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Putri at the Rockefeller Centre. Putri Exploring the Archipelago

On 3 April 2012, we learn that millionaire George Galloway has married 27 year-old Putri Gayatri Pertiwi.

Putri, an upper class anthropologist from Indonesia, is a consultant with a Dutch research firm called Emic Research.

Putri meets Mormons in the USA - Putri Exploring the Archipelago

"Mrs. Putri Gayatri Pertiwi, MSc is an Executive Partner at Emic Research Consultancy in East-West Relations...

"She is a co-founder of Emic Research, a multidisciplinary consultancy group mediating in East - West relations...

"Ongoing and past projects include: 'Sustainable Farming' PT Ollop & Mercy Corps 2012 / Moluccas, Indonesia, 'Organic Nutmeg Training' PT Ollop, 2011 / Ambon, Indonesia"

Putri and George

Putri is Galloway's fourth wife.

Putri is widely travelled and has links to the USA, as she studied at the University of Vermont.

Putri was born in Holland, but her family lives in Jakarta, where President Obama once lived.

Putri, on the internet, uses the name 'Javaprincess'.

Putri explores Indonesia. Putri Exploring the Archipelago.

With Rotary International, January 2005 - June 2005, Putri taught children in the fisher village of Teluk Naga, North of Jakarta.

The CIA and its friends are reportedly trying to do to Indonesia what they have already done to Egypt.

Putri has written an article entitled: 'A post-Mubarak Egypt - Indonesian model?' at

Putri refers to:

The departure of President Mubarak 'as the people demanded'...

Suharto's departure...

Strangely, Putri fails to mention that it was the CIA which toppled Suharto, and Mubarak.


According to A C MANULLANG, Indonesia's former spy boss, the people around Indonesia's President Yudhoyono (SBY) are CIA.

"SBY is being fooled by the CIA."

(CIA Agents Around SBY (Interview with AC Manullang) – Arrahmah ... )

The Indonesian counter-terrorism unit "Detachment 88" or "Densus 88" is trained, equipped and funded by America, Australia and other countries with millions of dollars a year.

Reportedly, Densus 88 have attacked peaceful activists in the Moluccas.

Reportedly, Densus 88 torture and beat prisoners. Densus 88 is trained by the CIA, FBI, Australian Special Forces and other intelligence agencies.



The 'terrorism' is often linked to Christian gangsters ...


Anonymous said...

PUTRI, a suggestive name. Everything is putrid about this couple of stooges.

Anonymous said...

"Head of French university where Dominique Strauss-Kahn taught found dead in the nude in Manhattan hotel room"

*Richard Descoings, director of the prestigious Institute of Political Studies in Paris, found dead at Michelangelo Hotel
*Circumstances of his death 'suspicious', according to police

Anonymous said...

Galloway Posing as Churchill
Satanist Cabalist V-Sign

CIA creates the terrorism in Indonesia, and then creates the means to deal with that terrorism

According to A C MANULLANG, Indonesia's former spy boss, the people around Indonesia's President Yudhoyono (SBY) are CIA.
(aang your link is broken)

The new UK:

Anon said...

Very many thanks for the links.

- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

Since posting those links I have been once more signed out of my Google account.

I was signed out of Hotmail this morning.

Anonymous said...

Which links, Zoompad ?

There is a lot of interference and sabotage.

Emails are intercepted so they don't reach dissidents, evidence is deleted remotely from personal computers.

Anonymous said...

All revelations linked to in this report have been deleted and censored:

free---thinker's blog's contents have been wiped out, and content linked in the first comment too.
The image it has been replaced with says a lot.

felix said...

Interesting comment there, though:
To be honest I doubt that Galloway is a plant, considering his Aid Convoy to Gaza...
But wasn't that the biggest false flag op of all??
See also'Keefe

Snakey said...

Galloway on the 7/7 bombings: "It is absolutely clear that Islamist extremists, inspired by the al-Qaeda world outlook, are responsible."

She's a Globalist: University of Vermont Exchange Year, Anthropology of Globalisation

Anonymous said...

Emails are intercepted so they don't reach dissidents, evidence is deleted remotely from personal computers. #

Do as I do, use several computers. I only use one on the interweb, download copies of everything to one never connected, do your really serious work on the secure one. Yes, they can intercept your emails etc., but you can at least save them. Mark-copy-paste the actual text, don't screen-save the web-page. Use interweb cafes to send sensitive stuff under an alias otherwise not used. Receiving is the problem if they can automatically intercept and remove before you can read it. Somehow try to get a new IP-number, maybe another provider sometimes. I sometimes still use a letter and stamp! Even a postcard is safer.

Not that I'm into any shady-stuff, quiet the opposite, but I trod on toes once, try not to repeat it.

Jakartass said...

Anon noted that Putri could well be putrid. FYI. Here in Indonesia,Putri and Putra are common names meaning princess and prince. There's also Dewi and Dewa for goddess and god.

Reading an earlier profile of the lass, I'd suggest that there's every indication that she's far from being a stooge. However, I'd be interested to know what her MSc major. Some four years ago she wrote that she "planned to continue the MA on Children's Rights in September 2009".

A more recent profile page indicates that she's still actively interested in rural-based community actions, rather than being a stooge for ... corporate interests?
Zoompad said: "Since posting those links I have been once more signed out of my Google account [and] I was signed out of Hotmail this morning."

There's no need to be so paranoid. Being unable to access accounts can happen if you clear out your cache, thus removing cookies. All you have to do is to remember your password(s), and login once more.

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