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On 21 February 2012, we learn of the death of teen singer Maisie Baxter, a friend of teen singer Ronan Parke.

Framingham Earl school's tribute to “sunny and friendly” Maisie Baxter

Police were called to a property in the Norwich area where they found 13-year-old Maisie Baxter.

Allegedly, Maisie had been bullied. (maisie wasnt bullied?.)

Maisie attended Framingham Earl High School.

Ronan Parke

Nicola Furneaux, headteacher at Framingham Earl High, said:

"Maisie was a sunny, friendly girl and a bright student who played a full part in our school community. We will always remember her, and her beautiful singing voice; her performance at our talent show last year was one of the highlights of the competition.

"Maisie’s friends speak of her as someone who had the loveliest laugh – a warm giggle which cheered everyone. In lessons, Maisie worked hard and was a pleasure to teach."

On her Facebook page, Maisie is pictured with fellow Framingham Earl pupil Ronan Parke, who reached the final of Britain’s Got Talent in 2011.

Police have given details of the death to the coroner's office and an inquest is expected to be opened.

Headteacher Ms Furneaux said the school would assist any investigation.

Anonymous left this comment:

"Can I just make the point that Maisie wasn't bullied at fram.

"She was respected by us all.

"Fram is a very good school.

"Miss Frunox has been very supportive to me and others within the school..."

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

RIP poor MAISIE. She was sacrificed, undoubtedly.

Anonymous said...

can i just make the point that maisie wasn't bullied at fram. she was respected by us all.
fram is a very good school miss frunox has been very supportive to me and other within the school. to say that she should be sacked is really out of order as you have got wrong information on this page.
maisie hung herself. she was clearly depressed and had evidence of self harm. but the investigation of why she killed herself was unexplainable.
to make the point how good fram has been to me from my opinion. i have suffed is server depression and had counselling at the school. its got a very good supportive system. i was there for all 5 years and now have moved on to college with great opatunaties ahead of me. and i find it awful that people type in to look at the school and find this horrabl untruthful account of maisie.

Anon said...

I have changed some of the text.

Many thanks.

- Aangirfan

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