Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Out of Body Experience by Anthony Peake


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Aangirfan! This is mind blowing stuff - but I can attest that it is real. About 1998 when I was waking up to all the stuff that you and the likes of Alan Watt talk about and document, well, I was in bed about to go to sleep, and I was entering that hypno state as described in the video, and with all my will I asked the universe and or my guardians to give me a sign, show me something, and I internally concentrated on my inner vision, eyes closed, and suddenly WHAMMO!!! I saw the most amazingly beautiful light, and I experienced infinit love and connectedness with absolutely everything, and I was aware and joyously happy, with far more than 360 degree vision, I was floating, flying, and I had deep deep knowledge of everything, this is extremely hard to describe! I was in I suppose what is called nirvana, and all too soon the experience was over - I have no idea how long it was, it could have been minutes, or a nanosecond, as time did not exist. I feel that I was granted a glimpse, and it has not happened since, despite trying a half dozen times or so.

Keep up the brilliant work you do and all best!

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