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Girls in Cairo, Egypt
Egypt 2010, before it got bad karma. Photo by Joel Carillet

It is good to visit countries with good karma.

Which factors might produce bad karma?

A. Materialism. Think of people who worship money and possessions.

B. Greed. Think of a small group controlling most of the wealth.

C. Lust. Think of Pattaya, Pompeii or Las Vegas.

D. Violence. Think of army generals carrying out acts of false flag terrorism, to justify endless wars.


Which countries have good or bad karma?

1. Switzerland has a long history of being prosperous, peaceful and democratic.

In spite of being the home to John Calvin and Marc Rich, it can be considered as having relatively good karma.

But, it is expensive, and its banks could be associated with materialism and greed.


2. France has mainly bad karma due to the materialism and greed of its elite, due to its links to the Dutroux affair, and due to its involvement in killing people in Syria and Libya.

Paris is a grumpy city, the Nice area is said to be infested with mafias, but some quiet rural spots may still have good karma?

3. Costa Rica has a stable democracy, no military and a policy of neutrality.

It does have a drugs problem, and earthquakes, but can be considered as having relatively good karma.

Global Peace index. Orange and Red - Low and Very Low.

4. The United States has very bad karma.

New York means materialism and greed, Los Angeles means lust and the USA in general means violence.

Think of the Pentagon's involvement in false flag terrorism - Operation Northwoods and Operation Gladio.

Think of the CIA's kidnapping and torture of children - MK ULTRA.

Think of the CIA mercenaries known as al Qaeda.

Boys and their bicycles
Finland by Joni Kantonen

5. Finland is generally prosperous and peaceful.

It can be considered as having relatively good karma.

6. China has bad karma due to the holocaust carried out by Mao, and due to the greed of the rich elite.

Bhutan by babasteve

7. Bhutan tends to be happy, stable and peaceful.

There is a degree of poverty, but this Buddhist nation can be considered to have relatively good karma.


8. Spain has relatively bad karma.

Think of the ugly tower blocks along parts of the coast. Think of the horrors of the civil war.

But some parts of rural Spain may still have good karma.

9. Iceland is generally regarded as being peaceful and happy.

There were bad guys running the banks, but these problems are being overcome.

Iceland is volcanic, so there is always a risk of erruptions.

But, at present, Iceland appears to have relatively good karma.


10. Italy has relatively bad karma.

The Italian aristocracy, and Berlusconi, allegedly have links to the Mafia.

The Bologna Bombing of 1980 was part of the CIA's Operation Gladio, which had the support of elements of the Italian government and military.

Venice has lost much of its population but now has McDonalds and lots of ugly graffiti.

The Vatican has been linked to child abuse, freemasonry, fascism and satanism.

The train between Naples and Pompeii is covered with illicit spray paint.

Orange parade in Glasgow.

11. The United Kingdom has bad karma.

Reportedly, there is evidence that elements of the UK government helped plan 9 11; and that the wild Islamists secretly work for the UK spooks.

The 'old-world charm of England' may mean boarded up shops on high streets, feral children running wild on council estates, drunken young louts vomiting outside pubs and well armed gangs selling drugs.

Parts of London and Glasgow are as poor as Dacca.


12. Turkey has bad karma.

Terror incidents in Turkey were the work of the CIA-linked Ergenekon gang.

Now the Islamist government of Turkey is said to be linked to the CIA through the Islamist Gulen movement.

Turkey is playing its part in the CIA's destruction of the non-Sunni-Islamist Arab world.

However, not all Turks support prime minister Erdogan and there are parts of Turkey that have good karma.


13. Germany has bad karma thanks to the regimes of Hitler, the East German communists, and the post war Bilderberg folks.

The CIA's 9 11 hijackers have links to Germany.

However, not all Germans are fascist, and not all parts of Germany will have bad karma.

Melaka family, Malaysia
Friendly Malaysians

14. Malaysia has fairly good karma, now that the British are gone.

The typical rural Malays are happy, easy going and friendly.

The grumpy Malays are generally the rich Chinese, living in the cities, and the brainwashed Islamists on the edges of Malaysia.

Some churches have been attacked, by spooks trying to destabilise the country, but hopefully the authorities are aware of who is causing the trouble.

Malaysia could develop bad karma if the CIA's islamists become more powerful.

15. Mexico has fairly bad karma, because of its links to drugs gangs, armed by the USA.

Pattaya - high rate of murders of tourists.

15. Thailand has avoided wars.

It's people are known for their friendliness.

But, it has had more mafias and more brothels than most countries.

Some Thais are materialistic, greedy, lustful and violent; and some are not.

You could say - bad karma in the tourist resorts and good karma elsewhere.


16. South Africa would appear to have bad karma, at least in parts.

"A survey conducted in Soweto found that a quarter of schoolboys described gang rape as fun." (Just cap it)

Among South African adults aged 15-49, 17% are HIV-positive. (Just cap it)

In 2005 it was recorded that over 700 South Africans were being killed by AIDS every DAY. (Just cap it)

Around 900 South Africans continue to contract the virus every day. (Just cap it)


nobody said...

Thanks Aang, my kind of dinner party game.

But I do wonder about Switzerland. I have it pegged as the home/ultimate bolt hole of the twelve families. And that's why it's untouchable. Honestly how did it stay out of both world wars exactly? And yeah, I get it that all the protagonists had their money stashed there but oughtn't that be all the more reason for one of them to have knocked it over?

No reason not to. Would a bank robber think, 'I won't rob that bank because my money is in there'? I don't think so. And yet in both the major wars no one did that. Everyone knew not to go there. Weird don't you think?

I think there are a lot of very spooky people in Switzerland.

And sure it's democratic and prosperous and stable and calm and all that, but with all the money in the world sloshing around in the banks there, the families can comfortably toss the voting population some of their small change and make the Swiss the wealthiest people in Europe. Thus the voters are all happy campers who wouldn't think of voting for things to be any different to the way they are right now.

Wouldn't they be a model nation? Am I right in thinking they have low taxes along with free education, health, and power etc? And might that be because every other country doesn't, and all on account of having to pay interest to their reserve bank > > > > Switzerland?

The money that's bled from us has to go somewhere doesn't it? Okay, where is that?

Is there much child abduction in Switzerland? My guess is 'not'. I'm thinking that the families are smart enough to know that you don't shit in your own nest. Which is to say, you get your kids from elsewhere.

And thus Switerland is happy, stable and safe 0- a model to us all. Sure.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Bang on with Thailand Aang.
I've lived there almost 3 years and avoid Phuket and Pattaya like the plague.

Places like Sukhothai are as far removed from these places as you could possibly imagine.


Zoompad said...

Switzerland is like Jersey Channel Islands.

Land of Men

Zoompad said...

Swiss child abuse

Swiss swimming pervert

su said...


Please read this re the mccann case.

... said...

I enjoyed reading this post, it really gets you thinking about all the places you've been and their karma. I know that Syria has had some bad events in its history but when I visited I felt that the place was quite positive and felt like it deserved some good press to balance out the bad stuff!

I knew a couple who moved to Costa Rica after having trouble with work here in Cyprus (join the club) so I've assumed it's mostly good karma there!

To Su - synchronicity at work - you posted a link to the Textusa blog - I used to go there a lot in the past when I was reading up on the latest theories re: the Madeleine Mccann story - I've been catching up with the news lately and was surprised to see the link here. There has been a lot going on lately with the Mccanns trying to surpress people talking about 'that book'. Perhaps its time to look into it all again!

aka Marty

Zoompad said...

Sorry to go slightly off topic but I have had a comment left on my FOI request concerning the BFMS by the Director of the BFMS Madeline Greenhalgh


nobody said...

Thanks Zoompad,

That was definitely interesting but not quite the Johnny Gosch/Dutroux/Pink Ballet style thing I had in mind.

And Su,

You do hang at the weirdest blogs. To be honest, I found that piece you linked to unintelligible. So I cut to the chase and did some searches there. Sure enough, 'casa pia' got a ton of hits. Fair enough, it's hard to avoid really. But 'mcgowan', 'mcmartin', 'gosch', 'isgp', van der reijden', 'pink ballet', and 'cercle' got nada. It's possible that they discuss high level organised paedophilia ring in other terms but somehow I doubt it.

I did find a single hit for 'aangirfan' but it was you actually, and only in the comments, and that ignored by the author. Same same for 'garenne' also only in the comments and also without acknowledgement.

Interestingly, your comment about aangirfan came on a posting that consisted solely of a cartoon that depicted a cowering British lion being terrified by its own tail which was depicted as a viper and labelled 'McCanns'. And it wasn't ironic! I mean, seriously?! And for me there you have the paucity of the it's-the-parents-wot-dunnit case. We're meant to believe that a tiny handful of people with the McCanns at the centre of it have bamboozled/stymied/defeated the crown, and sure enough, the police forces of Europe. Sorry mate, but this just beggars belief.

Waitaminute, check let me check something.

Yeah... I just did the obvious and searched for mentions of 'dutroux'. Surely that'll get a mention. I mean it has to. Ha! Blow me down if that too didn't come up as 'no results'. My jaw hits the floor. Okay. That's that site done for.

Mate, you seem to perpetually get stuck in sites that are either paedophile disinfo exercises, or so closely resemble them that we may as well call them. If they got the game, they may as well have the name. Okay, I'm there - I call them.

To be honest, the more you send me to these sites that declare 'Maddie was murdered and it was the parents that did it', and that astoundingly fail to mention abduction rings and organised paedophilia at the highest levels (and ignore all comments hinting at it in spite of these being leads that the site owners really should find irresistible), the more convinced I am that the latter is precisely what happened.

Honestly mate, these people devote themselves utterly to a missing child, with hours and hours devoted to every minute aspect of every bit of it and yet are utterly incurious when the trails lead in directions that should be beyond-fascinating to them. But they ain't fascinated, in fact they show not even the remotest interest. And this is their pet topic! Their major preoccupation!

God spare me. We're in complete impossibilities here. Can you not see that?

What's the story Su? Why do you keep going back to these may-as-well-be-disinfo sites? Didn't you agree with me and tell me I was right when I laid all this out at length last time? Consider me flummoxed.

attack on Iran said...

I think Costa Rica and Iceland are two great countries named in the good karma list. Costa Rica is not only democratic, but seems to have a real commitment to protect its natural resources. As for Iceland, I'd say it went through a year or two of bad karma, but its people are now back to their traditional pursuit of fishing and hard work, and they are clearly in the good karma list now. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of bad karma

Anon said...

I also wonder about Switzerland.

While staying near Lucerne, I found a worm in the sandwich I had bought from a Swiss gent.

I agree with Nobody about Madeleine McCann.

Most of the anti-McCann sites are either written by spooks or by people who have no idea how the world works.

- Aangirfan

nobody said...

Light bulb!

I recall from high school history something about a Diet of Worms and now that you mention it I'm sure it was the Swiss.

And the holes in the cheese! Worms, holes, I rest my case.

The Swiss are clearly very strange people and I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw a purple cow.

... said...

Hello nobody - thanks for putting a link in about your previous comments re: the Mccann case at your blog. I found your article fascinating and I will post a longer comment there in case you don't see this one.

aka Marty

Opponent said...

"brainwashed Islamists"

Have any proof for the fact that they're brainwashed? Or is it just an empty assumption?

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