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Soccer is a very gay sport.

Soccer star Justin Fashanu once said that "British soccer is packed with gays from dressing room to boardroom."

(Justin Fashanu, dribbling round ...)

There are some homophobic fans.

Their homophobia is usually a cover for their own gayness.

Justin Fashanu

Justin Fashanu was a top soccer player who came out as gay.

Justin was the son of a Nigerian barrister living in England.

When his parents split up Justin was sent to a Barnardo's children's home.

When Justin was five, he and his brother were fostered by Alf and Betty Jackson and were brought up in Norfolk.

Justin became the first black footballer to command a £1m transfer fee. (Justin Fashanu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In 1990, after his career had gone downhill, due to an injury, Justin claimed to have had an affair with a married Conservative MP.

After moving to the United States, Justin, in 1998, was reportedly involved with a seventeen-year-old boy who reportedly accused him of sexual assault.

Reportedly, Justin, in a suicide note, stated that the sex was consensual.

On the morning of 3 May 1998, Justin was found hanged in a deserted lock-up garage, in Shoreditch, London, after reportedly visiting Chariots Roman Spa, a local gay sauna.

"'He gave us the names of two cabinet ministers he claimed he had sex with,' says Phil Taylor, the People's reporter who negotiated with Fashanu. 'If the story could have been proved, it is just possible we might have coughed up pounds 300,000. But we discovered he had absolutely no evidence. We never knew what is the truth and what is not the truth. You have to be very, very careful when dealing with Mr Fashanu.'" (Justin Fashanu, dribbling round ...)

Justin's niece talks about Britain's Gay Footballers

Worth watching: BBC iPlayer - Britain's Gay Footballers

BBC's gay footballers documentary scores high in ratings Gay Star ...

"John and Justin were born and raised in the UK, living with foster parents for a significant period of their youth. John grew up with a speech problem and to him Justin wasn't just an older brother. He was also his confidante, best friend and role model.

"Sadly, as their lives developed and they both became professional footballers, their relationship became strained. Most significantly in 1990, when Justin took the radical, but very courageous decision to "come out" openly in the press with his homosexuality."

BBC - BBC Three - Blog: Britain's Gay Footballers

The following is from a forum discussing the "Stephen Milligan MP & Justin Fashanu Murders".

"It was alleged at the time by Scallywag magazine that Stephen Milligan was originally approached by the security services to attempt to dissuade a well-known footballer coming towards the end of his career from continuing to hawk his story of gay sex sessions with two then serving cabinet ministers around Fleet Street.

"Milligan was a well respected MP and part time journalist. Milligan allegedly approached the footballer who was not prepared to drop his attempts to sell the story.

"Milligan allegedly reported back to the security services who informed Milligan that unless the footballer did keep matters quiet he would be eliminated.

"Apparently there was more to the story than simply the gay sex aspect, the introduction of the footballer to the cabinet ministers was allegedly arranged by a third party who had very close links with an extremely powerful paedophile ring.

"The implication was that the cabinet ministers may also have been involved with the paedophile ring although this was not confirmed in the Scallywag report, however it was very clearly hinted at...

"The cabinet ministers involved were very high profile indeed and the alleged paedophile link, if revealed, would have had a catastrophic effect on not only public confidence in domestic government but would have had repercussions on the image of Britain right around the world...

"Milligan was allegedly informed by the security services that, his efforts at dissuasion having failed, the footballer would be killed with his death being made to look like an accident. Milligan then allegedly threatened the security services that, if anything happened, he would tell the whole story to The Sunday Times.

"Shortly afterwards Stephen Milligan died, having apparently hanged himself..."



Anonymous said...

Poor Justin...

Anonymous said...

Suspect death:

Anonymous said...

Poor Justin, poor John. One just like the other... except John didn't have the dribble of a ball to come out in open and has lived in the closet ever since. Gen. Abacha of Nigeria would have filled in the dashes but, poor guy, he ate that poisoned apple too soon and when off to join Justin instead.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the UFC has many homos in the closet. These guys that like to play tough and have lots anger, usually were molested when they were kids. Child abuse is one of the main sources used by the military organizations to recruit their killers. If these kids come from dysfunctional families, it is even better.

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