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Source: Merah didn't send French attacks video

Reportedly, the Toulouse shooter made a video of his attacks, and the video was sent to Al-Jazeera, the news network allegedly run by Mossad and its friends.

On 27 March 2012, the French police announced that the video was NOT sent to Al-Jazeera by Mohamed Merah.

The first victims of the shooter were Moslems.

Al-Jazeera has decided not to air the video, possibly because it is too obviously a fake made by the spooks.

A French official said the envelope sent to Al-Jazeera contained a Wednesday postmark from a large postal processing centre for the area around Toulouse.

A technical analysis shopwed that it was not sent by Merah.

Reportedly, Merah was in his tiny flat, surrounded by police, from well before dawn on Wednesday.

A French official said: "What we know is that it (the video) was reassembled.

"Things were added in...

"There was an editing process and additions made."

Zied Tarrouche, Al-Jazeera's Paris bureau chief, said the video had been edited, with religious songs and recitations of Quranic verses added.

"The voices were distorted," Tarrouche said.

The footage was contained on a USB key sent with a letter.

The letter was written in poor French in capital letters.

Merah's father has asked "Why did they kill him? ... They could have used gas, for example to take him like a baby."

Reportedly, both the main candidates in the coming French Presidential Election are Jewish.


Anonymous said...

Shin Bet security service confirms Toulouse gunman spent time in Israel
According to security officials, Mohamed Merah entered Israel after crossing the Allenby Bridge from Jordan in September 2010 where he was investigated by the Shin Bet,

By Amos Harel


Anonymous said...

DCRI: a political police in the service of Sarkozy
1 st July 2008
Romania's Ceausescu was the Securitate , the Croatian-Yugoslav Tito, the UDBA , the East German Hönnecker, the Stasi , Sarkozy now the DCRI.
he Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence (DCRI) is the new intelligence service of the French Ministry of Interior of the merger of the Directorate for Territorial Surveillance (DST) and the Central Directorate of General Information (DCRG). This service became operational today, 1 st July. Housed in a brand new building in Levallois-Perret suburb of Hauts-de-Seine, since last summer, the DCRI is headed by a close to Nicolas Sarkozy, former number two of the DCRG and former head of the DST Bernard Squarcini

A close Sarkozy at the head
man appointed head of the tool of repression and surveillance of population in France has been elevated to the rank of prefect Bernard Squarcini, 52, is considered an "ace intelligence" in law enforcement community. Nicknamed "Squale" or "Squarc" Squarcini Bernard, son of police officer, grand-son of Corsican shepherd, is recognized as an undisputed expert of Basque terrorism, Islamic or Corsican. He is the "destroyer" of Yvan Colonna, the assassin of prefect Claude Erignac, when Nicolas Sarkozy was interior minister. He also had a very important role in the hunt for Khadel Kelkal in 1995, the Islamist from the suburbs of Lyon and was partly responsible for the attacks on Paris in the summer-autumn 1995, before being shot dead by paratroopers the gendarmerie. Squarcini is part of the "first circle" of trusted men in the entourage of the head of state, police officers from the ranks. The same ensure that during the election campaign and the Clearstream affair, Squarcini, has been essential for the future president. This is a civil party in the Clearstream case where a crow had mentioned his name as the holder of a bank account, like that of Nicolas Sarkozy.
In his megalomania, Sarkozy intends to make the DCRI "an FBI at the French." It is mainly a political police force which is now operational.

Anonymous said...

The bomber was an intelligence asset in the center of the extremist network in France, informer of the DCRI

Anonymous said...

Information very disturbing start to appear, though not France, but for now Italy and Israel. In an article in World Squarcini defended his little world. In an Italian newspaper, Il Foglio (leaf, the Gazette), was an undercover Merah serving the DGSE transiting through Israel before reaching Afghanistan in order to prove its ability to cross borders.

Firstly the journalling Italian Il Foglio : The murderer of Toulouse traveling abroad with coverage of services [secrets]

The future terrorist was in Israel, followed by Pakistan and Afghanistan. Different versions of foreign secret services


Anonymous said...

Surprise! Guess who visited Israel? thats right- the "toulouse shooter"

Wake up folks.

PB said...

Naive fool playing with the big boys...perfect set-up for a Patsie. Has the smell of the London Underground patsies about it, especially the one on the bus.

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