquith’s Memoirs and Reflections, he speaks of “our friends Jimmy and Dolly,” referring in these intimate terms to James Rothschild and his wife. Lady Oxford (née Margot Tennant) writes of her “week-end visits” to the Rothschilds and of her “dear friend,” Alice Sassoon." (friends of the Rothschilds)

Who was really behind the assassination which started World War I? 

"Our Franzel"

In 1914 there were people within the ruling elite of Austia-Hungary who - (1) wanted an excuse for a war to crush Serbia (2) would not have been unhappy if Franz Ferdinand and his wife were to be assassinated. (aangirfan: Who really killed Franz Ferdinand?

"Leading members of the Black Hand apparently met with French and Grand Orient Freemasons at the Hotel St Jerome in Toulouse in January 1914 to arrange the assassination in Sarajevo..." - The Occult Conspiracy by Michael Howard. (The Biggest Secret - Chapter 11)

If someone wants to start a war, the Liberals are the people to lend a hand.

Sir Edward Grey was the UK foreign Secretary in the Liberal government in Britain in 1914.

According to Webster Tarpley (american_almanac/edwgrey.htm, 1995), "Sir Edward Grey Turned The Sarajevo Crisis Into War."

Tarpley claims that Grey used ‘perfidy and cunning’ to bring about a world war after the assassination of the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungar Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

According to Tarpley, if Sir Edward Grey had wanted to avoid war, he could have warned France and Russia that Britain would remain neutral. 

Russia was unlikely to go to war without the support of Britain.

Young boy in a Südwester

The Kaiser apparently thought that if England did not fight, France and Russia were unlikely to do so either.

Tarpley claims that Grey gave France hints that England would support Russia and France.

These hints were then passed on to Russian Foreign Minister Sazonov, a British agent, and to Czar Nicholas II.

Tarpley points out that "the British were the first of the great powers to mobilize their war machine, in this case the Grand Fleet of the Royal Navy.

"On July 19, the British staged a formidable naval demonstration with a review of the Grand Fleet at Portsmouth.

"On the afternoon of July 28, Winston Churchill ordered the fleet to proceed during the night at high speed with no lights from Portsmouth through the Straits of Dover to its wartime base of operations at Scapa Flow, north of Scotland."

Beware of the Liberals.


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