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George Galloway (left)

George Galloway works for MI6?

George Galloway has just been elected as Member of Parliament for Bradford West, in the UK.

Bradford West has a lot of Moslems.

Galloway, who was brought up as a Catholic, would like people to think that he is a friend of Moslems.

However, Galloway supports the CIA's Arab Spring.

Galoway strongly supported the ousting of Mubarak, an act which has greatly weakened Egypt.

Galloway is currently helping Mossad, by attacking Assad of Syria.

"To describe the mass uprising in Syria... as the actions of 'terrorists' and 'gunmen' is a gross distortion.

"This is a genuine popular uprising taking place in Syria," said George Galloway.

(Thirty Pieces of Silver: George Galloway Sells Out on Syria)

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George Galloway says that the idea of 9 11 being an inside-job is "crazed conspiracy theory madness."

(kenny's sideshow: George Galloway - 9/11 Truth is "crazed ...)

"The list of 'media personalities' who profess to speak for the truth now 'outed' for failing to pass the bottom line litmus test of 9/11 truth grows.

"Already ... we've had Julian Assange and Jeremy Scahill.

"Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman are a couple of 'old timers' in this game.

"Add to that list George Galloway.

"Galloway makes the 'watch list.'

"Be sure to read what Kev Boyle has to say about this in his George Galloway Not An Honest Man."


Craig Murray can be added to the list of 9/11 Truth deniers.
aangirfan: Vaccines, Anthrax and George Galloway


Anonymous said...

Zoompad said...

He cut me off abruptly on TalkSport because I was talking about the Secret Family Courts. I also got cut off abruptly by James Whale, for the same reason. I also got blacklisted, I could never get on TalkSport and when I rang the man said "Hello Barbara" before I had even had chance to say anything, so they had my number on some sort of a list. It would be interesting to see the TalkSport office to see the blacklisted people list. I wrote to George Galloway and James Whale and gave them lots of evidence of really bad wickedness going on in the Secret Family Courts, but they didnt write back. Mike Dickon would have, I am really sure of that, but I didn't think of contacting him until it was too late, and now he is dead. I think Mike Dickon was finding out about some really bad stuff, he changed his attitude, I saw him change, it was like he was waking up, like I woke up. I didnt realise what the Secret Family Courts were doing at first, it was a gradual process, I didnt realise they were doing it to so many other people as well as me. It was a massive shock when I found out. Perhaps George Galloway was sent to TalkSport to be a gatekeeper or something? I dont know.

Anonymous said...

"Fury over book's claim that Queen Mother and her brother were born to family's French cook"

Anonymous said...

Zoompad said...

Re Susan Powell : Utah is where Ralph Underwager, the paedophile who invented False Memory Syndrome was a pastor. A gang of them got together to set up the FMSF to cover up child abuse by pretending the victims of the abuse were not remembering things right.

It reminds me of this sleepraping/sleepmurdering/sleeprobbing fiasco. They like to play these mind games, its terrible. I think its even worse than being raped in your body, being raped in your mind. I wanted to crawl somewhere and die when they used psychological torture on me, it hurts so much. I still feel bad about it, I get shaky remembering stuff sometimes and just start crying, so people think I am nuts, but it is PTSD. I have to explain to people what happened, then they are usually ok with me, because most people are nice, when you explain, they really are.

felix said...

Aan - agreed, Ridley very spooky. What happend to her TV station, Rattansi & Ridley which mysteriously made its last broadcast in June 2011? Some spooky interviewees.. eg episode #72.

Spooky website -
"Ridley is a patron of the UK-based pressure groups Cageprisoners and Hhugs"

CS said...

"Whistle-blower" and wannabe media personality Craig Murray, who like Assange, received the Sam Adams Award "for integrity in intelligence" (awarded by a group of CIA veterans) could be added to your list of 9/11 Truth deniers.

Secret Courts said...

Lucy Allan, middle-class mother, on David Cameron’s A-list of potential MPs, married to stockbroker, doted on their ten-year-old son. She sat on the local fostering panel, which oversaw the removal of children from their parents and placed them with new families.

It was heart-rending work, as she recalls. ‘At each fostering meeting we were presented with horrifying cases of abusive parents, almost always depicted as “substance abusers”, mentally unstable or “unable to put the needs of their children over their own needs”.

‘Often, this portrayal was supported by an expert report from a psychiatrist, psychologist or medical doctor,’ says Lucy.
‘It never occured to me, or any member of the panel, that the information we were presented with might be a distorted, twisted fiction — or that the reports were anything other than independent.’

Now, her view has changed. She suspects that many of the damning reports were written by experts who had never met the families in question, to suit the wishes of social workers under pressure from the Government to increase the number of children adopted.

Hers is a Kafkaesque story involving family experts who passed judgment on her fitness as a mother without, in some cases, even meeting her. [...]

For example, her son had mentioned that when he got off the school bus, he always asked Lucy how she was, but this was described in one report as: ‘Her son demonstrates inappropriate anxiety for the wellbeing of his mother on a daily basis.’

When Lucy admitted taking sleeping pills for insomnia and diazepam for anxiety, another report on her said such ‘drug abuse would make her barely conscious on a daily basis’.

Her confession of sharing a bottle of wine with husband Robin most nights was written up as ‘alcohol abuse’, and the risk of Lucy harming her son was deemed to be ‘substantiated’.

In another case, an expert was paid handsomely to write a report based on the observations of a social worker who said a five-year-old girl was ‘monosyllabic’.
Yet we are told a secret tape recording of the social worker’s interview showed the child chatting away about school, her family and her home. The little girl has since been removed from her mother.

We have also been told about a gregarious 47-year-old business adviser in the north of England who had to fight to keep her five-year-old daughter after being labelled a ‘totally isolated schizoid’ by a psychologist, who we understand is trained only to treat children, and should never have been involved in the analysis of adult behaviour.

In another extraordinary case, after a woman was found by a psychologist to be a ‘competent mother’, the social workers are said to have insisted on commissioning a second expert’s report. It agreed with the first.
They then commissioned a third, which finally found that the mother had a ‘borderline personality disorder’. All three of her children were taken away for adoption.

Secret Courts said...

It is the 1989 Children Act — which introduced a blanket secrecy in the family courts — that is the real culprit. It encouraged a lack of public scrutiny in the child protection system and what MP John Hemming calls the ‘twaddle and psychobabble’ peddled there, which has caused dreadful miscarriages of justice.
The system is designed to silence people.
Every year, 200 mothers or fathers are jailed for ‘contempt of court’ for breaking this silence — while the same family courts request the removal of 225 children each week, 97 per cent of whom are never returned to their families.

We need parents to be considered innocent until proven guilty and also be free to talk about what is happening in those courts without being thrown into jail.’

Until that happens, hundreds more children may be seized from their families on the word of experts — many of whom are either not qualified or are receiving huge sums of money to play God.
Porsche-driving Dr Hibbert amassed up to half-a-million pounds a year from his work as an expert witness, and from his reports on parents and children for social services departments.

Zoompad said...

John Hemming MP is not the child rescuer he pretends to be. Ask John Hemming about certain subjects and see him run for fun! Ask him, for instance, about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, and watch his face turn a funny colour. Or, better still, ask him about Colin Tucker - you will see sparks coming off his shoes as he runs off to avoid any questions about that man!

Anonymous said...

Muslims in THAILAND targeted:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Zoompad said...


Another thing, the woman who set the police on me last year, she suddenly appeared on MFJ, and most of the women on there, what happens is that they go there looking for help, really desperate for help and very low, and when they realise that its not just them being abused by the secret family courts but that it is all over the UK the ones that don't sink into complete depression and give up tend to get really fecking angry and start fighting.

But she was different. She came out of nowhere, and she was the ballsiest woman, she was like a human tornado. But she went from 0 to flat out! She told me she was broke, and yet she provided a pretty amazing spread and a hall for the Brian Gerrish anti child abuse rally, not only that she rallied the newspapers and RT into covering the event. At the time, I just thought she was incredible, and I didnt even think of her being an MI5 agent, but when she told everyone on Facebook that she had been offered a job with Staffordshire SS I was horrified and told her not to do it. Then she set the police on me, and told the police I had sent her malicious emails, I had done no such thing, but the police came dashing round, and it was really strange the way I was treated, because I was telling the police about really really serious criminal offences - they werent interested in any of that, all they were interested in was me sending her emails that didnt even exist, they hadn't even checked to see if they existed, just dashed round to my house and I sank into depression after that, because I just thought whats the use, the police arent interested in stopping serious crime.

Anonymous said...

Spooky Galloway organised as well
Mavi Marmara

The Gaza Flotilla was a Turkish-Israeli false flag operation, according to reports - ISLAMISTS WORKING FOR ISRAEL

CS said...

George Monbiot over at the Gruniard thinks 9/11 Truthers are nothing but a bunch of total morons who are destroying:

"the movements some of us have spent a long time trying to build. Those of us who believe that the crucial global issues - climate change, the Iraq war, nuclear proliferation, inequality - are insufficiently debated in parliament or congress, that corporate power stands too heavily on democracy, that war criminals, cheats and liars are not being held to account, have invested our efforts in movements outside the mainstream political process. These, we are now discovering, are peculiarly susceptible to this epidemic of gibberish."

See. You're helping the climate destroyers, the war criminals and the proliferation of nuclear weapons with your looney belief that the Twin Towers were brought down by some kind of magical inside job, which would have been far too difficult for the US Government to accomplish: Only a bunch of guys with box cutters could have pulled off something like that.

Anonymous said...

Strange figure: Ralph Schoenman

but... he seems to be 911 truther, or... desinformator ?

Anonymous said...

Another strange casus:

David Shayler on 911
David Shayler introduces 911 Truth Bristol's ‘Face the Facts’ and explains why 911 is of vital importance today.

David Shayler: spook or psychic?
By Sally Gould
For years, David Shayler has been a thorn in the flesh of Britain's intelligence establishment.
An MI5 officer for six years, he went to jail after leaking secret documents to the press.

Undermining the Case
for Patriots Who Question 9/11

David Shayler - disinformation agent?

brian said...

Ive written to Yvonne Ridley and had a were replies from her on he support for the libyan insurgents AND NATO.Her support for NATO attacks was unusual.
But she also ignored the racist cartoons on the walls of Benghazi,
IS she a spook? no..but she is a muslim convert

Anonymous said...

George Galloway posing as Churchill
V-Sign Cigar

Galloway- the alleged left winger -won because he appeals to conservative Muslims in an Islamic enclave aka Bradford. Love him or loath him, the guy has the X factor. The fact that Labour has become a pathetic Tory party Mk II headed by a drippy out of touch Jewish lightweight does not help. Harriet Harman analysis of the defeat show that the party is run by an effete metropolitan political elite has little in common with most voters. They sold their traditional working class support years ago in favour of immigrants, who have now rejected them as the ballot box.

The V-Sign is the Sign of the occult, satanist Sabbatean Cabala Frankists.

Unknown said...

Normally, something like this would be a shocker to me, but recently I discovered that most of these celebrities in the media, even if they appear to be contrarian to the MSM are in fact merely actors, literally just really, really great actors employing cutting edge techniques in make-up, lighting and prosthetics...

Unknown said...

Sad. I had held out hope that Galloway wasn't 'one of them' but alas; I think it is best to assume that ANYONE who gains a political following or is allowed to become popular via television and the news media is a tool of the Evil Ones.

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