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David Mazouz

In the new TV series 'Touch', Kiefer Sutherland stars alongside David Mazouz, a mute boy who is an expert on numerology.

Sutherland plays the part of Martin Bohm, whose wife has been killed by the CIA and its friends in the 9 11 false flag attacks.

The CIA loves the numbers 9 11 and staged their coup in Chile on that date.

Mazouz plays the part of Jacob "Jake" Bohm, who is obsessed with numbers and can predict the future.

Jake Bohm spends his time writing down lists of numbers.

Patterns emerge among the numbers – "connecting seemingly random people around the world through their phone numbers, car registration plates and street numbers".

Martin Bohm realises Jake can predict the future and he has to use the numbers to prevent a potential disaster taking place.

The main idea in Touch is that we are all somehow linked.

The idea for Touch comes from an old Chinese idea about a red thread that connects us all.

"In our society we’ve somehow broken it," says Sutherland. "In Touch, Jake takes me on a journey to try and fix it."

David Mazouz

There is an element of chance and uncertainty in life.

God, when he plays golf, does not always want to get a hole in one.

And yet, God can interfere with the dice, when people are in a benevolent frame of mind.

At The tap: we read 'Why Your Kids Always Beat You At Dice'

"I will always remember playing dice games with Hamish aged about 3.

"His game.

"Somehow he always got the sixes and I got the ones, so he always won.

"I sort of wanted to lose, and he wanted to win.

"After a while he felt sorry for me, and generously he said the 1 could be worth 19 points!

"From then on, he got the 1's and I didn't.

"It was way outside the realm of randomness in dice throwing."


aangirfan: NUMEROLOGY


P2P said...

aferrismoon said...

I think I've probably highlighted this one before but it does seem to 'predict' the future

9112001 / 19 = 479579

479579 / 19 = 25241

25241 / 43 = 587

Flight 587 dropped out of the sky about 2 months after the 9/11 attacks.


Zoompad said...

But satanists are plotters aren't they? They resort to trickery to keep people in chains. They do plans and then pretend it is magic, or God doing it when its really them. They dont really believe in God, but I do. Jesus didnt give all those people wine out of water to keep people in chains, he did it because they'd run out of wine and the party was getting spoiled, and he didnt make that tiny bit of bread and fish into a feast to force people to stay with him, he did it because they liked listening to himk talking so much that wouldnt go away and they were all hungry.

Anonymous said...

Anything to the bus crash and the Belgian children other than tragedy

Anonymous said...

9-11 has to do with the Jewish calendar - 9-11 is the birthdate of Adam

Anonymous said...

"The main idea in Touch is that we are all somehow linked.

The idea for Touch comes from an old Chinese idea about a red thread that connects us all."

The red thread sounds oddly Kabbalist(though loosely connected):

The Kabbalah red string connects to the number 7, Adam, and 33.

Anonymous said...

Please elaborate on your last point w/ red string, 33, 7.

The film "Knowing"- which has depicted almost all of the items happening - BP oil spill in the gulf, Fukushima (uses clock striking midnight reading 'japan') and a prophetic girl who predicts the future by endlessly scribbling pages and pages of numbers that connect in similiar way. Same theme.
If we knew HOW to pick the subjects of their primary numbers, we could use their system to preempt them. But the numbers they choose to put together to hang a false flag on seem too arbitrary. 911 is a fixed date, but most other false flags are calculated with various events- but WHICH of the vents will be used to calculate the date?? at times Adams birth + Tisha Bav, next time its Moses death + sukkot etc. Knowing which they'll add, to arrive at false flag date, is the tough one.

Must say- for all their hype- 2012 is turning out to be a HUGE BUST. 2011 far more eventful by this time last year.

thetruthhurts said...

There is no such thing as numbers. For example 4 apples or 4 golf balls simply refers to how many items we are thinking of. It's nonsense to ascribe a 'mystical' element to any series of numbers, it's mathematically straightforward to assign any random set of dates to any logical base of counting, again for example using the date of 9/11 you could come up with any unlinked formula you like to state that the real number for 9/11 is 666, and the alchemy like attempts to make such links are to my mind just arbitrary allocations. However of greater interest here is that we all realise connections (over and above our attempts to visualise patterns or believe in karma) which our experience tells us are coincidences. I suspect these connections are 'meant to be' but it's beyond our current consciousness to understand them.

Newspaceman said...

The truth hurts - numbers are symbols. There are such things as symbols.

Here's a good 22:

Note April Fools Day


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