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Costas Karamanlis.

In 2008, the CIA, Mossad and MI6 reportedly plotted to kill Costas Karamanlis, the Prime Minister of Greece.

Karamanlis had improved ties with Russia and supported plans for a major pipeline to bring Russian gas to western Europe.

The Greek authorities have been investigating an alleged plot against Karamanlis.

As a result, in March 2012, a Greek prosecutor, Nikos Ornerakis, began pressing charges of 'treason and attempts to destabilise the country' against unknown suspects.

(Charges filed in alleged plot vs former Greek PM.)

15-year-old Andreas Grigoropoulos, shot dead on 6 December 2008 by a police officer.

In December 2008, a Greek teenager was shot 'by police'.

The prosecutor, Nikos Ornerakis, has concluded that the violence that erupted after the police shooting of the teenager was part of the plot to destabilise Greece.

The boy's killing led to snap elections.

15-year-old Andreas Grigoropoulos, shot dead on 6 December 2008 by a police officer, as part of a CIA plot?

Karamanlis lost to the Socialists in the 2009 elections.

The plot against Karamanlis was code-named "Pythia".

Ioannis Corantis, who headed Greece's National Intelligence Service at the time, told The Associated Press that he had received information about a suspected plot against Karamanlis.

Forest fires killed 84 people. Were the fires part of a CIA plot? Photo by Vberger

According to Prokopis Pavlopoulos, who was the interior and public order minister at the time, a series of disasters, from deadly wildfires in 2007 to the police shooting of a teenager in 2008 seemed "an awful lot of coincidences."

According to an article at defencenet, an intelligence report states that "the current generation of terrorists in Greece are controlled by Western intelligence agencies."

15-year-old Andreas Grigoropoulos was shot dead on 6 December 2008 by a police officer. (Copyright by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.)

According to the Russian secret service, the plot against Karamanlis was hatched by the intelligence agency of 'a country allied to Greece'.

Pythia plot: Dealing with Russia could kill Greek ex-PM — RT. / Russian Spies Revealed Assassination Plot against Former PM.

Greek King and CIA-backed colonels

The CIA and its friends have been active in Greece for some time.

1. In 1944, in Greece, a large demonstration in Athens, against British interference in the government, was dissolved by gunfire from hidden soldiers.

25 protesters were killed and 148 wounded.

2. In 1967, in Greece, CIA-backed colonels carried out a military coup, resulting in a 'fascist' dictatorship.

Thousands of Greeks were tortured and murdered by the CIA backed 'fascists'.

(NATO's Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe - Google Books Result )

3. In 1985, 15-year-old Michalis Kaltezas was shot by a police officer, triggering violent clashes between youths and the police in Athens.

4. In December 2008, Greek youths rioted after the police shot a boy

15-year-old Andreas Grigoropoulos was shot dead on 6 December 2008 by a police officer.

Witnesses told Greek TV the policeman fired directly at the boy.

The Colonels

The CIA, reportedly, has used acts of terrorism to keep the right-wing in power in Greece.

The following is from: Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II - Google Books Result

"In the April 1967 national elections in Greece, the veteran liberal leader George Papandreou seemed certain to be re-elected as prime minister.

Papandreou had been elected in 1964 with the only outright majority in the history of modern Greek elections.

A joint campaign by the Greek military and the CIA to unseat him began immediately...

The Gladio 'Sheepskin' group was involved in a campaign of terrorist bombings, which were blamed on the left, and two days before the election campaign was to begin, a military coup brought to power a junta led by George Papadopoulos, a member of the Greek intelligence service KYP.

The CIA had created the KYP and Papadopoulos was on the payroll of the Agency for some 15 years.

Along with hundreds of other KYP officers, he had received training in anti-subversive techniques in the United States.

Papadopoulos was "a great believer in Hitler's new order" ...

He plunged Greece for the next seven years into a nightmare of martial law, censorship, arrests, beatings, torture and murders.

8,000 were killed in the first month alone.

Before the end of the year, Amnesty International reported that "torture as a deliberate practice is carried out by the Security Police and the Military Police."

The Greek junta contributed $549,000 to the 1968 Nixon-Agnew election campaign in the United States.

David Lange

Former New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange died of kidney failure aged 63.


He was prime minister of the fourth Labour government from 1984 to 1989.

He promoted the idea of New Zealand having a nuclear-free policy.

This led to a 'coolness' in the relationship with the United States.

In 2002, Lange was diagnosed with amyloidosis, a rare, incurable blood plasma disorder

Reportedly, the USA wanted Lange dead.

The following is taken from:

March 28, 2002

Former New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange has claimed that ex-U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle threatened to have him "liquidated" over his country's anti-nuclear policy in the 1980s.

The extraordinary allegation was first made in an interview with New Zealand's One News...

In the One News interview Lange said the apparent death threat was made by Quayle during a meeting with the Australian cabinet...

"There were veiled threats and there were specific threats," he said. "It was announced at one stage to the Australian cabinet that I would have to be liquidated."


"Lange says US threatened to kill him."

That was the story from New Zealand's Independent newspapers Ltd on 27 March 2002.

Former US vice-president Dan Quayle reportedly told the Australian Cabinet that David Lange, New Zealand Prime Minister from 1984-89, "would have to be liquidated."

Mr Lange made the claim in a television interview about the pressure put on him over New Zealand's anti-nuclear stance during his time as prime minister.

"There were personal pressures," he said. "There were veiled threats. There were specific threats. There were threats made to other countries. (It) was announced to the Australian Cabinet at one stage that I would have to be liquidated."

He said the announcement had been made by Mr Quayle during a visit to Australia in 1989. Asked to repeat what Mr Quayle said, Mr Lange said: "I'd have to be liquidated."

Former New Zealand Labour Party president Bob Harvey suggested in 1999 that prime minister Norman Kirk had been poisoned by the CIA in 1974.



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I think Karamanlis has been worried for years that someone might kill him. Personally I never liked him and before he lost the election in Greece his popularity was way down (I don't have the numbers). I wished that he would have won that election instead of Papandreou, that way perhaps he would have to answer questions about the Helios 522 Plane Crash of 2005 where it is rumored that he gave the order to shoot down the plane en-route to Athens - Unfortunately he will not be brought up as a witness to say what really happened on that day in August, and admit that he is responsible for the death of all those children, nor will the now deceased Cypriot President Papadopoulou. Fascistas, all of them, I am sorry to say. I have no sympathy for any of these 'politicians'... they murder their people to save their own skins.

aka Marty

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Tony Ryals said...

9/11,WTC:Paul Wellstone Award ?:
Hillary Clinton,U.S.Mexico Ambassador Anthony Wayne,
Afghanistan Sex Orgies, Heroin and Slave Prostitution.......

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8000 were killed!! Haha, hey man, are you smoking something weird? The colonels were the last national goverment we ever had. They refused to withdraw the greek army from Cyprus thus the CIA organized a coup against them. After this, the turkish army invaded cyprus killing more than 3000 people. Karamanlis was just somebody who shitted his pants when he saw what is happening when a prime minister acts without asking the CIA.

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Austin Indymedia censored what I wrote about U.S.Embassador to Mexico,(by way of Afghanistan and Argentina),Anthony Wayne, but at least Minnesota Indymedia,where Senator Paul Wellstone lived and died in that tragic airplane crash shortly after 9/11,has left it up. But the formatting fails to show picture of lewd U.S.Kabul Wachenhut Embassy or Armorguard Security orgie.Maybe austin indy censored it because they thought I was trying to post porn for the fun of it but it was only to show 'working conditions' of Wachenhut security guards at the Kabul Embassy of cocaine and probably heroin trafficker Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. So,So far Google hasn't censored me again and I will post my blog link here.
Also Guatemala U.S.Embassador Arnold Chacon had a dispute of sorts with Spainish Secretary of Defense Carmen Chacon, who coincidentally shares his last name, over Spain not doing its part in bombing and maiming enough Libyan citizens to suit him while he was second in power at the U.S. Spanish Embassy.
Our new 'man' in Mexico and recipient of State Dept.'s 'Paul
Wellstone Award',had a dispute with Argentina after my ex Congressman Leon Panetta's CIA claimed that Argentina's economy was on verge of collapse in 2009.There's more but.....

Paul Wellstone Award ?:Hillary Clinton,U.S.Mexico Ambassador Anthony Wayne,Sex Orgies, Afghanistan Heroin and Slave Prostitution....

Anonymous said...

Destabilising Greece and creating anti-EU/German feeling does seem - to me at least - to be related to Russia's South Stream pipeline, which is planned to pass through Greece on it's way to Italy.

To route the pipeline around Greece would mean passing through Kosovo/Serbia - and that area is highly Geopolitical at the moment with a huge US presence at Camp Bondsteel. The Balkans has always been a Geopolitical choke point. We also know that there are tensions between Germany and Kosovo/US, which indicate that US and Germany have opposing strategies in this part of the world.

It may pose a serious problem to Russia's strategy to get Gas to Italy. Since Libya, when US/UK/French operations threatened Italy's Gas supplies, things seem to have changed.

Russia's Italian partner in South Stream, ENI is under investigation in Italy, directly due to US involvement, and their assets in Libya seem under pressure too.

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