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The new boss of the BBC is George Entwistle.

In 2001, George Entwistle took over as Editor of BBC Newsnight less than 24 hours before the twin towers came under attack.


In 1993 he joined On The Record as a producer, where he won the nickname "General Sir George Entwistle", because of a track record of items about military history and "an obsession with tanks and guns and stuff".



Mark Thompson was the previous director general of the BBC.

'In November 2005, Thompson traveled with his Jewish wife to Israel, where he held direct talks with Sharon'. aangirfan: Mark Thompson loves the bad guys. / aangirfan: THE ISRAELI CONTROLLED BBC

BBC director generals are expected to support the policies of the government in key areas, such as foreign and defence policy.

Alasdair Milne

In 1987, Alasdair Milne, the BBC Director General was removed.

He had allowed the BBC to criticise the government in key areas. (

Alasdair Milne, 'the last Director General to take the corporation's public service remit seriously', was removed by Marmaduke Hussey, chairman of the BBC board.

According to 'Chance Governs All', Marmaduke Hussey's memoirs, 2001:

In 1986, Hussey had a conversation with Victor Rothschild, head of a government 'think tank'.

"Can you fire the Director General?" enquires Rothschild.

A long pause from Hussey, "I think so".

"Well, that's all that needs to be said isn't it" Rothschild replies.

During the David Kelly affair, Greg Dyke, the Director general of the BBC, was sacked. (Pauline Neville-Jones - Powerbase).

One reason for sacking Dyke was that BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan had suggested that a government document on Iraq had been 'sexed up'.

The BBC got Dominic Loehnis, of headhunting firm Egon Zehnder, to help it find its next director general.

Dominic Loehnis is a close friend of UK prime minister David Cameron.

The BBC spews out lying propaganda?

The BBC works for MI6?

From the BBC website:

"Iran had just nationalised the very oil fields that had powered Britain through two world wars. Downing Street wanted them back.

"London paid Iranian agents to sow seeds of dissent in Tehran.

"Then, to win American support for a coup, the men from the Ministry fanned fears of a Russian invasion.

"Even the BBC was used to spearhead Britain's propaganda campaign.

"In fact, Auntie (the BBC) agreed to broadcast the very code word that was to spark revolution."



Anonymous said...

Durrr. The BBC? gasp- no.... even me, a non-person figured it out on their own. I was listening to BBC World (fyi, I am a naive housewife in Phoenix AZ) and BBC was speaking via sat-phone to some random Arab guy during the Arab Spring. The guy's accent was so fake. I guess Westerners aren't adept at discerning an authentic Arabic accent as opposed to an actor pretending to be one. They could have at least hired a real Arabic speaker to do it. I see stuff like this all the time. I have seen non-Arabs leading revolts. There is more to just their "looks" it's their walk, their demeanor. I have lived all over the world am I am a little adept at spotting though, I confronted 2 strangers, black men who walked past while I was seated at an outdoor cafe' and hollered "are you guys from Sudan?" yes, how did you know? I said by the way you walk. It's actually easy to learn this, all it takes is a little attention to details.

geo1671 said...

Good article--missing link--Zionist hard at workk. Behand the curtain--doing mischeif--I call them Mr.OZionists
Most English folks don't know they been taken. Each TV needs a license $150/per year to watch/fund BBC (BullBullCrap) Zionist Tooll :^(

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Zoompad said...

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