Thursday, March 15, 2012


The 'Powers That Be' would appear to have decided that Obama is to be reelected.

Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy have done what they were told to do - such as supporting the CIA's Arab Spring.

The Republicans will be told that they are to choose a weak candidate.

The stock market will be made to rise.

At least that is the theory.

Even Sarkozy may get back in, as he plays the 'race card' and promises to deal with 'immigrants'.


Will Obama Be Reelected? The Stock Market Has The Answer.

"How the stock market does in the month of January indicates how stocks will do during the year."

The stock market did well in January.

"The S&P 500 did an excellent job as an election-prognosticator technique in the past 62 years, with an accuracy rate of 88%...

"When the S&P 500 index rises from July 31 through October 31, the incumbent President ends up being reelected...."

N.B. our predictions are sometimes wrong. God does play dice.

"Is that your leg I can feel? Reminds me of Eton." (Eton schoolboys)

"We are on the side of brave citizens who are demanding their universal rights, in Bahrain, in the West Bank and Gaza, and in Guantánamo."

"We are in favour of the destruction of copies of the Koran, urinating on dead Taliban, and the massacre of civilians." (Roosevelt and Churchill / Massacres occupation)

Kennedy and the 'gay' UK prime minister Harold Macmillan. (Website)


Anonymous said...

A13 said...

Aang, love your disclaimer at the bottom!! yes "god" does play dice but who loaded them???
love to you xx A13 :)

gallier2 said...

Even Sarkozy may get back in, as he plays the 'race card' and promises to deal with 'immigrants'.

No way. The sheeple in France are dumb, but not that dumb. Sarkozy would have had 5 years as President + 10 years as interior minister to do something about that, if it was really his goal.
Now that Marine Le Pen has her 500 signatures, she will take care of that part of the electorate. This means that in the 2nd round of the election the choice will be Hollande for the "left" against Le Pen or Sarkozy for the "right", of which the "right" will lose in any case.
That scenario was the initial plan from the PTB from the beginning but with DSK as the "lefts" candidate. In any case, the empire wins everytime.

Anonymous said...

Obama the bloody tyrant, still loved and trusted by all good patrons of NPR, DemocracyNow, and CBC.
The puppet show features an insane clown posse on the R side, and the cold blooded murderer/Nobel prize winner on the D side. Fascists win, people lose, again.

Maybe Dave McGowan is right and all this theatre will lead to a Jeb Bush/Sarah Palin dream ticket brokered at the Republican convention??? Praise Jesus!

IMO, Harper was supposed to fail and Ignatieff was to win in Canada.
The symmetry of two fake liberals like Obama and Iggy working together to advance the cause of fascism made sense. I have many intelligent good friends working hard against Harper who actually believe Obama is one of the good guys. Iggy could have done more, faster.
Canadians are quite possibly dumber and more clueless than the Americans at this point for having voting Harper in. Of course if Jeb and Sarah defeat Obama then we have a whole new ballgame.

Anonymous said...

I just luved this pic from the beeb as they 'join hands across so many endeavours'
was it a reference to the duck n' roll on the tarmac kabuki ?
and so much, so much more
I'd say sickening but I'm not going to even give them that much

Peter said...

I presume you know MacMillan's mum was a yank.
(Helen Artie Tarleton Belles)
Interestingly, she is a cousin of Obama.
(scroll down that page 70% of the way down)

Anonymous said...

Jeb and Bloomberg?

nobody said...

Hey Aang,

You could be right mate. I still have Obama pegged as assassination fodder. Bloodlines or no, I'd be surprised if they were to continue inviting a schwartzer around to their soirees and acting as if he's their equal.

But anon above (always worth reading, if only you'd slap a moniker on there) in referencing McGowan could be right too. I thought McGowan's logic on that was pretty good.

Oh! And did someone say pissing contest? Yeah well, if we're going to have a fight as to which nation is stupidest, I'm throwing an Australian hat into the ring. We'll take all you Norte Americanos on, smash ourselves bloody, knock ourselves out, and leave all challengers standing there as clear losers.

What would you lot know about coming a gutser? Nothin!

Off I go now...

Anonymous said...

JFK used to visit GB all the time, using 'The Subway'. Recall that film with Gene Hackman where an army assassin was sent to the USA incognito via the military? In this case he went under the cover of a prisoner as he was undercover and up to dirty work, but in reality top Yanks used The Subway to visit GB in secret, no passports, no immigration, no checks, nobody asks/knows. Spies, too. They would be flown on to Germany, then, sometimes in light-planes sporting the paint they later used on the Stealth's, to wherever they were to infiltrate. They had to have some sort of ID to get into the base either end, though. JFK was over in GB as often as he could get away for a few days without anyone wondering where he was. By the by, personal knowledge, Averill Harriman was supposed to be in London for secret masonic meeting exactly 53 years ago this very weekend (spring equinox, an important ritual beginning at 09.00, Saturday morning sharp) but at last second couldn't as he may be required in White House and would be missed. He came over later. I met him, ok? JFK never said who he visited/stayed with, nobody pushed it despite quietly knowing the reasons for the visits, suspecting the friends, as it might be dangerous to cross people, it was whispered it was always top masonic business. Didn't know Macmillan was a close relative, Aangs, not found that on the www. So, no doubt now JFK was conferencing with Macmillan + friends, perhaps staying with him. JFK was also acquainted with George Raft, strong mafia connections, and as I suspect both were part of an international/EU group involved with shady dealings with someone in Russia, using Peter Ustinov as a go-between. Lot of cloak and dagger stuff going on behind our backs, no doubt of that. But who were the good guys... My experience is no one is, just differing shades of evil. What do you guys reckon on Putin eventually being proclaimed 'a land-father' and being asked to assume the old Czar's crown? Probably related to them! I suspect something like this was being planned back then, but Profumo blew it, they got scared and backed-off. Who would the new Czar have been in the 60's?

Anon said...

Many thanks to all, for the comments.

Interesting connections between Kennedy and Macmillan.

- Aangirfan

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