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Barthelemy Guerini, friend of the CIA, and top Marseilles drugs gangster.

Reportedly, NATO enables Afghan heroin to reach Marseilles.

Reportedly, the CIA has a history of helping the Marseilles drugs gangsters.

These drugs gangsters have links to Corsica.

The CIA used these gangsters as strike breakers, back in the 1950s.

"By supplying the Corsican syndicates with money and support, the CIA broke the last barrier to unrestricted Corsican heroin smuggling operations in Marseilles.

"The Corsicans used their control over the port to turn it into the heroin capital of Europe and to dominate the export of heroin to the U.S. market." (Website)

Website for this image

Allegedly, there is a Zionist link.

"European Zionists set up labs in the 1800s to process opium from Bangkok and elsewhere. Marseilles was established as the worldwide narcotics base in the early 1800s. Eli Gottesman, Benoit Mandelbrot, Jean-Pierre Serre, etc, became very wealthy with opium processing." (Nato Troops Protect the Afghan Heroin Drug ...)

There have been plenty of reports of Jewish drugs and drug money laundering m

Many nationalities are involved in the heroin trade. OSAMA AND DAWOOD IBRAHIM /'OSAMA HOUSE' BUILT BY 'CIA FRIEND' DAWOOD ...

It would appear that among the main drug traffickers are the military.

1. On 2 April 2012, Ynet News reported:

In April 2012, eight Israelis, linked to the Israeli military, were arrested in Colombia in connection with drug trafficking, money laundering and exploitation of minors.

In 2001, Lt. Col. Yair Klein, formerly of the Israeli army, was convicted by a Colombian court and sentenced in absentia to nearly 11 years in prison for training drug-traffickers' assassins in the late 1980s.

(Website) Hekmatyar, friend of the CIA, and Afghanistan's biggest heroin trafficker at one time

2. NATO is apparently responsible for organising and securing the trafficking of Afghanistan's heroin

According to the article 'Active Endeavour and Drug Trafficking' at Oriental Review on 1 April 2012 :

1. The Mediterranean is used for the transport of Afghan heroin.

NATO's operation Active Endeavour monitors activities in the Mediterranean, but apparently turns a blind eye to the heroin trade.

2. Heroin travels via Corsica, Turkey,Bulgaria, Kosovo or Bosnia to laboratories in the south of France.

Reportedly, there are around 20 heroin refinement plants in the outskirts of Marseille.

How many tons of heroin has NATO intercepted on merchant vessels in the Mediterranean during the last ten years?


Not a single gram.

Protecting the heroin trade?

3. "Both ISAF and Active Endeavour are perfectly complying with their real mission: to ensure total control over production, transportation and distribution of illegal drugs, critically important for the 'global triumph of democracy'."

4. NATO deliberately does not monitor the very southern coast of France and the major part of the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Sea off Italian coasts.

Continued here: Active Endeavour and Drug Trafficking' at Oriental Review


The Taliban had all but eradicated the opium growers before the US invasion. So why is cheap Afghani heroin flooding into the United States?

Heroin production in Afghanistan has RISEN 61% Mail Online

Afghan heroin & the CIA - Geopolitical Monitor

Mali Coup a New Step towards Global Resources Grab


Zoompad said...

Good blog post.

Zoompad said...

Re Cheap Afghani heroin - it is a type of enslavement, getting people hooked on the stuff. You can control people who are hooked on a substance, you can have an army of drug addicts to do whatever you pay them in dope to do, and I believe that is what is happening.

Coppinger added, “The drug makes you think you’re worthless, you're better off dead, you’re better off without your family."
“The heroin we saw today is not the heroin we saw 20-25 years ago,” said Derr. “It’s much, much, much stronger. Even the first time they are using it, it’s too strong for them."
And that may explain, in part, the state’s recent sharp rise in opoid-related overdose deaths. In 1996, there were 178. A decade later, the number of fatal overdoses had more than tripled to 637 – killing more people than motor vehicle accidents.

Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

"Don't assume it’s just the cities, don't blame the cities. It’s everywhere," said Salisbury Police Chief David L'Esperance

Read more: http://www.thebostonchannel.com/news/21068822/detail.html#ixzz1qxs27E4C

Anonymous said...

GEORGE GALLOWAY&his Indonesian wife. It makes me sick:


Anonymous said...

Artist CARAVAGGIO killed by the Knights of Malta. Another crime covered by the scummy Vatican:


... said...

It's mind boggling how everything is really just one big joke on us and we never seem to realize it!

The US/UK has control Afghanistan now, right. So, surely by any estimation, the world's heroin drug trafficking problems (where Afghanistan use to to be 90% responsible, as the US have told us) should be decreasing, not increasing!


SO, it's pretty obvious just by looking at the numbers. Yet no one except us questions the fact!

aka Marty

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