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Merah never went to the mosque; he liked night-clubbing; he'd been held in a psychiatric unit.

According to the mainstream media, Mohamed Merah is related to Sabri Essid who has connections to the CIA's al Qaeda. (France's Jihadist Shooter Was No Lone Wolf)

So, we cannot rule out that Merah has a connection to the security services.

"Mohamed Merah" One witness described the killer as "quite fat" and having a tattoo or scar on his face. (BBC News )w

Reportedly, Merah's mother married the father of Sabri Essid, 22, who was arrested in Syria in 2006 at an al-Qaeda (CIA) safe house for agents en route to Iraq.

Reportedly, Merah visited Essid in a French prison.

Moslems make good patsies.

MK ULTRA brainwashing was developed by the CIA as a way of producing both sex slaves and zombie killers.

The French media have reported that a mobile phone, alleged to belong to Abdelkader, the brother of Mohamed Merah, was found, or planted, near the Jewish school.

(Lawyer: Frenchman's brother knew nothing of plot s)

During the siege, Merah reportedly told police that he was acting to punish France for banning the Islamic veil.


The spooky UK Telegraph wants us to believe that Merah became a "lone wolf" terrorist, "suspected of travelling throughout the Middle East to receive jihadist training."

(Toulouse shootings: the making of a French jihadi killer with a double life)

In other words, we cannot rule out the possibility that Merah, while in prison, had been brainwashed by the spooks.

In December 2007, Merah was imprisoned for 18 months.

On Christmas Day 2008 he tried to commit suicide, and was held in a psychiatric unit for 10 days.

One of Merah's childhood friends is quoted as saying: "When he came out of prison he went through a phase of dressing in a funny way, wearing bandanas, and he even had his hair styled into a pink quiff. He was all about fashion, not radicalism...

"I just cannot believe he did all that.

"He was one of us; he wasn't some religious fanatic.

"He never even went to the mosque."

The authorities appear to have protected Mohamed Merah.

A woman reportedly complained that Merah turned up at her house in full military uniform, waving a sword and chanting 'Al Qaeda! Al Qaeda!'

Reportedly, the police took no action.

Reportedly Merah travelled to Pakistan.

Reportedly the French police came to the conclusion that this was an innocent trip.

Allegedly, Merah was in possession of at least eight guns, including a Kalashnikov assault rifle and an Uzi machine pistol.

If he was armed, was he armed by the spooks?


Zoompad said...

"If he was armed, was he armed by the spooks? "

Guns can be traced really easily, by their seriel numbers.

It should not be a difficult job to find out where the guns came from, if they want to.

There are stockpiles of weapons in private homes in Jersey Channel Islands.

Weapons stockpile

arthur zbygniew said...

according to Wayne Madsen:


There is now a strong belief, including among members of the French media, that Sarkozy staged the recent attacks in order to win sympathy and a popularity boost. First, the French Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence (DCRI), which Sarkozy created as a huge intelligence department in 2008 because he feared that the DST and DGSE still contained too many agents loyal to his predecessor Jacques Chirac, knew that Merah was thrice in Afghanistan.


An hour after he asked for a cell phone, Merah jumped from an apartment window and was shot dead in a flurry of automatic gunfire. There are three possibilities to explain Merah's actions: Merah was a French intelligence agent who was double-crossed after he shot the Jewish school children and eliminated three French Muslim paratroopers who may have committed war crimes as part of France's covert operation in Libya, including overseeing the assassination of Sarkozy's one-time friend and political campaign contributor, Muammar Qaddafi; French Interior Minister Claude Gueant gave the approval to give Merah a mobile phone and allow his agent to escape through the window and, subsequently cover his tracks by burning the apartment; Sarkozy, who believes all Muslims are "scum," countermanded Gueant's order and directed the police to kill Merah on his way out the window.

Evidence points to a French Operation Treadstone in Mohamed Merah...

Anonymous said...

Guns are everywhere if you look, want one, have the cash. Where they originate from is immaterial, stolen stuff, ex arms-shipments to African dictators, now any amount of Russian weaponry, stuff like that. Kalashnikovs are made all over the world, a 'kov' can be assembled from parts from 30 countries, impossible to 'trace', same must apply to all Russian and Chinese guns. The day of the pistol-packing gangster are over, now they tote machine-guns and mil-grade explosives!

There is no such thing as a 'lone gunman', terrorist, madman, pedophile etc. (no more than there were lone homosexuals) these people seek out each other, feed off each other, need each other. They may never meet today, due to the interweb, but they know each other. Do you notice the similarity between Merah and Breivik? Seemingly on opposite sides, but chillingly alike.

It makes you wonder where the next nutter will turn-up.

yardfarmer said...

Though I was drawn to this excellent site by delving into certain personages apparently involved in the Dutroux affair, I was greeted with invaluable insights concerning not only that, but a most provocative and thorough analysis of the recent French killings and Mohamed Merah. Though Merah had all the markings of an MK Ultra patsy, I could not find until now the kind of thorough documentation you have provided. I will certainly be bookmarking these pages for future reference!
Interesting that we have in America a corresponding highly publicized shooting just as we move forward
into the presidential election cycle. As the corporate media obligingly mushrooms this event into major theater, at the very least, the obviously politically motivated exploitation of this tragedy involves the cynical manipulation of the racial divide to exacerbate and inflame existing tensions to benefit the incumbent. One can only speculate as to the possible involvement of black psyops in this sordid affair, but it certainly displays certain telling signs (at least ex post facto) of a designed operation tailor made to control public perception.

CS said...

John Ward has an exclusive report on this, which is worth a read:

Merah execution timed for maximum election effect for Sarkozy?

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