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Archbishop Sentamu and the Queen.

Five teenagers claimed that they were sodomised by a very important pastor.

One teenager testified: "A few minutes after I had eaten and taken the juice, I lost my senses, and by the time I woke up on Monday morning I was on the same bed with Pastor Kayanja and he had already dressed up; and on the bed were used condoms, and I was feeling great pain in my anus."

The teenage boy claimed that Pastor Robert Kayanja procured him from the Miracle Centre’s Never Again home for street children.

Robert Kayanja's brother is John Sentamu, who is expected to become the first black leader of the Church of England.

Pastor Robert Kayanja

Archbishop John Sentamu's brother, Pastor Robert Kayanja, heads a spooky evangelical church in Uganda.

Robert Kayanja is very rich and lives in a very large mansion.

Robert Kayanja's church has its own TV channel, a 10,500-seater auditorium, armed guards, and the support of some of Uganda’s top people, including police and military.

Sounds like a CIA operation?

Archbishop Sentamu

On 6 April 2012, the Daily Mail reports:

Several years ago, Robert Kayanja was accused of smuggling alcohol worth thousands of pounds.

In 2011, Kayanja reportedly issued a bounced cheque for around £79,000.

In 2009, five teenagers accused Kayanja of sodomising them.

The police cleared Kayanja. Allegedly, Kayanja paid for the police HQ to be renovated.

But, the case is still going through the courts, and there have been allegations of the bribery of a magistrate by Kayanja's side.

Kayanja claims that, in 1983, he met a witch who warned him he would die within three days.

Kayanja says: "Instead the witch died. They found his body in the middle of the road, his severed head by the roadside."

John Sentamu, who is expected to become the top man at the Church of England, has preached at Kayanja's Miracle Centre.


Uganda has a lot of black magic, AIDS and prostitution.

"Many children in Uganda are being murdered and used as human sacrifice in wichcraft. It is believed that for one to get riches, human sacrifice is a requirement."

Examples of child sacrifice in Uganda:

Busala village, Iganga District, August 12, 2007: Mackline Namukose, aged two and a half years, was murdered and her body found in a nearby maize garden with her private parts, tongue, liver and kidney missing.

Kakira, Jinja District, October 13, 2008: The body of Vincent Samanya, aged 10 years, was recovered from Kakira sugar cane plantation with some parts missing.

Kayugi village, Masaka district, October 28, 2008: Joseph Kasirye (12) disappeared from the home of his grandfather. Umaru Katerega and his wife were arrested after behaving suspiciously. On interrogation they confessed that they had been given sh360,000 as part payment by Kampala businessman Godfrey Kato-Kajubi to get him a head of a human being for rituals.

Koma village, Oyam District, December 15, 2008: The decomposing body of Christopher Okello, aged three, the son of Peter Odongo, was recovered at a bush near his parent’s home with the liver, heart and pancreases missing.

Mbale Municipal Council, April 25, 2008: Joseph Nasima, a 19-year-old student of Mbale SS, went missing and has never been seen again. He is suspected to have been sacrificed by one of his relatives.

Kisalosalo, Kawempe division, Kampala, December 28, 2008: Shafiq Mugombe, aged nine, was abducted by Mugambwa Paul on a motorcycle and taken to the shrine of Semisambwa in Bweyogerere, Mukono district. The boy was rejected by Semisambwa’s wife, Harriet Nanteza, because he was circumcised.

Bulenga, Wakiso district, January 8, 2009: Muhammed Kayanja, the 3-weeks-old son of Naume Kagwesigye, was kidnapped by some people, including Fandha, in a suspected ritual sacrifice case.

Kitenga sub-county, Mubende district, January 26, 2009: Florence Nyamwiza, a 23-years-old Rwandan woman, was arrested on information that she was looking for a buyer for her six-months-old baby, Kyasimire.

Nsambya, Kampala, January 27, 2009: Prudence Kisakye, aged six, was abducted by her house maid, Babra Nakigude.

Kawempe, Kampala, January 29, 2009: The head of an unidentified man was recovered from a rubbish pit near Avis Industries in Bwaise, a Kampala suburb.

Kayonza sub-county, Ntungamo district, February 5, 2009: The body of Bernard Byaruhanga, a 30-year-old casual worker, was recovered with no head and private parts. The head was found two weeks later from a garden near the scene.

Kawempe, Kampala, February 9, 2009: Human body parts, including two legs and a trunk, were recovered from a pit latrine and a bush. According to the Government chemist, the body parts belonged to the same person.

Makenke, Mubende town, February 12, 2009: At Kanalongo stream, a decomposing body of a boy estimated to be about 10 years old was recovered with the tip of the tongue and part of the lips cut off.

Namawombe village, Bugiri district, February 15, 2009: George Mukisa, the 3-year-old son of Wanyama, was found in a bush near a residence of a traditional doctor with his penis and testicles cut off.

Bubugo village, Bugiri district, February 21, 2009: Tefula Ali Bagaya, alias Nambiro, a native doctor, and Moses Bateganya, both from Busowa in Bugiri district, were arrested for trespassing at the grave of the late Egesa with intent to remove the head of the dead for ritual purposes.

Kaliro district, February 22, 2009: Seven native doctors were arrested in Kaliro district on information that they were in possession of human body parts. They included Franco Baliza (32), Charles Tigawalan (46), David Kisembe (32), Eriasafu Kiige (36), William Zironda (35), Ahmed Mubinge and Hanning Tusherio (35). Among the items recovered from their shrines were suspected human bones and blood.

Nsambya West, Kampala, February 23, 2009: A beheaded body of a few weeks old baby was recovered with the head separated from the trunk and the tongue cut out.

Kyeibara, Bushenyi district, February 27, 2009: The naked body of an unidentified man was found in the middle of the road, without the head.

Angagura, Pader district, March 10, 2009: A decomposing body of an unidentified girl said to be around 18 years was recovered in a rubbish pit. Postmortem results indicate that the breasts and the private parts were cut off. The local authorities temporarily buried the body.

Muhanga village, Kabale, January 24, 2009: The body of Muhammed Sipusuni Byabagambe was found with the head cut off.

Ntunda B Village, Kiboga, March 21, 2009: The body of Sylvia Kangime (12) was found in the bush about 150 meters away from her parents’ home with parts of the private parts cut off.

Kinoni, Masaka, August 26, 2009: The body of Benadette “jjaja Bena”, who was a common lunatic in Kinoni trading centre, was found in Njagalakasaaye swamp. Her head was cut off and all viscera removed from the abdomen. Pieces of tissue were cut from the liver, kidneys and intestines, and blood was tapped for suspected ritual purposes.

Kimaka camp, Jinja, May 13, 2009: The body of five-year-old Jerome Mukwaya, son of Andrew Mukwana, a resident of Kimaka camp in a sugar plantation, was discovered with the private parts cut off and the stomach split open.

Paromo village, Gulu, April 14, 2009: The body of one-year-old Moses Ogen was traced from Abera stream, Paromo village in Gulu district without the tongue, lips, part of the nose and eyes. The deceased had disappeared on 14/04/09 from home.

Kakira town council, Jinja, June 25, 2009: Mustafa Said, the LC1 chairman L.C.I, reported the disappearance of Edein Kiiza (25). His body was found in his house with the private parts missing and the tongue removed.

Njeru town council, Mukono district, July 16, 2009: Tapenensi Nambogwe, aged 57, a resident of Njeru town council in Mukono district, reported the disappearance of her grandson, Emmanuel Kironde (6), a pupil at Beneas Primary School. The body of the child was later found in a nearby cassava plantation with the head cut off.

Alidi “A” Village, Oyam district, July 4, 2009: A body of one-and-half-years-old Robina Atino, daughter of Geoffrey Ogwal, was recovered from the bush 200 metres a way from the parents’ home with her neck slit.

Apac, August 23, 2009: Solomon Otiti, aged three, the son of Denis Otiti and Christine Awor, went missing. The body was later recovered with the penis and testicles cut.

Bugembe town council, Jinja, August 26, 2009: The body of Swaliki Sajjabi (25), a cobbler and resident of Bugembe town council, was found in his house with the head cut off

Madi Opei trading centre, Kitgum, August 17, 2009: Rose Atim reported disappearance of her son Ayaa Kevin aged two years on 27/08/09 and later on the body was recovered with the private parts, eyebrows and eyelids cut.

Kyamusi village, Mityana district, September 21, 2009: A body of one Byaruhanga Godfrey from Rakai, a herdsman to one Lutaya Serwanga, was found beheaded in a farm at Kyamusi village, Bulela Sub-county, Mityana District with a head and hands cut off. The deceased went missing on 18/09/09 when he had gone to graze cows.

Kahoko Cell, Ibanda district, September 25, 2009: At around 1200 hours the body of a male juvenile aged about one and half years was discovered buried in a banana plantation belonging to his father, one Alinitwe Andrew, aged 21 years. The head was cut off. The deceased went missing a day earlier when the mother left him at home together with his father as she went to fetch water.

Gwatiiro village, Mpigi district, September 15, 2009: The body of one Nakanwagi Rita was recovered without the upper part of the body. It is suspected she was sacrificed to the spirits of a nearby stone quarry. Nakanwagi, aged six years, staying with relatives, had gone missing a week earlier.

Kitete Village, Mukono district, November 17, 2009: At around 3pm a decomposing body of an unidentified female juvenile of about three years was found along the roadside with the private parts cut off. Alongside the body was a dead calf whose eyes had been removed.

Kamusu trading centre, Kabarole district, November 29, 2009: A body of one Rwijja Patrick, aged 33, unemployed street man, was found with private parts and the tongue cut off.

Bwaise, Kampala, December 21, 2009: The body of a four months old baby girl, daughter of one Asiimwe and Ssenabulya Joseph Kityo, was recovered with the head cut off and buried under the bed and the remaining body part was buried in a garden.

Kibuye village, Nakasongola district, December 9, 2009: At 10am a decomposing body of Loruku Furub, son of Lometo Peter, a peasant, was found with the head cut off and lying besides the body, the tongue and the heart missing, suspected to have been used in ritual sacrifice.


Anonymous said...

so what do you want to prove?

Just by saying that other religions are not as good as yours?

Zoompad said...


"In 2009, five teenagers accused Kayanja of sodomising them"

Thank you for this latest post Aang xx

majestika said...

Kay Griggs on sodomy & the power structure

Zoompad said...





Unknown said...

Christianity is no better than any other religion. Religion has grown to be a cover for the most vile of perverts. It is at its best a brainwashing tool... at its worse, a mechanism for mayhem and death.

To none has a bigger ego and god-complex ever belonged than the clergyman and Imam. Spiritual dupes who arrogate to themselves the divine right to speak in,
of and to God. To hear divine addresses and by it pass judgment on others that they are no better than.

Religion is the oldest confidence trick known to man. It is the Beast set upon all nations. The fire that consumes the soul. It is our world's greatest mental affliction.

It is the craze which assumes that the knowledge of the Bible, Torah or Koran places self first and next to God. It is our world's greatest fraud that mortgages the soul to any entity unknown.

True religion is the goodness that evinces from an affected heart, kindness and a thing called "for the love of others". It is that rare ability to place self last and be the best you can be for a total stranger. Simply put, it is the love of all humanity.

Unknown said...

its written touch not my anointed and do no harm to my prophets. please let it go whether true or false let God take his part. read carefully the story of Abraham and pharaoh when he admired his wife. though Abraham lied God punished pharaoh.

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