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Ken Livingstone (right), who was London Mayor at the time of the London Tube Bombings.

"If ever we get tired of the name London it actually would enshrine a lot of what makes London a great city if we renamed it Chanukah."

So said London's Mayor Ken Livingstone, in 2007, as he lit London's 32ft. steel menorah. (Website)

London is to have Mayoral elections in May 2012.

Ken Livingston hopes, once again, to become the Mayor of London.

He was mayor at the time of the London tube bombings.

Kiley (Tube chief admits: I'm an alcoholic News)

Bob Kiley was boss of London Transport at the time of the London Tube Bombings.

He used to work for the CIA.

Kiley was appointed by Ken Livingstone, when Livingstone was mayor of London. (The Truth Seeker - London Transport Network Controlled by Known ...)

Livingstone with Clinton

Ken Livingstone says that "there's no evidence of where my maternal grandmother came from, she was called Zona.

"And I remember a couple of times when I was a kid, she would say to me, ‘don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re Jewish.’ Which made me think we must be, otherwise why would she raise this?" (London Mayor Ken Livingstone may be ... )

When Jean Charles de Menezes was murdered, in what appeared to be a false flag operation, Ken Livingstone supported the actions of the police. (Livingstone praises Menezes chief)

Livingstone married Christine Pamela Chapman in 1973; the marriage ended in divorce in 1982. Around that time he became involved with Kate Allen, now director of Amnesty International in the UK; the couple separated in November 2001.

Livingstone and Emma Beal, also his office manager, have a son, Thomas, born 14 December 2002 at the University College Hospital, London, and a daughter, Mia, born on 20 March 2004 at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead. He also has three other children whose existence was only publicly revealed during the 2008 mayoral election. Livingstone has declined to explain.

Photo of Boris Johnson posted to Flickr as Boris & I - by adamprocter2006

Boris Johnson is Ken Livingston's opponent in the Mayoral elections.

Boris Johnson's father Stanley worked for MI6 (Cripes! It’s Boris’s dad - Times Online). What about Boris?

Boris Johnson was editor of The Spectator, which reportedly is full of spies. (Editor 'provided cover for spies' Media The Guardian)




The Antagonist

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Anonymous said...

Aangirfan, don't you have anything to say about British Muslims being extradited to United Snakes of America?

Tony Ryals said...

I sure like your website aangirfan and get a perpective on the UK and other places that I would not get easily elsewhere.But you know all that.Keep it up.

attack on Iran said...

This would not surprise me at all. Livingstone is considered left wing, hence the name "Red Ken". However, there is no question that in many cases a leader's public political views are actually cover for his real beliefs and contacts. Its essentially like a kind of false flag op

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