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Moslem al-Asadi, a doctor living in exile in Iran, has said that the real Saddam died in 1999 from cancer.

The Saddam Doubles

"The real Saddam died because he had cancer of the lymph nodes, and since his death in 1999 they're just showing his doubles" he told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Al-Asadi claims Saddam's sons, his first wife and Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz kept the truth under wraps using three doubles. Al-Asadi alleges Saddam's younger son, Qusay, actually held presidential authority.

Al-Asadi has pointed out that Saddam had big, oval ears.

One of the doubles' ears do not match Saddam's, which had a special bend.

Al-Asadi also said Saddam has an overbite, but one of the doubles doesn't have such a defect.

While Saddam has wide and strong shoulders, those of two doubles are narrow and almost sloping.

Saddam had big hands, said al-Asadi, while one of doubles has small hands.

Lastly, a second long finger of one of the doubles doesn't match that of the real thing.

Corriere della Sera reports the testimony of former doubles corroborates al-Asadi's thesis.

Longtime bodyguard Saddam Michael Ramadan in 1979 wrote in the book "In Saddam's shadow" that the Iraqi leader was so ill he was dependent on pain killers, according to the newspaper.

Ramadan is reportedly now under the protection of the CIA.

The paper quotes another former bodyguard, who fled Iraq for Israel as declaring, "Saddam whom you see, was photographed some years ago."

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What if…the US Navy Seals killed an Osama double? Robert Fisk.


subrosa said...

You were the first to alert me to this kind of duplicity from the West. Since then it's intrigued me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The Fisk link is down. A google search for 'what if navy seals killed obama double robert fisk' found zero results except for the dead end link and your piece. Makes me wonder if it was for real.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel said...

good reading about a false flag in london olympics,

tnks anngrifan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for excellent articles, aang.
Breivik - double, sure.

Iran: The Pentagon deployed off 430 cruise missiles

Le Pentagone déploie au large de l'Iran 430 missiles de croisière,%2BEtats-Unis,%2 BPentagone,%2BD%25C3%25A9fense,%2BActualit%25C3%25A9s,%2BIran%2B%2B%2B20.04.2012,

Anonymous said...

Passport photo of Anders Behring Breivik

Anonymous said...

FISK: By midday yesterday, I had three phone calls from Arabs, all certain that it was Bin Laden's double who was killed by the Americans – just as I know many Iraqis who still believe that Saddam's sons were not killed in 2003, nor Saddam really hanged. In due course, al-Qa'ida will tell us. Of course, if we are all wrong and it was a double, we're going to be treated to yet another videotape from the real Bin Laden – and President Barack Obama will lose the next election.

I am surprised by Robert Fisk fancy perception. Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik statements at Alex Jones Show tells a different story and refutes Robert Fisk imagination.

According to Dr. Pieczenik UBL died in 2001 and was on ice to be rolled over when needed by the Presidential election. This was also affirmed by Madam Albright among others.

Dr. Pieczenik also states that the Abbatobad was a Psych-ops and that Navy Seal will never publicize its black ops.

Bin Laden Family are involved in Carlyle Group, as such, they made them an offer to tag along with official U S Lies
as in case of 9/11.

Robert Fisk an English free lance journalist lives in Lebanon and I doubt his credibility.

Used to have great respect for Mr. Fisk especially the way he covered Gaza genocide and Lebanon offensive by Israel. But it all evaporated with his dubious pieces on the so-called spring revolutions in Middle East and North Africa. Perhaps, his old age is now having its effect on Mr. Fisk who already doesn’t rate Pakistanis very high except for considering them as very ‘politically aware’ people. All these so called BIG journalists of lame-stream media, our government and most shockingly our military establishment this time are toeing the White House line of this propaganda. As rightly said that, propaganda is the art of persuasion – persuading others that your ‘side of the story’ is correct. For me Mr. Fisk’s assesment is nothing more than a new twist for persuasion for this clearly anti-Pakistan and anti-Iran propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis, Gabriel, thank you.
Great insights into their occult beliefs.
But the writer hints at reptilian ETs.
So likely an insider's misdirection.
His warnings have to be taken seriously though.

Anonymous, Al-Qaeda Doesn't Exist:
The counter for this video has been reset many times.

Breivik in this picture looks broken,
lost his spirit, contact with his soul.

nina said...

"Breivik in this picture looks broken, lost his spirit, contact with his soul. "

He looks like Julian Assange.

Anonymous said...

"He looks like Julian Assange"

I agree.
Almost as if they are both 'groomed' by the same person(s)

Anonymous said...

If you're serious about investigating the use of doubles and patsies, then the following technical references may be of use.

An Introduction to Biometric Recognition

Ear Biometrics

Using Ears for Human Identification

Internet-sourced photos will generally have high enough resolution to apply ear and face identification but not iris techniques.

"When I float weightless back to the surface, I imagine I'm becoming someone else. It's probably the decompression."

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