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Bill Clinton, a lobbyist for Noble Energy.

The Eastern Mediterranean has a huge amount of oil and gas.

The Eastern Mediterranean means Libya, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Cyprus, Turkey and Greece.

The conflicts in those countries are partly linked to oil.

On 5 March 2012, at Global Research, F. William Engdahl wrote about the new Mediterranean oil and gas bonanza

According to Engdahl:

1. Greece may have a very large amount of oil and gas.

According to Greek analyst, Aristotle Vassilakis, "surveys already done that have measured the amount of natural gas estimate it to reach some nine trillion dollars."

This would transform the finances of Greece.

Tulane University oil expert David Hynes estimates that the oil and gas already discovered could bring Greece more than €302 billion over 25 years.

2. But, Greece has been forced to sell off ports and Greek state oil companies, to reduce government debt.

These sales could bring Greece perhaps €50 billion.

Foreigners may end up owning most of the Greek state-owned natural gas company, DEPA.

3. The Obama regime wants US oil companies to get the bulk of the oil and gas in the waters off Greece and Turkey, with Turkey and Greece sharing what's left.

According to a report from Greek political analyst Aristotle Vassilakis, the USA proposes that Greece get 20% of revenues, Turkey 20% and the Noble Energy Company of Houston Texas, the company already drilling in Israeli and Greek waters, would get 60%.

Bill Clinton is a Washington lobbyist for Noble Energy.

4. Noble Energy has discovered huge amounts of gas near Cyprus.

Declassified US government documents suggest that US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger helped Turkey invade Cyprus in 1974, and set up Turkish-Northern-Cyprus.

(The USA is still close to Turkey.)

Greek-Southern-Cyprus is supposedly a friend of Russia, and Israel.

Israel is planning to build a gas pipeline from the Israeli gas fields across Cyprus waters onto Greece, from where it would be sold to the EU.

(F. William Engdahl is the author of A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order)


Anonymous said...

The lie goes on...

Anonymous said...

... said...

On the 11th July 2011, for reasons still disputed, Cyprus was plunged into utter chaos in the middle of the night. A supposed Iranian cache of weapons headed for Syria and confiscated at the behest of the US, suddenly exploded from the ‘Cypriot heat’, destroying the country’s naval base (where it was stored!) and unfortunately, decimating the country’s main power station too.

For 72 hours the people of Cyprus lived in a subdued state of terror, not knowing what was really going on and reminiscing about how they survived during the 1974 military coup, which had ushered in the Turks to violently invade and capture 38% of the island.

At the same time, Hilary Clinton met with the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan while on tour in the region. She did many things including, participating in meetings of the Contact Group on Libya.

On the day of the explosion she was still in Washington in an attempt to avoid a major confrontation at the United Nations between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The senior diplomats — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, and Sergei Lavrov “compared notes and plotted a course forward” on the peace process.

Electricity has always been notoriously expensive here, as all fuel is imported; with the ever growing financial crisis people literally have no money to pay their utility bills… (There is of course craziness to the fact that a water bill costs approximately ten Euros while an average electricity bill costs around three hundred Euros, but I digress.)

We desperately need power so what a sheer miracle it was when the country suffered huge losses in power just at the same time as oil and gas amazingly are discovered off the coast by Noble Energy….
(Now all the government are constantly fighting about which minister will be in charge of the very lucrative ‘energy sector’.)

Let us not fear any longer, we have been rescued by our American friends…. I am not sure how the deals will be done as our Egyptian friends are also in for a slice of this energy discovery, so are our Lebanese friends, and our Israeli friends too. Let’s not forget the guys who lost their jobs in Libya and are now back home in Cyprus - they have a lot to be grateful for, and of course Turkey, they want their share naturally, half of everything.

Thank you Hilary! Thank you so much!

aka Marty

Anonymous said...

The possibility of oil & gas existing in Greek waters has been rumored for decades, since at least 1980, and scientifically predicted based on solid understanding of petroleum geology for at least 10 years.

A potential of 22 billion barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of gas.

This oil & gas would be undeniably associated with volcanism, as the Eastern Mediterranean, and especially the Aegean Sea, is in an active volcanic area, think Santorini.

The whole Mediterranean Ridge geological complex and connected faults & fissures likely is charged with significant hydrocarbon deposits.

The author of the Greek oil & gas article, William Engdahl, subscribes to Abiotic Oil Theory.

After many years of research and study, I also subscribe to Abiotic Oil Theory.

Could it be that the Greek bankruptcy was intentionally planned, years ago, so, that, by the time Greece explored & discovered its vast oil & gas deposits within their territorial waters, those mineral rights would be either sold off to or encumbered by Western financial interests?

An interesting question, because if it was true, it would spell-out just how preditory these Western financial interests are when they will bankrupt an EU country and threaten the entire Euro "project", aka, scheme, in order to swindle one country out of its energy and financial potential.

But, given the greed the Western public has seen exhibited by the Globalists, led by the international bankers, does it really seem so far-fetched?

Indeed, somewhere in the article, it suggests NATO wants the whole Mediterranean turned into a Western lake. Could it be that oil and financial interests want what is at the bottom of that "lake"?

Literally, burried "gold" at the bottom of the "lake".

The physical reality of Abiotic Oil Theory changes geo-political calculations because each geo-political region, indeed, many, if not most individual Nation-states, can be close to energy independence, with respect to hydrocarbons.

International markets, while still vital, would not be so over-critical as to distort and dominate all other geo-political considerations.

Hydrocarbons in the deep Earth?

(Scientific papers, news articles, and discussion of Abiotic Oil Theory.)

As oil prices go up and demand goes down, as supply keeps growing, amid a cascade of new territory for oil exploration & discovery opening up, one wonders what the Globalists will do to keep the price of oil high.

Actually, you don't have to wonder much, as the strategies & tactics are evident for all to see.

With Abiotic Oil Theory evident and hydrocarbon supplies widely known to be more evenly distributed geologically around the world, the rational and "necessity" of dominating specific geo-political areas of the globe will recede.

The need to dominate the wider Middle East & central Asia will decrease or at least be harder to justify to weary Western publics tired of perpetual war.

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