Saturday, March 24, 2012


A teacher at a school in France asked her class to observe a moment's silence for Mohamed Merah.

The 56 year old female teacher described Merah as a 'victim,' and said his links to al-Qaeda had been faked by Sarkozy and the media.

Fifteen of the twenty pupils in the class reportedly walked out of the class as a protest against the teacher.

The pupils then wrote to the head of the school to complain about their teacher.

French Education Minister Luc Chatel has had the teacher suspended.

The Round Up (La Rafle) is a 2010 French film which describes how, during World War II, the French police were Nazi accomplices. Plus ça change plus c'est la même chose.

We agree with the teacher.

Merah may have been a petty criminal, but it looks as if he was framed, as part of a plot to get Sarkozy re-elected.

Most kids these days are brainwashed fascists.

Jews are some times on the same side as the Nazis? In 1938, Gertrude Stein, the prominent Jewish-American writer, spearheaded a campaign urging the Nobel committee to award its Peace Prize to Adolf Hitler. In a 1940 essay, Stein wrote positively of the appointment of Nazi-collaborationist Petain as France's Chief of State, comparing him to George Washington. Gertrude Stein's Worldview

Gilad Atzmon asks: Is it an Israeli False Flag Again?

Read the story of Naeim Giladi, an Israeli agent operating in Iraq in the late 1940's.

"On May 10, at 3 a.m., a grenade was tossed in the direction of the display window of the Jewish-owned Beit-Lawi Automobile Company, destroying part of the building. No casualties were reported.

"On June 3, 1950, another grenade was tossed from a speeding car in the El-Batawin area of Baghdad where most rich Jews and middle class Iraqis lived. No one was hurt, but following the explosion Zionist activists sent telegrams to Israel requesting that the quota for immigration from Iraq be increased.

Does this look real or staged?

"On June 5, at 2:30 a.m., a bomb exploded next to the Jewish-owned Stanley Shashua building on El-Rashid street, resulting in property damage but no casualties.

Jean Dujardin, French actor.

"On January 14, 1951, at 7 p.m., a grenade was thrown at a group of Jews outside the Masouda Shem-Tov Synagogue. The explosive struck a high-voltage cable, electrocuting three Jews, one a young boy, Itzhak Elmacher, and wounding over 30 others. Following the attack, the exodus of Jews jumped to between 600-700 per day.

"Zionist propagandists still maintain that the bombs in Iraq were set off by anti-Jewish Iraqis who wanted Jews out of their country.

"The terrible truth is that the grenades that killed and maimed Iraqi Jews and damaged their property were thrown by Zionist Jews."

Kaia Gerber Models for Versace - Israel Forum

Toulouse Attacks: The Official Story of the Death of Mohamed Merah is lies.

Ozar Hatoraj School Attack - Inside Job -- Puppet Masters --

Low Trick


A13 said...

I agree with the Teacher...

Anonymous said...

The teacher could be right. Anyway, again all was just a set up, JEWLYWOOD style.

Anonymous said...

CNN Crew Linked With Homs Bombings 2012:

Anonymous said...

I agree with the teacher.
And I applaud her courage and conviction in standing up for the truth.

Anonymous said...

When exactly did the Children of Israel from the Kingdom Israel {Northern 10 tribes} turn into the Ashkenazim PROSELYTES to the stool sculpture deity cult of talmudic Judaism....Gordon ? Maybe Jim could answer that one when he finishes Eustace Mullins' Curse of Canaan, available on the Internet.
...Next Year in Jerusalem, is This Year ! Khazars make EXODUS before PASSOVER to Khazaria !!!

Il est Obligatoire, even.

john said...

The Slog; EXCLUSIVE: Mohammed Merah killing eye-witness describes events…and ‘convenient timing’ for Sarkozy.

attack on Iran said...

I will definitely say that there is a strong desire on the part of the French establishment and the American intelligence community to see Sarkozy get reelected. It appears to be working, as he has now jumped out into a lead over Hollande.

Egbesu Under Panoptic Coloniality said...

thisis nothing new they have been doing all these fake set up deals since the borgias probably even longer...i just learned that almost all the revolutionary war "heroes" in america where smugglers and that france financed the americans through their jewish spy haym solomon, the world does not look like its going to change anytime soon...we still say colombus discovered america....or we talk about pythagoras theorem when he learned all of this in one wants to admit that newtown was a worshipper of the occult...i give up on this crazy world

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