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"Mohamed Merah" One witness described the killer as "quite fat" and having a tattoo or scar on his face. (BBC News )w

The alleged Toulouse shooter, Mohamed Merah, would appear to be an innocent patsy.

Reportedly, the REAL Mohamed Merah had never been in prison in Afghanistan.

Reportedly, the REAL Mohamed Merah was a fun-loving young chap who liked girls, who was described as being popular and polite, but who had been in trouble with the law.

French shooting suspect not jailed in Afghanistan

Merah's lawyer, Christian Etelin, has said that Merah was in prison in France at the time he was supposed to be in Afghanistan.

According to Reuters, the Kandahar governor's office has said that "security forces in Kandahar have never detained a French citizen named Mohamed Merah."

One might suppose that French Interior Minister Claude Gueant was lying when he said that Merah had been to Afghanistan, and had carried out his killings in revenge for what he had witnessed there.

In Pakistan, an intelligence official said that Merah had never been arrested in Pakistan either. "We have no information about him," the Pakistani official said.

"Mohamed Merah"

According to Whatreallyhappened: "Merah was never in jail in Afghanistan and was still in France during the time he was claimed to be in jail in Afghanistan.

"More and more it looks like this guy was a patsy for a false-flag operation to build sympathy for Israel and a 'wag the dog' to take the media focus off of the massacre of 16 civilians (9 children) by Americans in Afghanistan earlier this month." -


Of course it is possible that the French secret service smuggled Merah out of jail in France so that he could work for them in Afghanistan.

Sarkozy's Poll Lead After Shootings

Reportedly, the REAL Mohamed Merah was not an Islamic fanatic.

Merah talked about 'cars, bikes and girls'

"Just a few weeks ago, Mohamed Merah partied at a nightclub, and an acquaintance noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

"Another friend said the former car body shop worker liked to talk about 'cars, bikes, girls and sports'.

One might suppose that Prosecutor Francois Molins was lying when he told reporters that Merah was a self-taught Salafi Muslim who had been to Afghanistan twice and had trained in Pakistan.

The official story is that Merah called a French television journalist and told him he carried out the attacks to protest France's ban on veils in public places, the nation's military presence in Afghanistan and in revenge for the deaths of 'Palestinian children'.

One might assume that this official story is a load of lying nonsense.

According to the acquaintance at the nightclub, Mehdi Nedder, Merah was not a fanatic.


A friend of Merah's, Kamel, says that Merah "was respectful and generous."

Merah's lawyer, Christian Etelin said the shooting attacks didn't fit the profile of Merah, whom he first represented in 2004, when Merah was a teenager.

"He was a polite and courteous boy" who used to work in a body shop, Etelin said. "He gave the impression of being in French social life."

Merah is a common name, and an Afghan citizen called Merah escaped from his prison cell in Kandahar province in a 2008, according to Kandahar provincial spokesman Ahmad Jawed Faisal. Faisal says their records also show that Merah was an Afghan citizen from Kandahar province.

In Germany, a senior intelligence official said that he had never seen the French Merah's name come up.

Mohamed Merah's last conviction, on 24 February, was for a minor motorcycle accident and driving without a permit. He was sentenced to a month in prison, and was supposed to start serving his sentence in April.

Etelin said he had known Merah since Merah was about 17, and described his life as typical for many teenagers in poor French housing projects who get involved in petty crime.

"His mother couldn't control him, his father was totally absent, his sister ... also told me that she couldn't exercise any influence over him," the lawyer said.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Is there a Mohammed Merah after all? One cant stop asking this question. Let me tell u what I think. And others, surely:

1. The guy indeed was a patsy.
2. The patsy could or could have not been shot. In the last case, he's now partying with his MOSSAD bosses. Hollywood couldnt have made it up better, all happening around election time.
3. Instead of that patsy, they could have used a total anonymous person, taken right from the street, and sacrificed. It happens.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing stinks of an arranged horror to help Sarkozy back into power. Why were we not shown the cctv of the fat man on the scooter? Too many oddities about this. Are we that gullible?

felix said...

Was anybody killed there?? I sense another burial at sea coming on.

John said...

Zoompad said...

"Why were we not shown the cctv of the fat man on the scooter?"


... said...

Last night, while watching the news I saw friends of this poor patsy talking about him and saying what a nice guy he was, not a fanatic and only talked the usual stuff about cars, bikes and girls.

'He would always stop to say hello and ask you how you were'.

So, how does someone go from that to being a psycho in the space of a couple of weeks.... Obviously the whole story is false.

Watching some of the footage on SKY news, showing the French police about to raid the apartment you clearly see that the thing is staged - just watch it - The two cops at the back, holding all their gear are just walking really slowly towards the back of the apartment block, they are behind their colleagues and they appears to be stalling to have a CHAT , who knows what about, maybe the football? They do not look in any way like they are about to raid the flat....

It is right in front of our eyes...and thats all we see, there are trees in the way and so we see nothing body, nothing...

aka Marty

Anonymous said...

Smart good people I work with were very uncomfortable discussing or thinking about the Afghanistan massacre of women and children last week .They are fascinated by the France killings.
Naturally they get all the information they need from TV and newspapers.

Tony Ryals said...

Thanks aaangirfan,for bringing the possible or probable Sarkozy-Madrid
bombing to my and others' attention.
As for Gilad Atzmon I still see him,(as well as his CIA George Tenet connected
pals at VeteransToday who touted the war and mass bombing of Libya) as an
agent provocateur who has
never acknowledged his family relation to ICTS International's
Menachem Atzmon who allowed 9/11/01 to happen by using stock fraud to
buy Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops that had the contract on Logan
Airport Boston pre 9/11.And it does appear that they had something to
do with July 7,2005 London subway bombing as well and Gilad Atzmon living in
London knows that !
Also there is an ICTS Norway and they were ICTS Europe in Moscow during
the bombing there in January 2011.And of course they also are the ones
who allowed
Richard Reid the bomber to travel to Israel supposedly to visit Hamas
and then allowed him to board at De Gualle Airport one month after 9/11/01.
Oh and did I forget,they are ICTS International of Queen Beatrix's Netherlands
who 'accidentally' allowed Mutallab the so-called Islamic crotch bomber to board
flight 253 from Schiphol to Detroit on Christmas 2009.And believe it or not their
Huntleigh rent-a-cops controll Detroit Airport even today and Israeli fascists and
terrorists have quietly retaken control of Boston's Logan Airport without a word of
dessent from gay fascist money launderer Barney Frank and the sleezy billionaire
Senator John Kerry.
Mutallab's trial was rigged so no evidence was heard in court such as the very credible
witness Kurt Haskell and his wife Lori,both Detroit attorneys who were present at Schiphol
and throughout the flight to Detroit.

CIA, MOSSAD, RAW Staged Christmas Bomb Conspiracy by ...
You +1'd this publicly. Undo
The eyewitness testimonies of Michigan attorney Kurt Haskell and his ... Haskell and his wife witnessed a "well-dressed Indian man" arrange for Mutallab to board ... Mutallab reportedly spent several hours in a Schiphol airport lounge before ... convert to Islam Jerome Courtailler, who, in 2004, was sentenced in absentia by ...

Anonymous said...

Mohamed Merah =
Lee Harvey Oswald Part 2

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