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Slave labour.

Mary Norris was a teenage servant in Kerry in Ireland.

She took a forbidden night off.

As a punishment, she was sent to a Catholic institution, 'the Magdalene laundry', an 'asylum' in Cork.

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Girls in the Magdalene Asylums were sometimes sexually abused.

The Catholic Church ran 'Magdalese Asylums' in Europe and America.

These asylums were for women and girls in difficulty.

In the UK, a 1997 Channel 4 documentary Sex in a Cold Climate interviewed former inmates of 'Magdalene Asylums' in Ireland.

They testified to continued sexual, psychological and physical abuse.

The reports of sexual abuse in Ireland involved not just Catholic (Magdalene) institutions but also Protestant (Bethany) and State-run Irish Industrial schools.

A Magdalene Asylum, a bit like a Nazi concentration camp.

The Catholic church has reportedly been involved in the CIA's 'Monarch' brainwashing programme, which has involved the torture of lots of children.

"The following article ... provides ... insight into the religious ideology that initially allowed the practices that make up the Monarch Project to flourish...

"The continuing complicity of the Church in covering up child sex trafficking and other institutionalized forms of torture remains, for the most part, undocumented."

The Catholic Church ran 'Magdalese Asylums' in Europe and America.

Suppressed history of the Magdalene asylums: early template for Monarch programming - watchingthewatchers

The article is from The Guardian, 8 June 2011, and is by Mary Raftery:

Ireland' s Magdalene scandal t

"The nuns had been dabbling on the stock exchange.

"When a company they had invested in went bust, they decided to sell off a portion of their Dublin land holdings to cover the losses...

"The land contained a mass grave.

"It was full of 'penitents', the label attached to the thousands of women locked up in Ireland's Magdalene laundries...

"It emerged that there were 22 more bodies in the grave than the nuns had listed...

"Over one-third of the deaths had never been certified.

"The nuns did not even appear to know the names of several of the women...

"All had died in the service of the nuns, working long hours in their large commercial laundry for no pay, locked away by a patriarchal church and society...

"The United Nations Committee Against Torture (Uncat) ... criticised the Irish government for refusing to acknowledge the pain and abuse suffered by women incarcerated in the laundries, the last of which closed in 1996...

"Ireland locked up more of its citizens per capita than anywhere else in the world – not in prisons, but in psychiatric hospitals, Magdalene laundries and industrial schools. Anyone who did not fit within the cruelly narrow definition of good behaviour was in danger..."



Zoompad said...

My Aunty was one of the Magdalaine laundry slaves. She got nasty things said about her being a bit funny in the head by some members of our family, until she got awarded compensation money - then it was all "Poor Aunty Rose". Funny how money changes attitudes, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Religion, a mortal virus to the mankind. Btw, a famous person who had to spend some time at the "Magdalene Laundry" is none other than very tormented singer SINEAD O'CONNOR.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

SINEAD O'CONNOR describes the time spent at "Magdalene Laundry" as one of the worst and most terrible of her life.

Anonymous said...


Tony Ryals said...

Oh no,a relative of mine helped fund the Sisters of Mercy and I still like that song by that name written by Leonard Cohen.Hee,Hee

The Magdalene Sisters Controversy

Did the Magdalene asylums, originally established in the nineteenth century by the Sisters of Mercy as spiritual refuges for prostitutes and other women ................
My father died of natural causes, as far as I know, while attending mass at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in San Antonio Texas, December 8,the church's 'Feast of Immaculate Conception,(ha).A relative we always called Cousin Jamie gave over $300,000 to the Catholic Church in the 1960's that could have been better used helping the family or perhaps sending me to a rich person's college.I did do volunteer work with algae in waste water at the Richmond Field Station,(part of University of California,Berkeley however and when the pope was in San Francisco in 1987,(to disrupt the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution,(in my opinion) that provides,(or did until the Zionist Patriot Act of Israeli terrorist Micheal Chertoff replaced it),I published The Pope's Misconceptions about conception and science history'in the student paper,Berkeley Daily Californian', that can now be found online by a google search.The poe's excretes about a pound and a half of phosphates from his body every year or for each easrth orbit that caused Galileo so much grief.Yes the pope is full of it and like oil,or even more so,we're running out.

Bosgeus said...

You could have left away the question mark in the title. Dr. Joseph Mengele would sign every paper where religion was asked as "Roman Catholic". All the Nazi's that fled through the Vatican Ratlines to Argentina are Catholics.

The Catholics have always persecuted the Jews, and any one not conforming to what they want you to believe. They signed a concordat with Mussolini in 1929, a Concordat with Hitler in 1933, the Catholics where behind the Nazi's. Best described was this by Edmond Paris, Secret History of the Jesuits. More ways to understand this, Hitler came from the south of Germany, Muenchen is in Bavaria, that happens also to be the most Roman Catholic part of Germany. Hitler was a papist.

For as far as morality is concerned, I have Roman Catholic Parents, they will never read an article like this, and when they have to, they will be shocked and seek lies to deny it. Irish Catholics have been murdering Protestant Irishmen since Reformation began, and are still doing so with IRA and REAL IRA. The press says otherwise, I know, but any Protestant in Ireland that enters a militia is merely defending him and his family against certain genocide of any Irish Protestant.

Catholics are the most evil people on the planet, and blaming religion for it is an utter lie. It is only the Catholics who are evil. Most religions are lied about by the Catholics, that run de British Newspapers and schools through the Fabian Society, Freemasonry, and any Hierarchical system they can take over.

And I understand that Islam is just as Evil, but that is because it was set up by the Roman Catholics.
Please read this cartoon, and learn how popery started Islam

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