Sunday, March 25, 2012


The UK government is making sure that the millionaires in London and the South East continue to be 'heavily subsidised, tax cossetted and featherbedded'.

The UK government has recently 'blocked the incomes of the old to allow millionaires an extra £40,000 a year.'

In the 1990s, Scottish journalist George Rosie made a TV documentary, Scotching The Myth, showing that the UK Government deliberately 'concentrates its agencies, quangos and research institutions as close to London as possible'.

All this is explained by Neil Ascherson, on 25 March 2012, in 'An Alien Nation' in the Herald Scotland

According to Ascherson:

1. The government aims to use the supposed economic 'crisis' to:

(A) give less money to the public sector (eg. less for helping the handicapped and sick)

(B) protect the millionaires.

2. The aim is to let inequality increase.

3. Poverty and helplessness can 'teach people their place'.

4. Public-sector wage levels are in future to be negotiated locally.

In other words, a nurse in the North of England can be paid less than a nurse in the South East.

(West Germany wrote into its constitution the duty of rich areas of Germany to help poorer areas.)

Margaret Thatcher scrapped regional policy.

Money and talent headed for London.


David Cameron's Conservative Party is a party of sleaze.

1. Peter Cruddas recently became the treasurer of the David Cameron's Conservative Party.

He has been secretly filmed claiming that "things will open up" for anybody willing to donate £250,000 a year.

Speaking to undercover reporters who were posing as wealth fund executives, he claimed: "It will be awesome for your business." (PM faces demands for donation probe)

2. The Conservatives have hit charities for £1.4billion


thetruthhurts said...

What's the difference between paying for access versus trade union control/access of the socialist party?

On a related point to the article, of course all the major institutions are located in and around London, with the soon to be exception of the oil islands north of the Scottish mainland which with little mystery will remain in the hands of the London elite should any form of independence accrue.

attack on Iran said...

In the eyes of the government, the interests of the nation and the interests of London are essentially synonymous. Both Scotland and Wales should have left the UK long ago. It looks like Scotland is finally going in that direction.

Zoompad said...

I don't suppose any of the dodgy "charities" like Common Purpose or the BFMS will be affected by the clawback, which is a great pity.

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