Friday, March 09, 2012


According to Anonymous:

It is often said 'Other countries have armies. In Pakistan's case, it is an army that has a country.'

The Pakistani army has become the largest land owner and the biggest corporate entity in Pakistan.

In cities, they own the prime real estate (they simply 'conquer' it) and you will have trouble finding an officer (Major and above) who is not also into real estate

According to the book Military, Inc., a brigadier on average is worth a cool $50 Million.

But that book came out in 2007 and today the armies assets have more than doubled/quadrupled

They are also busy conquering territory in the North West, claiming civilians invited them for security.

Of course Kayani has the nerve to claim "No military operation is going on in Balochistan".

Kids in Neelum colony, Karachi
Mobeen_Ansari (In Karachi)

On the civilian front, the economic warfare is in full swing, with the crooks at the top are busy destroying every public asset.

Some Big examples:

1. The national airline has been destroyed financially

2. Pakistan Railways has been destroyed

3. Pakistan Steel has been robbed completely

4. Other major profitable assets like Pakistan Telecom has been sold off for a SINGLE DOLLAR (no kidding)

5. In the last four years, more loans have been taken out under this "democratic" government than in the 60 years previous.

6. REAL Rate of inflation is close to about 25% and increasing...Remember too that the rupee has lost 50 percent of it's value in the same four year period.

7. Electricity production has been turned off intentionally for up to 12 hours a day to destroy the industry (in rural areas, it is off for up to 22 hours a day)

8. Banks are almost bankrupt

Children Business :)
Pakistan -Amir Mukhtar Mughal

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Anonymous said...

if the Pakistanis are so silly to have voted the current corrupt president then I have no sympathy for them. Next thing they will vote his son a womaniser and a boozer from Cambridge.

Mostaque said...

@Anonymous.....its all too easy to blame the victim, the impoverished Pakistani people, BUT I'm sure you've heard of fixed elections, how Labour keeps winning in Scottish seats,or how Obummer will be elected President again, despite his unpopularity. The ISI for the USA killed Benazir, who was considered too radical and strong willed (thus an antithesis to USA geo-strategic interests, as was Mossad Busharaf..even)...and what the USA got with Mr. 10% was a "Total" amoral puppet...would sell his mother if the price was right; went on luxury state funded trips to Europe, checking his various investments, chateaus, mansions..WHILST 2000 of his countrymen perished from floods, and other such natural disasters.

The main challenge and problem for Pakistan is the sheer bad faith of the USA, and the Gunga Dins in the Pakistani military who enable the American bad faith against Pakistan.

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