Thursday, March 15, 2012


Paul McBride

On 4 March 2012, Paul McBride, a top Scottish lawyer, was found dead in his room at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore, in Pakistan.

Paul McBride QC was Roman Catholic and gay.

McBride had been in Lahore, with fellow lawyer Aamer Anwar, attending a series of business meetings...

McBride attended a wedding where he met high ranking government ministers and army officials.

In April 2011, while in Glasgow, McBride was sent a parcel bomb.

Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, comforts Aamer Anwar at McBride's funeral

Trevor Muirhead, 43, from Kilwinning, and Neil McKenzie, 42, from Saltcoats, both Ayrshire, are now on trial for plotting to kill Celtic boss Neil Lennon, Member of the Scottish Parliament Trish Godman, the late QC Paul McBride and various members of the Irish Republican group Cairde Na Heireann in Glasgow by sending them explosive devices.

In Scotland, in 2014, there is to be a referendum in which the Scots will be asked to vote for or against 'independence'.

Certain voters might turn against 'independence' if there is a large degree of sectarian strife in Scotland.

The UK government has been accused of involvement in assassinations and sectarian murders in Northern Ireland.

Aangirfan is in favour of independence for Scotland, so long as it is real independence.

Glasgow is more gay than Paris and has more gangsters than Chicago, allegedly.

Some of the Glasgow drugs gangs have links to Pakistan and to Northern Ireland.


On 5 November 2011, Paul McBride QC, one of the Scottish Conservative party's leading supporters, resigned with a denunciation of the party ...

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A13 said...

A13 would like to see an outcome that is best for the people...if that is ever possible.
Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

That wig on the McBride photo looks like a Photoshop job.

See this video: for details of the McCrone Report, the lies told by Whitehall, the rigging of the 1979 devolution referendum & the false flag terrorist attacks perpetrated.

Newspaceman said...

If you are alluding to what I think you are in the last sentence, why not mention that he was imminently due to represent an indivdual accused of a fairly infamous recent gangland killing.

Also, that he was imminently due to represent another fairly notorious alleged "gangster" in respect of alleged mortgage fraud.

Re Independence, I totally agree but it is highly unlikely it will be "real" in any form whatsoever. That's the game plan - a global united kingdom

cheers, brian

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