Sunday, April 01, 2012


We know that Mohamed Merah had links to the French security services. (MERAH WORKED FOR THE SPOOKS?)

We know that David Headley had links to the US security services. (DAVID HEADLEY - 'US GOVERNMENT TERRORIST')

It is quite possible that Anders Breivik worked for the security services.

"It is highly likely that Breivik was recruited because of his father who was the Norwegian diplomat to London in 2002.

"Its not unheard of that some diplomats have dual roles as spies either, so Breivik probably came to someones attention as a useful young recruit into a neo-Gladio style group." (Lionheart: Alan Lake Breivik's controller)


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Protesters: Village Voice helps sell kids for sex:

Scapegoats or patsies?

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Did u know about this stooge, attention whore? Read thse 3 comments too, it is worth:

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