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Sa Caneiro

Camarate is the area near Lisbon airport where a small plane crashed on the night of 4 December 1980. 

On the plane were the Portuguese Prime Minister Sa Caneiro and his Minister of Defense, Adelino Amaro da Costa.

They may have been murdered to conceal evidence of secret US government arms deals with Iran.

The arms are said to have been smuggled through Portugal with the help of elements of the Portuguese military. 

However, Portugal's defense minister reportedly stumbled across the deal and tried to put a stop to it.

A US Congressional inquiry in the mid-1980s found evidence that Lisbon's airport was used in the undercover movement of missiles from the US to Iran, organised by Oliver North. 

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Flour Simões says he was part of a group working for the CIA until 1989.

"He hired Jose Esteves to build the bomb that was placed on the plane by Lee Roberts."

Flour Slater says he met Frank Carlucci, former U.S. ambassador in Lisbon in 1975.

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