Monday, March 12, 2012


It would appear that there is a cunning plan to give Scotland a sort of 'fake' independence.

The idea is that the Scots will be given as much independence as the North American Indians, the Australian Aborigines or the good people of Diego Garcia.

In the UK parliament, Angus Robertson is the Scottish National Party leader and the spokesman on Foreign affairs and Defence.

He and his colleagues supported the 'no-fly' zone over Libya, which involved the bombing of Libya and the killing of civilians.

Herr Robertson

Robertson was born in London and his mother is German.

Robertson speaks fluent German. (Angus Robertson - Wikipedia)

He worked as a foreign and diplomatic correspondent in Central Europe for the BBC.

The BBC is believed to be run by MI6 and is believed to employ people from MI6 as foreign and diplomatic correspondents.

Robertson is a participant in the Parliamentary Armed Forces Scheme.

This gives Members of Parliament 'experience of the armed forces'.

It is sponsored by arms manufacturers.

Robertson could take over from Alex Salmond, if Salmond had an accident?

Robertson has confirmed that an 'independent' Scotland would join UN and Nato-led military operations abroad, if sanctioned by the UN.

(Independent Scotland could join Nato, say SNP sources)

Scottish National Party (SNP) sources say that the SNP is considering scrapping opposition to Nato membership.

An 'independent' Scotland could thus be a tool of the Pentagon.

Alex Salmond

SNP leader Alex Salmond is suggesting that an 'independent' Scotland would:

1. Keep sterling and the Bank of England as its central bank, by forming a currency union with the rest of the UK.

2. Keep the monarchy.

3. Keep the BBC as a Scottish broadcaster.

Military analysts believe an independent Scotland may have to retain Trident nuclear weapons as a price for defence co-operation with the UK.

(Independent Scotland could join Nato, say SNP sources)

So, an 'independent' Scotland would not really be independent.

Rupert Murdoch is supporting Salmond.

This explains why the SNP government in Edinburgh has:

1. Defended the guilty verdict in the 'rigged' Lockerbie trial

2. Appeared to be part of the cover-up in the Hollie Greig child-abuse case

3. Appeared to support the establishment of al Qaeda in Libya.

4. Appeared to turn a blind eye to CIA rendition flights.

4. Obtained the warm support of Rupert Murdoch!


Good Reporting said...


Anonymous said...

Ditto on that 'exactly'
Salmond is just another Anglo-Saxon 'fixer'

arthur zbygniew said...

latest post:
gulf arabs offered russia & china $5b for unsc vote

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis. It is a very tight case for duplicity. I was allowing myself a nanosecond of "hope" on this but, of course, you're right.

Anonymous said...

Obviously there was more than one shooter there:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Rufus said...

Excellent article. Alex Salmond's SNP are internationalists who are in truth anti-Scottish. They thoroughly support the Establishment, and seek an 'independence' which would allow their corrupt snouts to get firmly wedged in the trough at taxpayers' expense. They are pro-NATO, pro-EU, pro-Monarchy...How does that sit with being pro-Scottish?

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis. Angus Robertson is an obvious snout, i.e. an agent of the British secret police. Edinburgh is a brainwashed pit. Just take a look at the agenda of the so-called Festival of Politics that is held there every year. It looks as if it has been written by MI5.

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