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David Cameron, left, whose great-great grandfather was Emile Levita, a German-Jewish financier.

UK prime minister David Cameron says that Dow Chemicals is a "reputable company".

Dow Chemicals, linked to the Bhopal gas tragedy in India in 1984, is a sponsor of the 2012 Olympics.

(Cameron: Sad if India boycotted Olympics, won't drop Dow as sponsor)

David Cameron is to visit President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the cruel ruler of Kazakhstan.

(Cameron to visit Kazakh dictator.)

George Osborne and friend.

Through his paternal grandmother, Cameron is a direct descendant of King William IV by his mistress Dorothea Jordan.

On 9 March 2012, in the UK's right-wing Daily Telegraph, 'middle middle class' journalist Damian Thompson attacks the UK's right-wing prime minister David Cameron, and Cameron's economics minister George Osborne, for being upper class snobs.

Dave and George and the middle middle classes

According to Damian Thompson:

1. Cameron and Osborne grew up in the company of utter snobs who have contempt for the middle middle classes.

2. Cameron has a long history of forgetting to say thank-you to Conservative Party activists, who overwhelmingly come from the middle middle classes.

3. Nadine Dorries has said that Conservative government policy is being run by "two public schoolboys" who don't understand being short of cash – "and what's worse, they don’t care".

David Cameron

What has upset Damian Thompson, and the Daily Telegraph?

Damian Thompson is worried that the middle middle class, people earning around £60,000 per year, are going to have to pay more tax.

Damian Thompson writes: "Disastrously, Osborne has been persuaded that families whose incomes hover around the £60,000 mark are 'rich' for tax purposes (though still beyond the pale when it comes to supper invitations)."



David Cameron - rich and well connected

Cameron or someone else?


Paul said...

Interestingly Australia's Socialist pro-Zionist Labor Government has taken the view that the middle-class (60,000$AUS/year or thereabouts) will wear the bulk of the tax burden in this country. The faction that controls the Prime Ministership are all frequent flyers to Tel Aviv.

Zoompad said...

"The gossip of St John

Lord St John of Fawsley, who died this week, had what is sometimes called a gift for indiscretion. It led to his early departure from Mrs Thatcher’s government, but he never changed his ways. Last summer I met him at a garden party, looking disconcertingly frail in an exquisitely tailored cream suit. On hearing that I was a Catholic, he gave me his version of why Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor was never made a member of the House of Lords.

A cunning plan to persuade the Vatican to allow the move had been drawn up, he said – but then Gordon Brown blurted it all out when he met the Pope, who immediately took fright.

“A great loss to the Lords,” added Lord St John sadly.

“I quite agree,” I lied."

This is very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

attack on Iran said...

The head of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev is a first class thug and criminal. He's stolen billions of dollars from his country that he puts in Swiss banks; he persecutes and imprisons all opposition; and his family treats the country as their personal fiefdom. Great company that Cameron keeps - NOT!!

A13 said...

HI Aang, in reply to the first comment by Paul..TOO TRUE, and totally agreed..I'm glad more Aussies are waking up, and noticing it, and the media as well is becoming more and more zionist are our policies...we are totally infiltrated.
Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

All the politians in England seem to always have some Jewish roots. This world is run by the same Judeo-Masonic cabal. No matter where you go, it is always the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Now there's an interesting nexus - Cameron, Nazarbayev, Kim, Gertler ...
Like a leopard chasing its tail
But never changing its spots

Anonymous said...

His sister is a rather interesting character.

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