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Jews in Kochi (Cochin)

In 2010, a Jewish couple came to the Chabad house in Kochi, in Kerala, in India.

In early February 2012, the local authority gave the Jewish couple a deportation notice for allegedly flouting visa regulations; their visas did not mention them being allowed to hold prayer meetings.

On 15 February 2012, we learn that the couple, Rabbi Sheneor Zalman and his wife Yaffa Shenoi, have now been told that they can continue to reside in India until the visa expires on April 1, 2012.

The district official observed that the couple were not involved in any illegal activities.

Manorama Online Kochi Chabad couple can continue till visa expires

We believe that India's spy agency RAW is still on very friendly terms with Mossad.

Kochi - stefanedberg

Wayne Madsen believes, possibly wrongly, that India's spy agency RAW is cracking down on Mossad operations in India

According to Wayne Madsen, whose source is said to be in Indian intelligence:

1. "RAW agents apparently staked out the couple's pricey residence in Kochi as late night meetings were conducted with suspect individuals under Indian intelligence surveillance...

"After being presented with evidence of espionage by the intelligence and police services, the Ernakulum District in Kochi decided to order the Israeli couple deported."

2. The Israeli Chabad couple are suspected by RAW of being involved in a covert operation in India linked to the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack.

3. During the 2008 attack, "six Chabad members were killed in a shootout between Dawood Ibrahim’s Pakistan-based gangsters and the residents of Mumbai’s Chabad House... It was score settling between Ibrahim's drug syndicate and Chabadniks who were seen as moving in on Ibrahim’s control over the Mumbai drug trade."

(Aangirfan believes (1) we cannot be certain what happened at the Mumbai Chabad house (2) Dawood Ibrahim is probably still close friends with the CIA, and hence close friends with Mossad)

Cochin kids 2
Kochi - Cochin. By ruffin_ready

4. Chabad and Mossad activities are believed to include the shipment of heroin from Afghanistan to Southeast Asia and the United Arab Emirates.

Mossad and Chabad re-located their operations to Kochi, which has replaced Goa as a major drug trans-shipment point.

5. Before the 2008 Mumbai attacks, David Headley is believed to have maintained contact with the Mossad station in Goa prior and with Ibrahim’s crime syndicate in Pakistan.

6. "When the green light for the Mumbai attacks was given, Ibrahim’s men decided to use the occasion to also attack their drug smuggling competitors at the Mumbai Chabad House."

7. Kochi "also served as a clandestine communications support facility for Israeli Dolphin-class submarines and their contingent of naval divers operating in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. The submarines are believed to be targeting Iran in the event of an outbreak of hostilities between Israel and Iran."

"Indian intelligence also believes the Israelis in Kochi were targeting the classified communications of the Indian naval base in Kochi, the headquarters for the Indian Navy’s Southern Command.

"By targeting the Kochi naval base and the anti-submarine warfare intelligence elements there and at the Indian naval air station on Willingdon Island, the Israelis were capable of providing warning to Israeli forces of Indian, Chinese, American, British, and French warships transiting past the tip of southern India to the Arabian and Red Seas." /

friendly kids in Cochin, India
Kochi - By ruffin_ready

What evidence is there that Mossad still pulls the strings in Delhi?

On 16 February 2012, "The Delhi Police ... made little headway in the investigations into the bomb attack on the car of an Israeli diplomat in the national Capital's high security zone even as the National Security Guard (NSG) claimed that its elite bomb unit was not allowed to look at the bombed vehicle.

"As the Delhi policemen continued to grope in the dark, nine Israeli officials visited the Special Cell office and examined the damaged Innova car. They also visited the crime scene...

"As questions were being raised on the slow pace of investigations, NSG director general R.K. Medhekar said an NSG team was denied access to the crime scene, citing 'diplomatic reasons'."

NSG not to visit terror-hit car‎ / 'Diplomacy' keeps NSG off blast site‎ /A tale of two investigations.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Great reporting and digging on India, Israel and Iran.

Coincidentally, I have just finished an epic novel, Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts.
It is about Drugs, guns, money, mafia, spies, Mumbai, war and terrorism.
As an acclaimed celebrated literary tour de force (it is a beautiful read) it is the perfect propaganda effort to counter the facts on the ground in India reported here by Aangirfan.

I thought Three Cups of Tea was a sophisticated propaganda effort, but Shantaram is off the charts. It even has its own website to help sell war on Libya, Syria, Iran et al.

No doubt many Indian politicians and security types have been been compromised by Mossad/CIA types, but if any country can stand up to them it will be India.

Genie said...

good case made.

Anonymous said...

Question: How does Israel conduct a 'false flag' assassination against its own embassy staff in Thailand with individuals, that, when caught have Iranian passports that check out as authentic?

Simple, hire Iranians to do the job, such as MEK, Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization, who they have allegedly hired to assassinate the Iranian nuclear scientists.

Or, even get MEK operatives to hire others, while posing to be Iranian secret intelligence (whatever name they are called), so that way, if the assassins are caught, they would honestly state that they are working for the Iranian government, when, in truth of fact, the operatives are actually carrying out an Israeli 'false flag' that would blame Iran, to build momentum for getting the U.S. to attack Iran.

(I apologize to Aangirfan for going off topic.)

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