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Great post ive always suspected he was a child of the cia and mk ultra program gloria stienem is also a nother product of such check out my blog http://egbesu.blogspot.com/

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Wayne Madsen is cited on my recent blog post re,'Leyva Zetas,Israel and U.S.Government Drug And Arms Terrorism: We’ve purchased weapons from the “U.S. Government itself”',
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This is the meat of the truth.

Take the time to read through Wayne Madsen's reports on Obama's CIA connection.

Madsen real nails it.

When you talk about the CIA, think about trans-national corporations.

Yes, think about Globalists, think about the 'invisible government' or 'shadow government'.

I know I harp about Globalists/Zionists, but I just follow where the evidence leads.

I wish it wasn't so, God, how I wish it wasn't so.

But, the best evidence currently available says otherwise.

Many Republicans want to portray Obama as anti-Israeli, but that's all kubuki theater on Obama's part and politics on the Republican's part. Sure, Bibi Netanyahu wants a blanck check to drag the U. S. into an Iran war, and, sadly, a lot of WarHawks want the same thing led by the neocons. But Obama's handlers (those who really make the big decisions) know the American voting public don't support a war with Iran and the U. S. military's top brass and U. S. intelligence know a war with Iran would be a disaster for the U. S.

So, for Obama, politics and military strategy are in sinc with each other.

However, after the Fall presidential elections in the U. S., should Obama win, expect the War talk in the U. S. to ratchet up, because while the timing for now is about U. S. politics and Obama's election -- afterward, the decks are cleared.

Keep in mind Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express.

Why? Because while the Globalists/Zionists have ultimate behind the scenes power via the corporate media and the Money Power, read international bankers, there are different factions among them fighting for the levers of power.

In other words, there are many "hands on the dagger" that sticks in the back of the little people.

Ivan K. said...

The world recorder in length of detention, now in the final days of his trial:

"Vojislav Seselj came to the tribunal of his own free will [in] 2003. ... [T]he trial started after four years of Dr Šešelj's pretrial detention. To this very day the answer has not been given to the question why the right to the expeditious trial is violated. The presiding judge of the Trial Chamber, Jean-Claude Antonetti, has stated that the duration of the trial proceedings against Šešelj has beaten the world record.."


"Upon examination, the hospital doctors have determined that Seselj’s defibrillator, implanted at the beginning of January, is completely malfunctioning."

“The rapid deterioration of Seselj’s health just before the end of his trial mirrors the case of former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic in 2006.”


14 March 2012,The Hague. “In closing remarks at his trial, Serbian politician Vojislav Seselj, who has vowed to make a mockery of [the Tribunal] said the Yugoslav tribunal empowered by the U.N. Security Council is actually a creation of Western intelligence agencies and it doesn't have jurisdiction in his case. He added that unknown people were trying to kill him "with electricity" in his detention cell."


“In addition [the alarm in] Šešelj’s cell was switched off or disabled so that he could not help [call]the prison guards during the night when he was sick”


"You falsely presented this man with a bird's nest on the top of his head as my defence lawyer. He will never be my defence lawyer. You brought actors here to act as my defence lawyers but they will never be my defence lawyers. They are your spies." (September 2006)


“One of the inviolable rights guaranteed by contemporary criminal law is the right to defense, according to which an accused person can choose how his defense will be conducted. On several occasions, against his will, Vojislav Šešelj was assigned stand-by counsels who were ready to take over his defense. [...] thereby violating international law. After nearly four years in detention, Vojislav Šešelj felt compelled to start a hunger strike on November 10, 2006 in order to defend his human and legal rights, as guaranteed by all international conventions. Vojislav Šešelj brought his dramatic hunger strike [...] to a halt only after his requirements regarding basic human and legal procedural rights had been met.”


"Neither Goering and Hess had such problems. This tribunal is even worse than the Nuremberg Tribunal,"


“On 26 November 1979 he obtained a doctorate [...] after successfully defending his doctoral thesis titled The Political Essence of Militarism and Fascism, which made him the youngest PhD holder in Yugoslavia at only 25 years of age”


Vojislav Seselj in his own words

"I have no other involvement in these crimes expect for what I said or wrote."


Books by Dr Seselj in English:


Ivan K. said...

P.S. Photos of Dr Seselj at various occasions, including family photos:


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