Monday, February 13, 2012


Ed and David Miliband.

In the UK, the Labour Party, the party of Tony Blair, is out of power.

Ed Miliband is now leader of the Labour Party; his brother David Miliband is not in Ed's shadow cabinet.

"David Miliband's approach won't save Labour", according to

11 February 2012, New Statesman

"Unemployment is soaring and youth unemployment sickeningly high, the poor are being targeted and humiliated with housing benefit and a hundred other cuts, public services are being decimated...

"Education and health are being broken up and commercialised.

"New Labour paved the way for all this.

"Democracy is weaker and inequality greater after the biggest majorities Labour has ever had...

"You can't humanize the market by giving in to it...

"Ed Miliband is right about responsible capitalism...

"The in-balance approach of David Miliband just leaves us hoping the coalition fails and the party gets back having learnt the right technical lessons, recalibrating and tweaking this or that policy - expecting things to work out differently next time. They won't..."

More here: David Miliband's approach won't save Labour


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