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Kenny's sideshow: Putin Fails the 9/11 Litmus Test

In March 2012, it was reported that Russia is planning to let NATO use one of its airfields as its Afghan hub.

Russia 'has expressed willingness' to allow NATO to use an airfield in Russia as a transit centre for moving troops and 'nonlethal' cargo into Afghanistan.

The USA is having problems with supply routes through Pakistan.

Reportedly, the USA is thinking about 'speeding up its withdrawal from Afghanistan'.

Russia opposes a fast exit of troops from Afghanistan.

This is reportedly because of worries about militant Moslems and drug trafficking.

Afghan heroin floods into Russia and has increased rates of HIV-AIDS.

Putin and friend

Currently, NATO relies on overland routes beginning at ports in Latvia or Georgia that require the cooperation of Russia and certain Central Asian nations.

The USA's Gen. William M. Fraser III says: "We now have a two-way approval to move equipment back out of Afghanistan through Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Also, Russia has approved this and Uzbekistan recently approved this."

The cargo moving through Russia gives Russian freight companies more than $1 billion a year in business.

Andrew C. Kuchins, a Russia expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, says Russia will use its position to reassert "a greater hegemonic role" in Eurasia.

Curently, Russia allows the United States to fly troops into Afghanistan through Russian airspace.

General Fraser says that withdrawal from Afghanistan will be impossible without reopening the Pakistani routes.

Russia is to check the NATO cargoes for drugs - official: Voice of Russia
NATO's Afghan cargoes going through Russia will be checked for drugs, Russia's deputy Foreign said following talks between Moscow and NATO on the issue.

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According to Reuters, on 6 April 2012, "Syria faced pressure from all sides at the United Nations on Thursday as UN Arab League envoy Kofi Annan set a precise deadline for an end to the conflict with clear backing from Russia, China and the rest of the UN Security Council...

"Russia and China ... in a diplomatic setback for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, have recently supported several statements urging Damascus to accept Annan’s plan..."

Syria pressured from all sides at UN to halt violence




Is Putin a puppet?


Anonymous said...

as per various sources, the majority of the russion oligarchs are jewish. This is clear evidence that jews are the predominant power in russian economics, probably true also for the rest of the society. On the other hand the majority of non jewish russians are probably not very in favour of the jews, given the horror they had to undergo under the jewish-bolshevik rule.. this could explain why the news agency RT is allowing all these jew critical comments..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

In 2004 Putin also poured oil into the fire of US/Nato war against Iraq - without any reasonable need:

Anonymous said...

If Putin is than the reast of us are too. You got it completely wrong check this out:

Anonymous said...

Putin fails the 911 litmus test in spectacular fashion.

He is a KGB lifer, just like the Bush's are CIA lifers.
All the secret service agencies in the world work together on behalf of globalists, against the people. Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, and most Arab countries are ruled by secretive pigs who use our spy agencies against us.
Putin plays a role in a theatrical production where he "opposes" the USA, much like Obama Democrats opposed Bush Republicans.


Assad Trusting said...

Assad is a fool, believing he can solve his problems quietly.
Like Hitler, he trusts his UK handlers,
giving the captured soldiers back without public bargaining.
He is missing all opportunities to speak to the world public.

It looks like SWIFT's blocking of all Iran trade payments
is also a step to move Western power to Asian proxies:
BRICS leaders lambast the West's "aggressive monetary policies" & dominance of global institutions
New World Order? Emerging Giants Set to Meet for Fourth BRICS Summit - International Business Times
Yet these shills are weak and timid.

Greg Burton said...

So, Putin the nationalist is helping NATO and the US military. Is this a sign that he is helping the globalists or is that he realizes that the US military, like he other nationalists, regardless of country, will play no role in the NEW World Order owned and operated by the lies of Poppy Bush.

If so, he would not want to see the US military suffer a defeat in the central Asia graveyard of empires; and might signal an unrevealed alliance between those in the US military and Putin at odds with Israel and the gangsters currently running the United States? Just a thought.

Greg Burton said...

Breaking News: Algerian daily confirms Mossad training camps for al-Qaida?

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