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At Global Research, on 17 April 2012, there is an article, by Finian Cunningham, entitled Qatar Military Coup "Rumours" Stir Bad Blood With House of Saud

According to Finian Cunningham:

1. There are rumours of a failed military coup against the ruler of Qatar.

2. There were media reports that American military helicopters had taken the Emir and his wife to a safe unknown destination.

3. On 17 April 2012, Saudi news channel Al Arabiya reported the coup bid against Qatari Emir Al Thani.

4. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have both done the work of the US-led NATO, for example in Libya and Syria.

Both are bankrolling mercenaries and jihadis from Iraq, Libya, Lebanon and elsewhere in a bid to be top dog in the region.

Both have been funding election campaigns of Islamist parties in Egypt and Tunisia, aligned to the conservative Muslim Brotherhood.

The Western powers use these parties to shunt and blunt popular calls for greater democracy.

5. But, there is rivalry between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as each wants to be top dog.

6. In Qatar, there are reported tensions within the Al Thani ruling family and other powerful clans over what critics of the Emir call 'his excessive alignment with US foreign policy and breaking of Arab ranks'.

There are also domestic problems of corruption owing to the Al Thanis monopolising Qatar’s property market.

7. The Saudi rulers have been implicated in previous suspected coup attempts against the ruler of Qatar - in February 2011, 2009, 2002 and 1996.



Anonymous said...

Does this have anything to do with south pars and the interlinking of a proposed gas pipeline? Further there is a new saudi pipeline that terminates beyond the straits?

... said...

Hi there, I have been away and on sick leave but I am back now and catching up on things!

I laughed at this post because I use to work for a Hedge Fund that gambled the social security money of Qatar on behalf of the Al Thanis - I wrote very briefly about it on my blog as you know.

I don't think I buy the rumors of attempts at a military coup lately - I think it's propaganda - these people have more money than God (pun intended) and are SO in-bed with the US it's a joke. Their military machine IS an arm of the USA if you get my meaning.

As for bankrolling Jihad...for sure it's true. Actually Cyprus is just one big washing machine for all the filthy money flowing through into the Middle's like the big secret that you never find many people talking about but everyone knows it.

Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, SA, UAE,not forgetting up through Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan and then of course into the Balkan states.

The Qataris are in Cyprus now, buying up land etc. totally unrelated but probably totally relevant that there are oil and gas deposits off our coast line!

aka Marty

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