Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Satellite data from NASA shows fires in Aceh. Fires have long been used to clear areas for palm oil.

Aceh province means a famous tsunami, mad Islamists who torture women, and, the killing off of orangutans.

Orangutans in Indonesia's Aceh forest may die out in weeks

In the Tripa area of Aceh, there is peatland and lush forest, occupied by about 200 orangutans.

The Coalition to Save Tripa says that palm oil firms will have killed off all the orangutans within weeks.

Already, most of the Tripa area has been divided up into palm oil concessions.

Encounter on the jetty
By OrangUtanSam

PT Kallista Alam has palm oil plantations in this part of Sumatra.

Most of the big businesses in Indonesia are owned by rich Chinese-Indonesians who are sometimes accused of giving money to politicians and the powerful military.

Indonesia has benefited from booming Chinese demand for its palm oil and is seeking more Chinese investment.

Scandal in Tripa highlights lack of transparency.


Zoompad said...

Mankind is raping the earth.

Tony Ryals said...

Speciesism:BP Tea Party member claims Mass Murderer Barack Obama a Chimpanzee !
by Tony Ryals

This is NOT a defense of Orange County,California Republican and
BP or British Petroleum 'Tea Party' member Davenport,it is in defense
of chimpanzees who are victims of a human or Homo Sapien holocaust against
them.As for Davenport shamefully hiding wrapping herself in the veil of Christianity
when the doo doo hit the fan - weeeell - all I can say is that just
about all chimps have almost genetically hardwired and also learn in
their communal and collective jungle survival culture more of the
ideals we associate with Christianity such as love thy fellow chimp
and break bread together and turn the other cheek than the mental
moron will 'grok'or learn in her lifetime.

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