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In 2001, at an Ozar Hatorah school in Paris, a classroom was burned down.

This turned out to be an inside job.

The perpetrator turned out to be a pupil. (From Middle East to France, a Jewish school's journey Reuters)

On 19 March 2012, in Toulouse, an Ozar Hatorah school was reportedly attacked.

This followed the shooting of three Moslems in Toulouse earlier in March 2012.

Witnesses of the March 19 attack described the shooter as being "of European descent". ( "School Shooting".)

On 21 March 2012, the French Interior Minister Claude Gueant says the shooting suspect is 24 years old, of French nationality and "belongs to al-Qaeda," the mercenary group reportedly set up by the CIA.

Apparently, the suspect wants to damage the cause of the Palestinians, by associating himself with the Palestinians.

The suspect reportedly says he "wants to take revenge for Palestinian children" killed in the Middle East. (Toulouse siege: live)

Apparently, the shooter wants to help Sarkozy win the coming election. (Sarkozy Hones Crisis-Fighting Credentials in French Manhunt‎)

Madrid 2004

In September 2001, days after the 9 11 attacks in New York, there was a large explosion at the AZF fertiliser factory in Toulouse.

In February 2004, a terrorist group, calling itself AZF, threatened the French government.

In March 2004, the Madrid Bombings took place.

The following is a translation of parts of an article about a Sarkozy link to the Madrid Bombing.

(Servicios secretos franceses afirman que Sarkozy ordenĂ³ el 11-M at ...- Translate this page)

AZF threatened to blow up railway stations in France.

A month before the Madrid bombings of 11 March 2004, threatening messages were sent to the Spanish Government.

The messages were written by Tahraoui Hanane, emir of one of the "French Islamic groups" operating in North Africa.

Tahraoui Hanane was arrested on the Algerian-Moroccan border in February 1997, on his way to a hospital in the city of Oujda (Morocco).

With the help of the German secret services Hanane was identified as a French-Moroccan who worked for the French Interior Ministry.

Officers of the DST (Directorate of Territorial Security) in Paris were identified as those who had used Tahraoui Hanane and their networks in Morocco and Algeria to organize the massacres of Algerians in western Algeria.

Sarko of Mossad?

At that time, the AZF group made its appearance in France.

Nicolas Sarkozy, who was France's Interior Minister in 2004, has been linked to AZF and Hanane.

The AZF threats may have been designed to (1) make Sarkozy look like a strong opponent of terrorism (2) make it look as if certain North Africans were threatening Spain.

In 2004, "six Israeli commandos, with the help of elements of the Spanish Secret Service, carried out the Madrid bombing."

This was to prevent the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq.

However, Zapatero won the election in Spain.

The Zionist operation failed, but, the operation made it look as though Sarkozy was firmly against terrorism.

Sarkozy "had helped set up the operation that allowed Israeli commandos to massacre 191 Spanish civilians."

Sarkozy became President of France in 2007.


In 1947, France's Interior Minister, Edouard Depreux, revealed the existence of a secret stay-behind army in France codenamed "Plan Bleu".

This secret 'Operation Gladio' army became part of NATO.

In 1992, Admiral Pierre Lacoste, in a 1992 interview with The Nation, reported that certain elements from this 'Gladio' network were involved with terrorist activities against de Gaulle and his Algerian policy.

Operation Gladio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Today, Gladio-style terrorist activity in France could work to the advantage of President Sarkozy.

The recent terrorist shootings in France, by a lone gunman, have targeted people who were black, Moslem, North African and Jewish.

The Toulouse shooter is alleged to be Mohammed Merah, 24, a Frenchman of Algerian origin.

Merah allegedly says he belongs to al-Qaeda.

Merah is said to have made several visits to Afghanistan and Pakistan, where the CIA reportedly trains its al-Qaeda mercenaries.

French media have linked Merah to a group called Forsane Alizza (Knights of Pride).

Protest groups are usually made up of spooks and dumb patsies?

The media say Merah had earlier been arrested in Kandahar, Afghanistan, for unspecified, but not terrorist-related, criminal acts and also has a criminal record in France.

Reportedly, the security services like to recruit criminals as patsies.


"Mohamed Merah"

The alleged Toulouse shooter, Mohamed Merah, would appear to be an innocent patsy.

Reportedly, the REAL Mohamed Merah had never been in prison in Afghanistan.

Reportedly, the REAL Mohamed Merah was a fun-loving young chap who liked girls, who was described as being popular and polite, but who had been in trouble with the law.

French shooting suspect not jailed in Afghanistan

Merah's lawyer, Christian Etelin, has said that Merah was in prison in France at the time he was supposed to be in Afghanistan.

According to Reuters, the Kandahar governor's office has said that "security forces in Kandahar have never detained a French citizen named Mohamed Merah."

One might suppose that French Interior Minister Claude Gueant was lying when he said that Merah had been to Afghanistan, and had carried out his killings in revenge for what he had witnessed there.

In Pakistan, an intelligence official said that Merah had never been arrested in Pakistan either. "We have no information about him," the Pakistani official said.

"Mohamed Merah"

According to Whatreallyhappened: "Merah was never in jail in Afghanistan and was still in France during the time he was claimed to be in jail in Afghanistan.

"More and more it looks like this guy was a patsy for a false-flag operation to build sympathy for Israel and a 'wag the dog' to take the media focus off of the massacre of 16 civilians (9 children) by Americans in Afghanistan earlier this month." -


Of course it is possible that the French secret service smuggled Merah out of jail in France so that he could work for them in Afghanistan.

Sarkozy's Poll Lead After Shootings

Reportedly, the REAL Mohamed Merah was not an Islamic fanatic.

Merah talked about 'cars, bikes and girls'

"Just a few weeks ago, Mohamed Merah partied at a nightclub, and an acquaintance noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

"Another friend said the former car body shop worker liked to talk about 'cars, bikes, girls and sports'.

One might suppose that Prosecutor Francois Molins was lying when he told reporters that Merah was a self-taught Salafi Muslim who had been to Afghanistan twice and had trained in Pakistan.

The official story is that Merah called a French television journalist and told him he carried out the attacks to protest France's ban on veils in public places, the nation's military presence in Afghanistan and in revenge for the deaths of 'Palestinian children'.

One might assume that this official story is a load of lying nonsense.

According to the acquaintance at the nightclub, Mehdi Nedder, Merah was not a fanatic.


A friend of Merah's, Kamel, says that Merah "was respectful and generous."

Merah's lawyer, Christian Etelin said the shooting attacks didn't fit the profile of Merah, whom he first represented in 2004, when Merah was a teenager.

"He was a polite and courteous boy" who used to work in a body shop, Etelin said. "He gave the impression of being in French social life."

Merah is a common name, and an Afghan citizen called Merah escaped from his prison cell in Kandahar province in a 2008, according to Kandahar provincial spokesman Ahmad Jawed Faisal. Faisal says their records also show that Merah was an Afghan citizen from Kandahar province.

In Germany, a senior intelligence official said that he had never seen the French Merah's name come up.

Mohamed Merah's last conviction, on 24 February, was for a minor motorcycle accident and driving without a permit. He was sentenced to a month in prison, and was supposed to start serving his sentence in April.

Etelin said he had known Merah since Merah was about 17, and described his life as typical for many teenagers in poor French housing projects who get involved in petty crime.

"His mother couldn't control him, his father was totally absent, his sister ... also told me that she couldn't exercise any influence over him," the lawyer said.



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France looks targeted these days:

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Abu-Suleyman said...

read my warnings form last week... sarkozy is a mossadnik

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"read my warnings form last week... sarkozy is a mossadnik"

Couldnt have been the other way. He's a scum, thats common knowledge.

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Offtopic, no need to post up if you don't want.....some weirdness worth pursuing?

Oaxaca victimized by US war on drugs.
Oaxaca victimized by Canadian mining companies and their mercenaries.
As a result, a vibrant people's independence movement grows and gets more abuse from US/Canada.

Oaxaca is too dangerous for Canadians or Americans (so say our travel advisories)to naturally the 13 year old daughter of Obama would spend her March break there.
Earthquake drill announced in advance (in adjacent province) based on 7.9 mag striking at noon.
Actual earthquake hits two minutes after drill time at 7.8. Cute cartoon guy on notice shows one eye and has lovely triangle on hard had.

Imagine the US 'diplomat' visiting any nation opposed to US dominance quietly informing his hosts in advance. It has been said that war is just the most obvious and extreme form of diplomacy.
I guess a HAARP earthquake might be a good threat/negotiating chip for rogue nations that hate freedom and democracy???

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Sarkozy Hones Crisis-Fighting Credentials in French Manhunt

By Gregory Viscusi and Mark Deen on March 21, 2012 :- Bloomberg News

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is burnishing his crisis-fighting credentials as he seeks to catch up to Francois Hollande in an election campaign upended by the hunt for a man who shot dead seven people in nine days.

Having vowed to find the shooter who killed three children and a rabbi outside a Jewish school and three soldiers of Arab descent, Sarkozy’s role as France’s leader in a national emergency may bolster him just a month before the first round of the presidential election, especially if security jumps up the list of voter concerns, analysts and pollsters say.

Security had been a bigger issue in the 2007 election, which followed Sarkozy’s stint as Interior Minister. The French interior ministry oversees law-enforcement agencies.

While Sarkozy trails in all voter surveys ahead of the likely run-off against Hollande, he has narrowed the lead. An Ipsos SA poll on voting intentions yesterday showed he has narrowed his deficit against Hollande to 1 percentage point in the first round from 3.5 in a March 3 poll. For the second round, Hollande’s lead narrowed to 55 percent against 44 for Sarkozy, compared with a 16-point lead in the previous poll.

Sarkozy leads on security issues. An Ifop poll showed that the French rate him better than Hollande on security by a 58- to-39 percent margin. The survey for Le Monde involved 4,728 people questioned from Feb. 16 to 21.

Security hasn’t been a major issue in the election so far, with just 15 percent of voters saying it will weigh on their choice, behind the economic crisis at 50 percent, unemployment at 46 percent and government debt at 32 percent, according to the Ifop poll. Political observers are watching closely to see if that is about to change

“If security comes back as an issue, Sarkozy will probably be seen as more credible than Hollande,” BVA’s Bonnet said. “Historically, whenever security is a problem, the right benefits, even if the difficulties happen on their watch.”

Sarkozy first came to national attention as mayor of Neuilly, a town near Paris, when in a 1993 kindergarten hostage drama he talked a dynamite-belted, ransom-demanding gunman into releasing a child, with television footage showing the mayor leaving the classroom with the youngster in his arms. After 46 hours of talks, the gunman was killed by police sharpshooters and the seven remaining hostages were freed unharmed.

Also see

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Did they ever show the faces of the so called victims? Sure they were quick to send the caskets to Israel for a funeral. Why Israel? Are they French or Israelis? This story smells...

It seems like the Jews are collecting the fruits of their so called "multiculturalism". They filled Europe with Muslims and now they are "victims" of the system that they created.

Wait for revenge. Jews never forget and we will see some bloody revenge soon.

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His a patsy paste this url

i read a transcript of the article "A female witness told French television the masked attacker appeared to have a tattoo on his face when he lifted his visor."
its near to the bottom of the page.
Whats clear is that mohammed has no scars or tattoo's on his face we been had again.

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