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MOSSAD boss Tamir Pardo.

Mossad would appear to be very powerful in many countries.

1. Mossad is active in Syria.

Mossad, Blackwater, CIA Led Operations in Homs

For the current attack on Syria, "a coordination office was established in Qatar under American-Gulf sponsorship.

"The office includes American, French, and Gulf - specifically from Qatar and Saudi Arabia - intelligence agents, as well as CIA, Mossad, and Blackwater agents and members of the Syrian Transitional Council.

"Qatar has also made deals with Israeli and American companies to arm the armed groups, and Gulf countries have been financing the agreements."

Around 700 Arab and Western gunmen surrendered in Baba Amro, in Syria, "well-informed sources told Al-Manar website."

"The captured gunmen held Arab nationalities, including Gulf, Iraqi, and Lebanese… among them were also Qatari intelligence agents and non-Arab fighters from Afghanistan, Turkey, and some European countries like France...

"Advanced Israeli, European, and American arms that have not yet been tested in the countries of manufacture, in addition to Israeli grenades, night binoculars, and communication systems were confiscated by the security forces."

2. Apparently, Mossad gives its orders to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which then gives its orders to the American government.

According an FBI report, in 1949, Mossad founder Reuven Shiloah gave orders to AIPAC founder Isaiah L. Kenen.

At that time Kenen directed the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affair's Israel Office of Information (IOI) in New York.

The Israeli Office of Information in New York received material from Israel for placement into US publications such as Reader's Digest and Cosmopolitan.

IOI founder Kenen became a member of the Communist Party in 1937, and presumably was good friends with Soviet Russia, which shared secrets with Israel. / /The Mossad Has Long Given Marching Orders to AIPAC

3. In February 2012, Mossad chief Tamir Pardo was in Delhi, reportedly to give instructions to Sanjeev Tripathi, the boss of RAW, India's secret service.

There may soon be more Israeli-style false flag operations, aimed at hurting Pakistan and Iran.

On 13 February 2012, there was a bomb explosion in Delhi, just a few days after the MOSSAD chief's visit.

There have been increased 'terrorist attacks' in Balochistan and in the FATA region of Pakistan.

Mossad Chief Visits India to Plot New Strategy

4. Switzerland has links with Mossad.

Meir Dagan, the former boss of Mossad, is a senior adviser at Arcanum, a Swiss firm which works with energy, defence and aerospace industries worldwide.

Ex-Mossad Chief, "Now A Zurich-Based Consultant”

5. Mossad is close friends with Azerbaijan

Iranian intelligence officials have identified the Mossad spy in Azerbaijan who has been involved in assassinating Iran’s nuclear scientists, Press TV reports.

The Mossad spy, identified as Ja'far Khoshzaban, alias Javidan, 'has been working under the auspices of Azeri security forces'.



Zoompad said...

Swiss charity that helps itself

Zoompad said...

Blackwater tried to bribe tribe with Disney, ipods and some swings

Anonymous said...

The Mossad is over Central and South America selling arms and controling the drug traffic. If you go to any public library in the USA, you will always find a Jew administering these libraries. Just to try to suggest a book that mentions anything opposed to the Jews or Israel, and see if they will make this book available to the public.

Anonymous said...

Looks like more confirmation of Israeli government involvement in Syria.

The Syrian government needs to make public the evidence of foreign intervention, in a way that can't be easily disputed.

U. S. Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joseph Lieberman are now advocating "humanitarian" bombing of Syria.

It is my hypothesis that Syria is a NECESSARY stepping stone for the military attack on Iran.

Defeat the Syrian foreign military intervention and the Iran operation will be stopped.

I'll admit that given the determination to consumate the overall plan of an 'Arc of Tension' in the North Africa/Middle East region, which leads to a Greater Israel, that a military attack on Iran could go forward, in any event, but, be assured, the original plan was to defeat Syria first and then attack Iran.

Defeat in Syria for the Globalists/Zionists would give them pause about going forward in Iran. The margin of error would be much smaller and the Globalists/Zionists know it.

Zionists claim biblical sanction, the "Chosen People" and all that. But when you examine the tactics and strategy, you find that it goes against everything the New Testament (the Christian Bible) stands for.

So, in the end, Greater Israel-Zionism (first the West Bank then from the banks of the Nile to the banks of the Euphrates) gives the Bible a bad name.

Let me repeat: Greater Israel-Zionism gives the Bible a bad name.

And, if you subscribe to the idea that Globalists are hostile to region and actually want to replace God centered religion with Man centered world goverance, then a vicious and depraved Zionism is all part of the plan -- what better way to discredit Christianity than having a vicious and ruthless ideology supported by Zionist Christians?

But remember, there are "porch Zionists" that don't know the ultimate plans/objectives that the cap stone Globalists/Zionists of the pyramid secret society have in their "control fevered heads".

Perhaps, these "porch Zionists" can be reached and have their eyes opened to the ultimate objectives and, so, turn way from this depravity.

The Realist Report said...

The Mossad is active all over the globe, clearly, involved in some of the most rotten activities imaginable, including gun running, terrorist training, false flag ops, human trafficking, ect. This organization is out of control (aren't all the intelligence agencies?).

Good comment Anonymous, I couldn't agree more.

Zoompad said...

"Zionists claim biblical sanction, the "Chosen People" and all that. But when you examine the tactics and strategy, you find that it goes against everything the New Testament (the Christian Bible) stands for."

Surely the Jews ARE the "Chosen People". After all, they are the race chosen by God for the birth and life of Jesus Christ. But Jesus was so gentle and kind, he never sanctioned murder at all.

Zoompad said...

Being "Chosen" doesn't give anyone the right to stamp all over everyone else though. It seems to me that the Jews were chosen to be the friends and neighbours of that beautiful man, and to learn from him how to be good, and to spread goodness and kindness all around the world. Sadly, thats not what ended up happening.

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