Monday, April 30, 2012

Alex Jones

Anonymous commented as follows on a previous post:

Who are the individuals who DO scheme for world power?

I have stated here before there is a Globalist/Zionist cabal seeking ultimate power, but I've also stated there is more to it than that.

Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express is an apt analogy, with many hands (factions) on the dagger handle.

 In fact, I'm left wondering if that book and Christie's M or N? suggest she knew that (one) there are more than one faction who see world government as their ticket to permanent power and (two) these factions are based on a vertical, rigid hierachy.

Whether it's Masonry or Nazism or Zionism rigid hierarchy is the key, along with a secret agenda at the top, not known to those below them in the hierarchy.

Each "great power" country has had a faction, at one time or another, bent on world hegemony. Certainly, the one group coming closest to this ultimate power were the international bankers/Zionists with their takeover of Russia and the establishment of Israel. 

In fact, they haven't given up this pursuit in my opinion. There is a problem for these power mongers, however.

If you want absolute power, it eventually comes down to one man or one faction, but there are many men and several factions vying for the ultimate absolute power.

So, you are bound to have in-fighting among the men and factions, even if they have similar goals -- or the same goal.

 Divide and rule is a tactic, in as such, it's neutral (the tactic is not morally wrong, in of itself).

Yes, divide and rule has primarily been used by the worst (those conscious of an objective) to control the rest, but it can be reversed to unite the rest and divide the worst.

Divide the worst on natural endemic fault-lines, which exist because their ultimate objective of absolute power, in as such, will always have a struggle for power among equals.

The quest for absolute power generally comes down to (boils down to) one man.

 That may be humanity's best tactic to employ in order to avoid an authoritarian future which enslaves most of humanity to an endless servitude to a rigid hierarchy that hides its ultimate agenda to control Man forever into perpetuity.


Anonymous said...

Aangirfan, thank you for highlighting the comment with a post.

I hope I'm on the right track. I've done a lot of research, but I'm limited to an imperfect knowledge & understanding.

Regarding Alex Jones: There is no question he downplays Zionism and the control Jewish people have, particularly, in the United States, considering they constitute only 2% of the population.

But I've listened to Jones, and while he can exagerate (I don't know a single pundit or political commentator who hasn't exaggerated, at one time or another, it's part of the vocation), he does get a lot right, more so than an intentional disinformation agent.

Here is the reason I give Alex Jones lattitude: Any, and I mean any, alternative media personality, who focusses on Zionist abuses or Jewish power doesn't get any attention in mainstream press, they are banished. Jones gets a small sliver of mainstream attention (most of it unflattering), but, hey, at least Jones gets some mention in corporate media, yes, Jewish controlled, but that is pretty good considering all his opinions.

People do hear of Alex Jones via mainstream media and then listen and, perhaps, they gain a new perspective they did not have before.

There are so many facts and lines of evidence which exist and are out there, that corporate media, yes, Jewish controlled, never tell their listeners about.

Alex Jones gets the word out to a broader audience than anybody else.

Of course, there are many others also getting the word out, but Jones is an effective voice.

I'd also say, not all Jewish people are maniacal, power mongers, bent on world domination.

On the audio tape of the call, Jones is right, disinformation agents do use knowledge of Zionist abuses (there are legions of abuses) and Jewish control to draw in people to their disinformation. Disinformation agents use all kinds of "honeypots" to draw people in.

Gordon Duff is a classic example where he highlights Zionist abuse and many other "honeypot" topics to get readers following his punditry and then attempts to sell them the desired political agenda.

Anyway, that's an imperfect comment from an imperfect person. But one trying to seek out the truth.

Of course, there are many disinformation artists or agents (artists do it for their own reasons, agents, well, do it for others benefit), who take advantage of those sincerely trying to seek out the truth.

But if you are seeking the truth, you are going to have to sift through the lies, that's just the way the world works.

Unknown said...

Agatha Christie indeed knew something. Books from one end of her career )Secret Adversary( to the other (Passenger To Frankfurt) indicate this.

They Came To Baghdad is another out of many more that make the same point.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Alex is up and down and all over the place on this one. Yet he is also quite right whether anyone wants to admit it or not ~ and I am not a huge Jones fan.

Like so many others who now strive to make a difference, after a lifetime of unaware awareness, my eyes were seriously jolted open by Jones and Icke.

Over the many years, I found their foibles and the problems both are criticized for, but I also found they were a good stepping stone, "the gateway drug" so to speak.

Both still present amazing work and should not be damned because of what others think they should say or do.

It took Jones a long time to come right out and revise his views on Jews and evenly open discuss the topic, but that is ok.

My point is, even if, back then he left things out... a great number of us learned a lot from him.

Recently he did an excellent show with Icke in which both cover the Jewish situation in great depth; Alex admits that he had previously ignored the problem but was now much more aware of the truths.

Over the many years, I found their foibles and the problems both are criticized for, but I also found they were a good stepping stone, "the gateway drug" so to speak.


The commentaries following this video are amazingly perceptive and well put.

However, I also believe that there are unseen forces behind the horrors of our planet. The conversation Icke and Jones have about things today on the video I link to is eye opening for many yet it is also totally in agreement with most of what is written here.

Where has the Light gone? said...

Alex Jones has more connections to the Jesuits that any other "alternative" pundit. Everyone should watch Josh Reeve's films, 'The Secret Right Vol. 1 & 2'.

Anonymous said...

the aztecs do look jewish and so do the mayans.

Anonymous said...

I agree very much with Noor's assessment of the subject. At the time, when AJ had to comment on the Mavi Marmara incident, he condemned the Israeli criminal executions very mildly. He claimed in the same report, that the IRS would start seriously picking on him, if he would be "too hard" on the jews.. from some very minor personal experience, I am assuming, that he was fully correct with that assumption..

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