Sunday, April 22, 2012


Blogger is not working for me at present. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


Anon said...

Service Unavailable
Error 503

This is what I see on a growing number of blogs.

Unknown said...

Me too, but I do get to plug in after a really long series of refreshing page.

roxy proxy said...

Come to wordpress it's not jew owned. Enjoy that google privacy.

The Realist Report said...

Weird... I haven't had or seen any problems lately on other blogs. Hope everything gets sorted out!

Anonymous said...

programming for nwo. see "world government" chapter in the book that's free for download at:

nina said...

The problem with fixing things that are not broken is that in the fixing, everything else breaks.
(You know the moral of this stupid situation: Don't fix it if its not ...)

Tony Ryals said...

I have one account at wordpress but have thought they may be more censorous than google.I actually sent them a plea to return their blog service to normal but maybe they like the messes they've been creating recently.

John said...

Totally off tangent but I was wondering what you make of this.

Wendy said...

for me to !
Error 503

Anonymous said...

NWO Army said...

Rael Banksters NWO ETs Cult
"Some researchers want to contact us by radio, but we do not respond because in this way they could locate our planet."
"Several times human warplanes have tried to chase our crafts".
Maybe they could have sent radio from there ?
Once again, most such disinfo purposely targets only stupid people.
They are easy prey and good cannon fodder.

"World Government"
"The creation of a worldwide currency and a common language"
"Finally, the trigger required to bring about such a union is the suppression of military conscription, which teaches only aggressiveness to young men. Professional armies must then be put at the service of the public.
This must happen at the same time in all countries so as to provide an indispensable guarantee of security."

"But we will wait until we see that human beings really want us to come, that they love us and respect us like the parents that we truly are, and that our spacecraft will not be threatened by your destructive military forces."

So they plan for massive worldwide destruction before takeover.

Anonymous said...

Abu-Suleyman said...

I had similar issues many times when I wanted to publish sensitive or compromising data....

Do you know about the zvandoort pedophiles networks ? an possible links to the little Madeleine kidnapped in Portugal and your post about Louis Philippe... Zvandoort is an european networks based in the Netherlands and Bruxelles.

Linked ?

That's another story,


Anonymous said...

"This was twenty years ago for me. This is, I see this crap come on tv all the time. These doctors are making it happen, or creating these people. I'm not saying I was anything special, but there's millions less people than we are told. There's probably two or three hundred in the whole US. I see these people switch back and forth on TV like there's nothing to it. And that just isn't possible. Why would anyone want to go on TV and lose control?"

Cabala Lovers said...

Abu-Suleyman, good to see Captain Eric H. May,
Ghost Troop CO, is still posing,
and found a home at VeteransToday.
He was a precursor to Breivik,
wonder how he would look today.

"Mankind - A Disease of the Universe"
"The Kabala is the closest book to the truth"
Intelligent Design - Message from the Designers
(Rael 2005)
Is there a cure for the Jewish occultists'
death wish ? Do they have brain fever ?

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