Tuesday, April 24, 2012


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Brazil is to build a giant 'hydro electric' dam.

At Voltaire Network, on 18 April 2012, we read about how the giant dam could doom some of the Indians in Brazil.


"In total, some 20 000 to 40 000 Indians will be forced to abandon their habitat by 2015.

"When indigenous peoples are forced off their land, they often end up on the roadside or in overcrowded reserves where violence, malnutrition, disease and suicide are rife, according to the NGO Survival.

"With little immunity to external diseases, the influx of migrants during the construction of the dam puts their lives at risk...

Indian tribe boy

Brazilian indian by Ben Sutherland

"The Amerindians of the Xingu basin are the victims of an economic war since the land on which they live abounds with riches coveted by multinationals, including niobium, a mineral used to develop high-strength steel for the manufacture of pipelines.

Just a little closer...

Brazilian indian by carf

"While it is presented as a project intended to supply electricity to the Brazilian population, the mega-dam is actually mainly designed to provide the energy for bauxite mining in the State of Pará and its transformation into aluminum for export.

"In other words, the Indians of Brazil are being sacrificed by the Rousseff government in favor of a global speculative economy, the profits of which will not benefit the Brazilians."


Wendy said...

you have not those virus ! you are lucky !


NWO working...

Anonymous said...


Wendy said...

in Syria everything is possible.
nobody, in my mind, says the entire truth.
Russia, China and USA play same game, at the end !

Wendy said...

i forgot :
Brazil and .......for all Africa, it is the same.

there is a global lack of arable lands, due to mines (shale gaz to) and the need of India & China to be independant for agricultural commodities. they buy the land ....with people over....

everything is (not) under control !

Propaganda Spam said...

Aangirfan, Wendy/Sylvie is just pushing
"FM" (FreeMasonic) Mélenchon election propaganda and
anti-Assad (bloody murderous devil cartoon) agitprop.

Are we going to get spammed by
Anti-Assad propaganda now here too ?

Wendy said...

i am not Anti-Assad !!!!!!

what is this idea ?

I am angry to read comments too simplistic!

and my blog proves it !

Propaganda Spam said...

On your blog,
You link to the BBC and EnduringAmerica
for Arab spring propaganda.
Then you show a cartoon with Assad with devil-ears
unpacking bombs on blood.
Nothing else in your report.

Above, you link to Yahoo Anti-Assad propaganda telling us:
"Thirty-one of the civilians died in a government assault on the Arbaeen neighbourhood in the central city of Hama"
"Obama said in an executive order that the two nations had committed serious human rights abuses through network disruption and by using tracking technology and by perpetrating the "malign use of technology."

Assad's Tunisian counterpart Moncef Marzouki predicted in a newspaper interview published on Tuesday that the Syrian leader was "finished" and will eventually leave power "dead or alive".
"The Russians, Chinese and Iranians must understand that this man (Assad) is finished and that it is no longer possible to defend him.
They must convince him to to quit power and hand it over to his deputy.
You will leave, dead or alive. It is best for you and your family to leave alive because if you decide to leave dead, this would mean that you will cause the death of tens of thousands of innocent people.
You have caused enough bloodshed already."

Wendy said...

to Propaganda Spam :

i can't let you say that. Sorry !
do you read french ? if this is the case, read what i think about Libye and Syrie. on my blog.

if this is not the case, don't blame somebody you don't now.

more : i do not speak english quite well to answer like i should like.

good end of this day !

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