Monday, March 19, 2012



Sack Dr Maggie Atkinson now!

And improve some rotten schools.

Dr Maggie Atkinson is the Children's Commissioner for England.

She should be aware that many schools in England are out of control.

This is because Head Teachers are not allowed to kick out all the disturbed and criminal elements.

Yet Dr Maggie wants to REDUCE the number of exclusions of law breakers.

(Warning to schools over exclusions - 19 March 2012)

Schools have been warned by Dr Maggie that it is "never appropriate" to exclude pupils for infringements such as breaching school uniform codes or wearing jewellery.

You can probably spot the bad guys in any school.

Too much make-up, "wrong" haircut, dressed like a prostitute, dressed like a drugs dealer...

There has been a falling number of exclusions in schools in England.

Hence the apparent increase in bullying.

Sack Dr Maggie now!


What has Dr Maggie done about the cover up of government-linked child abuse in Islington or on the island of Jersey?


Little James Bulger was murdered by two kids.

Maggie Atkinson suggested James's killers should not have been prosecuted because they were too young.

BBC News - James Bulger's mother calls for commissioner's sacking

Dr Maggie MUST be booted out NOW!


Anonymous said...

Concerning ERITREA:

Zoompad said...

The worst bullies in my school were two of the smartly dressed kids. They were two of the nastiest most spiteful girls I have ever known.

I was one of the shabbier kids, my mum and dad were too poor to spend a lot of money on clothes, though they did their best with what they had. Mum couldn't afford to buy me all the equipment that I needed at school, so I had to make do - and got bullied for not having good stuff by one of the teachers.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, it happened in the same area as last week's army shootings happened in which 3 paras died. Im sure Jews/Zios are behind this again but gentiles will be blamed for. Eventually a scapegoat will appear:

dognamedblue said...

I was bullied every day & grammar school, only two people ever used my real name, in the fifth year I had my arms trapped in a desk by one whilst the other was punching me in the face, I tried to leave but was forced back, the other reason I tried suicide at 16, I hated non uniform day as my clothes were second hand & hand-me-downs or home made, made life very difficult on top of everything else, law of attraction

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