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Israeli veterans of the Red Army (

During the Cold War, Russia and Israel did exchange secrets.

Is Russia still in bed with Israel?

According to WikiLeaks: Russia gave Israel the codes for a defense system which Russia sold to Iran.

"WikiLeaks has released an e-mail exchange between employees of Stratfor, the US-based global intelligence company, which reveals Israel and Russia made a deal to swap access codes for defense and surveillance equipment.

"According to the leaked document, Israel gave Russia the 'data link codes' for unmanned aerial vehicles that the Jewish state sold to Georgia, and in return, Russia gave Israel the codes for Tor-M1 missile defense systems that Russia sold Iran."

Aangirfan considers that Wikileaks is used by the CIA to destabilise certain countries.

Recent Wikileaks leaks have attacked Syria's Assad.

On 29 February 2012 'Just Another Inside Job' gives the following comments:

"Anyone still trusting Russia must upgrade his/her brain...

"An email dated February 26, 2009, refers to clandestine Israeli-Russian collaboration.

"The source is described as a 'former Mexican cop, Latam military analyst, writes for Jane’s'; has a reliability rating of A and a credibility rating of 1, the highest possibleStratfor rankings...

Israel has a very large Russian-Jewish population.

"Israel and Turkey are alleged to be 'collaborating very closely' following a S-300 sale from Russia to Greece.

"The email also lists the following claim: “Turkey has been cracking the S-300 since the … sale and has been sharing intel on the S-300 with the Israelis to ensure that they retain an advantage over Iran should Iran get them from the Russians.”

Russia may see Israel as an ally against the Islamists?

What is Putin's latest position on Syria?

Putin says the West has fuelled the Syrian conflict.

On 2 March 2012, Vladimir Putin criticized the West for backing the Syrian opposition, saying it has fuelled the conflict.

Putin said that both the Syrian government and opposition forces must pull out of the cities to end the bloodshed.

Putin defended Russia-China veto of a UN resolution condemning Assad's crackdown on protests, saying that Moscow wants to prevent the replay of what happened in Libya

In 2001, Israel-Russia Relations were described by Shlomo Avineri of the Carnegie Endowment Report.

Israel-Russia Relations - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

According to Avineri:

From 1947-51, Russia supported Israel.

Russia supported the Arab side in the wars against Israel in 1956, 1967, and 1973, as well as during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

The crackdown on Jewish dissidents and refuseniks added to the tension between Israel and Russia.

All this deepened US strategic support for Israel.


Gorbachev improved the Russian relationship with Israel.

Almost one million Russian Jews emigrated to Israel in the last ten years.

"The disappearance of the Soviet strategic umbrella deprived Arab leaders of their military and diplomatic insurance policy."

This moved the PLO toward the Oslo Accords and led Syria to agree to serious negotiations with Israel.

Russia acquiesced in the Gulf War.

Israel benefited from its Russian immigrants in terms of technology, the economy and the size of its population.

Russian policy in the period 1991-2001 has been consistently supportive of stabilization and of US peace efforts.

Russia realizes the limits of its power and the narrowness of it's policy options.

Russia is aware of the Arabs' relative weakness and Israel's relative strength.

"The staff of the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv abounds with fluent Hebrew speakers, and they are able to counter-balance the kind of information that flows to Moscow from Arab capitals."

Russian Jews in the USA

Russia worries about its Islamist neighbours.

Hence Russia seeks friendship with Israel, which has political and technological access to the West.

The Arab regimes are seen as ailing and unreliable.

There has been joint Israeli-Russian defense and industrial cooperation.

The war in Chechnya, and Russia's apparent lack of sympathy for Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo, have diminished Russia's standing in the Muslim world.

There is a belief that Russia and Israel are allies in the struggle against Islamic fundamentalism.

Russians view the one million Russian-speakers in Israel as a major foreign policy asset.

The "Russian" vote is the major bloc of swing voters in Israeli elections.

Nearly one third of the Israeli population are Russian Jews.


Israel Helped Russia Hack Georgian Drones – WikileaksRIA Novosti

Russia's chief rabbi: Most Jews will vote for Putin.Haaretz


Zoompad said...

R.T. Max Keiser's name is Timothy Maxwell. Look at a photo of him, and then have a look at a photo of Robert Maxwell.

I wrote to Max Keiser a few months ago, concerning RT's use of the Brian Gerrish conference photograph in which I stand out prominantly, dressed in bright orange and yellow, in fromnt of a bright orange banner (I had nothing to do with the making of the banner). I assumed that as RT had displayed the photograph on one of their documentaries, they might be interested in speaking to the lady in the photo.

I am still waiting for a reply.

aferrismoon said...

There is Berezovsky who allegedly dislikes Putin. He set Putin up in power and Putin turned round and kicked him out.

Its probably Berezovsky's influence that sets the West on the side of Khodorovsky.

I've heard that not all is rosy between the earlier 'Westerner' Jewish immigrants to Israel and the later ' Easterner' immigrants [ Russian , Ukrainians etc]. Some are apparently into spraying swastikas etc .

They have their own TV stations and possibly political party so maybe their influence will be divisive in the long run.

Tel Aviv and Novosibirsk share a lot of information on microbiology.

"#16-#20: Five Unnamed Microbiologists. Died: October 4, 2001. Four of Five unnamed microbiologists on a plane that was brought down by a missile near the Black sea on the Russian border. Traveling from Israel to Russia; business not disclosed. 3 scientists were experts in medical research or public health. The plane is believed by many in Israel to have had as many as four or five passengers who were microbiologists. Both Israel and Novosibirsk are homes for cutting-edge microbiological research. Novosibirsk is known as the scientific capital of Siberia. There are over 50 research facilities there, and 13 full universities for a population of only 2.5 million people."


Anonymous said...

Vlad and Jewllywood...

w said...

Bradley Manning is rotting in US Gulags for passing the DC to Wikileaks. How could a recipient of these be in bed with the nefarious agency? Is Anonymous also a CIA creation because they passed the Stratfor Emails to Wikileaks? Doubt it. (1) The Agency will never employ juveniles (2) scattered across the globe for (3) the simple reasons that that they can't be controlled by the usual established procedures

Anonymous said...

@ "There is Berezovsky who allegedly dislikes Putin"

here's what Mr Berezovsky thinks - in his own words (he's very direct in saying what he wishes to do about Mr Putin; personal war or just dirty, rotten business as usual?):

"Russian Godfathers 1 The Fugitive (Part 1-6)"

what connections did (does) Mr. Berezovsky (still) have with Chechen "rebels" (e.g. why was he fotographed with one or more Chechen rebel leaders - during the times when these were sworn enemies of their own nation - Russia)?

Very recently - Putin, Medvedev, (Russian government) have offered to end the feud between it and the "oligarchs" by offering them "pardons" in exchange for returning portions of wealth (stolen by the few oligarchs via criminal scams and manipulations of millions of defenseless Russians, (same for Ukraine, and those of most all other former soviet nations)

On "Anonymous" being an asset to cia: absolutely plausible - as desired effects can be seen upon public release of various documents (often these are beneficial for the overall world situation (i.e. exposing crimes against humanity committed during so-called "war on terror"), but have an additional impact on destruction of general unity between nations and inside nations (furthering the classic, ongoing "divide and conquer" scenarios - i.e. against target USA);
similarly - why would "anonymous" rely on techniques, software, etc. developed by government intelligence agencies ... yet at the same time, claim no connections with same government agencies?


Anonymous said...

you are obviously a jew or a commie yourself if you dont allow comments. As Ahnold once said "I'll be baack- not"

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