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Sri Lanka's President Rajapaksa

On 8 October 2011, in Colombo, in Sri Lanka, Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra, an adviser to Sri Lankan president Rajapaksa, was killed in broad daylight during a shoot-out with a group led by another parliamentarian, Duminda Silva, who had worked closely with Gota Rajapaksa (the Defence Secretary).

"Sri Lanka is in disarray.

"The Sunday Leader, a Sri Lankan broadsheet newspaper, has described the country as ‘Oppressed North, Lawless South’, where top politicians like the all-powerful Gota display thuggish behaviour and criminal affiliations." (What a shootout between two politicians says about a nation ...)

Sri Lanka is being fought over.

It's CHINA versus the USA in SRI LANKA

Sri Lanka by K.tamizhh

In The Economist, 11 February 2012, Banyan (My brothers' keepers t) makes a number of points about Sri Lanka:

1. Sri Lanka's economy is growing at about 7% a year.

2. The main challenger to the president, Sarath Fonseka, a former general, is in jail.

"There, says an MP who has visited him, he wears short trousers and passes his days in a cell known as the 'Scouting Room', complete with a portrait of Baden-Powell.

3. The state of emergency has been ended.

Many of the Tamils detained at the end of the civil war have been released.

New roads, ports, railways and power stations are being built.

Sri lankans by Sengai Podhuvan

4. In recent months there have been strikes, riots and protests by students, railwaymen, prisoners and public workers.

5. The opposition Tamil National Alliance won local elections in the north.

6. "Hushed café talk about a 'Colombo spring' overstates things."

7. In March 2012, the USA will vote against Sri lanka when the United Nations considers a resolution on Sri Lanka over suspected killings of thousands of Tamil civilians and rebel prisoners.

8. There are rumours of corruption in infrastructure deals.

There is talk of tens of millions dollar bribes to win tenders for projects funded with Chinese loans.

The bribes are allegedly split between Chinese state-owned partners and members of the ruling elite.

9. Percy Mahendra Rajapaksa is the president of Sri Lanka.

Allegedly the Rajapaksa family is making its control of Sri Lanka "more centralised, heavy-handed and authoritarian."

Gota Rajapaksa

Gotabaya Rajapaksa runs both army and police.

The defence budget takes up a fifth of all public spending.

The army reportedly runs hotels, farming, construction, golf courses and sports stadiums.

The defence secretary also oversees urban development.

10. A Tamil leader says the army oversees "oppressive, insulting, humiliating" rule in the north.

There are allegations of land grabs, murders and rape.


MOSSAD in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's "Mossad Style" 9-11: Suspicious Video filming.

Colombo's Central Bank Building was the site of a 1996 bomb blast, which killed at least 100.

There were local news reports that "two white men" were seen videotaping the bank building early in the a.m. and again later, after the explosion.

Both China and Israel are active in Sri lanka.

Srilanka (colombo)
Colombo, Sri Lanka by kakeyzz----

On 8 Aug 1984, India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, condemned Sri Lankan President J.R. Jayewardene for bringing Mossad into Sri Lanka.

Two months later, Sikh separatists gunned down Indira Gandhi...

In 1987, a couple of years after the Israelis began training the Tamil terrorists, came the very first Tamil suicide bomber.

Rajiv Gandhi used the Indian navy to completely shut down the Jewish arms trade in Sri Lanka.

Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on 21 May 1991.

In 1990, Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa ordered a government investigation of charges that Mossad was training both Sri Lankan and Tamil guerrilla forces.

On May 1, 1993, Premadasa was assassinated in Colombo

After May 2000, Israeli armaments and Israeli advisers began flooding into Sri Lanka

Mossad recruited agents among Sri Lanka's large contingent of foreign workers in the Persian Gulf.

Sri Lanka's "Mossad Style" 9-11: Suspicious Video filming.

A Sri Lankan gets in bed with the Bronfmans



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Sri Lanka's 9-11 and the country's connection to Israel

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