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Cartagena means child prostitution and drugs and AIDS.

Obama arrived in Cartagena in Colombia on 14 April 2012.

His secret service agents were in trouble, before his arrival.

Ronald Kessler, veteran journalist, broke the story in the Washington Post:

On a certain morning, police were called to the Hotel Caribe, in Cartagena.

A woman was angry after not being paid by one of the secret service agents.

She was banging on walls and doors in the hotel hallways.

"The agents had been drinking heavily before the president's arrival and had taken women back to their hotel."

The agents were sent home and replaced before Obama's arrival.

On 15 April 2012, Veterans Today writes of a possible plot to assassinate Obama.

"Assassination Columbia – What If It Ain't About Whores?":

Xymphora refers to the Veterans Today story in 'Misdirection':

"The real deal is very probably this:

"At least one of the members of the presidential detail is suspected of working with foreign nationals to arrange the assassination of President Obama.

"A certain nation comes to mind, one very close to former Governor Romney, the GOP candidate hopelessly behind in the polls...

"One country was told it wasn’t getting a war with Iran..."

The secret service were reportedly involved in the Kennedy assassination (Theory: Secret Service)

Cartagena in Colombia, which is a top sex tourism destination. The U.S. State Department reports, “Colombia is a major source country for women and girls subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically forced prostitution in Latin America, the Caribbean, Western Europe, Asia, and North America, including the United States.”

Aangirfan is inclined to believe that there was no plot to kill Obama.
We tend to the belief that secret service agents, and their like, are not necessarily nice, reliable people.

It is possible that they frequently consort with prostitutes.

And thus the 'official' story is most likely true.

(US soldiers heroin and lack of discipline in Afghanistan).
Of course, Mormons within the security services might want to embarrass Obama.

However, Aangirfan is inclined to believe that the 'powers that be' want Obama to be re-elected.

General Hernando PĂ©rez Molina of the USA's School of the Americas.

It should be noted that the bad guys in Colombia have links to the US military.

School of Americas Instructors Served in Colombian Mafia.


There is a song by France’s first lady Carla Bruni, called Cocaine.
"In one song believed to be dedicated to her husband, the former model, who has launched a new career as a chanteuse, sings: 'You are my drug. More lethal than heroin from Afghanistan and more dangerous than Colombian white.'"


"Criminal violence is a serious problem in Colombia.

"Both Colombia’s illegal armed groups and other criminal groups are heavily involved in the drugs trade and in other serious crimes including kidnapping (for ransom and political purposes), money laundering and the running of extortion and prostitution rackets.

"There has been an increase in criminal activity in urban areas since 2010." Colombia travel advice


On 2 April 2012, Ynet News reported:

In April 2012, eight Israelis, linked to the Israeli military, were arrested in Colombia in connection with drug trafficking, money laundering and exploitation of minors.

In 2001, Lt. Col. Yair Klein, formerly of the Israeli army, was convicted by a Colombian court and sentenced in absentia to nearly 11 years in prison for training drug-traffickers' assassins in the late 1980s.



JC said...

I think Ron Paul is actually the next puppet. He is going to put in a global gold standard. He's controlled opposition funded by the CNP, JBS, Bilderberg member Peter Thiel, he is represented by Zionist Bruce Fein. Keep in mind that the Rothschilds have all the gold. The only other reason he is still around is as a distraction. The PTB know who's going to be Pres. years before the (s)election. All the GOP debates are staged too. Sorry if I bursted any Paultards bubble.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"I think Ron Paul is actually the next puppet"

I dont think, Im 100% sure. RON PAUL is just another one of them. Ure absolutely rite.

Anonymous said...

A. Peasant said...

the media is happy to cover up anything they are asked to cover up, and to make a show of anything "helpful" to the owners. something like this, if it were true, would presumably be covered up, unless of course it is useful for the public to know about it and be distracted.

Demented Conspiracy said...

Labour peer suspended after he 'offered £10m for capture of Barack Obama' claiming his bounty on terrorist suspect has 'insulted all Muslims'

"He should be stripped of his title and given a custodial sentence for stirring up hate."
Calling for war and murder and making war is ok, but attacking war criminals is forbidden.

"There is a major distinction between the President of a great democracy and a man who, although only a suspect, is wanted in connection to a terrible atrocity."
Yes, the difference is the President is openly ordering murders and directing war crimes.

"We have suspended Lord Ahmed pending investigation."
So really there is no democracy in the UK at all.
The moment you call for justice you are eliminated.
The hypocrisy is staggering.

The reason we are in dire straits is because the top criminals are being protected and rewarded since decades. Winning our life back depends on exposing the cancer-like, suicidal conspiracy run by demented Banksters.

Anonymous said...

The "prostitutes" story is an example of Gordon Duff's spin machine, disinformation.

Duff supports Obama, okay, he's entitled.

But there is zero evidence to support his speculation.

Why did Duff do it. Well, even though its the Secret Service, the episode doesn't reflect well on Obama.

Gordon Duff manipulates anti-Zionist readership. What better way to make Obama look anti-Zionist and willing to stand up to Israel's Likud government than suggesting the Likud government was trying to assassinate Obama.

Fact: Obama has been more accommodating to Israel than Bush.

(Both Bush & Obama were and are generally accommodating to Israel, the difference has been style and rhetoric. But in substance, it is similar.)

That is something Duff doesn't want his readership to think about.

Duff is a liar & disinformation agent.

But give Duff credit, he is a very good liar & disinformation agent.

Anonymous said...

Duff is as phony as they come. Highly funded- by whom?? His stuff is sensationalized agitprop, unsourced, demagoguery peddling crap. Duff was the biggest screecher for a 'humanitarian' invasion of Libya, and supporter of the CIA/Mossad "Arab Springs psyop" of nearly anyone on the internet- except maybe Michael Rivero. Duff the dufus then banned those who disagreed.
However, jewish zionists have been calling for Obama to be assassinated- that is fact and appeared in their newspaper op eds. I agree that Duff's act is one of the more sophisticated disinfo marts on the web.

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