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Charlize Theron recalls 'obsessive' school days

Charlize Theron remembers bursting into tears at school because she couldn’t sit next to the “really popular girl” she was “obsessed” with.


“I remember there was a really popular girl in my school, and I was obsessed with her, I mean, like you’d go to jail for that stuff today!” she laughed in an interview with OK! magazine.

“I was actually in tears one day because I couldn’t sit next to her. Yeah, I have issues!”

Boy band One Direction were booked to appear at the gay club Heaven by Jeremy Joseph, the promoter of Britain's biggest gay nightlife brand G-A-Y.

One Direction for G-A-Y?

Harry Edward Styles (right) is one of the more famous members of British-Irish boyband One Direction.

According to: Gay News from London: (Which Member of One Direction is Gay?)

Irish boy band Westlife star Mark Feehily was gay and in a relationship with Kevin McDaid, who used to be in boyband V.

The late Stephen Gately of Irish boy band Boyzone was gay.

Lance Bass from US boy band N-Sync is gay.

Jonathan Knight from US Boy Band New Kids on the Block is reported by Perez Hilton as gay.

Robbie Williams has joked many times about being gay...

Roger Crouch and his son Dominic.

On 18 May 2010, Dominic wrote: "Dear Family, I'm so so sorry for what I'm about to do. I have been bullied a lot recently and had a lot of shit made up about me that ain't true."

On 22 February 2012, we read how 'a heartbroken father hanged himself 18 months after his bullied son committed suicide by jumping off a six-storey building'.

Roger Crouch, the former director of children's services for Gloucestershire County Council, had organised an award-winning campaign to highlight the problems of homophobic bullying of children.

Dominic "jumped from a six-storey building near his school amid rumours he was gay after he apparently kissed a boy for a dare."

The Crouch Family

According to The Guardian (Website):

'Eight in 10 secondary-school teachers and two in five primary-school teachers reported hearing homophobic insults such as "poof", "dyke", "queer" and "faggot".

'Ninety per cent of secondary-school teachers had witnessed children being subjected to homophobic bullying...

'In the United States, there has been a worrying spate of young suicides linked to homophobic bullying.

'Over a single week in September 2010, there were five deaths: 13-year-old Seth Walsh hanged himself in his California back yard; Tyler Clementi, 18, jumped off the George Washington Bridge; Asher Brown, 13, from Houston, shot himself in the head and Raymond Chase, 19, from New York, hanged himself in his university dorm room.'

Tennessee people (Scopes Trial - Wikipedia)

In Tennessee, in the USA, there is a bill to ban any discussion of homosexuality in Tennessee schools.

There is a fear this will encourage similar laws across the US.

The 'don't say gay' bill has passed the state's senate.

Opponents are concerned about the implications across the US as well as in Tennessee, where two teens,
Jacob Rogers and Phillip Parker, have recently killed themselves after being bullied over their sexuality.

Gay rights activists urge Tennessee to halt passage of 'don't say gay' bill.

Photo by Evan Animals

Bonobo chimps are our nearest relation in terms of DNA.

Dr Batsi Chikura, a member of London's Royal College of Physicians, has written:
"Homosexuality: nature or choice?"

From this we learn:

1. Bonobo chimps have sex for breakfast, lunch and supper – any time is sex time.

They are also pansexual, which is to say they have sexual attraction and sexual desire towards all gender identities and biological sexes.

They have both heterosexual and homosexual sexual contacts and even group sex.

2. Sex serves an important function in the Bonobos’ community in keeping the society together, maintaining peaceful and cooperative relations.

When Bonobo groups meet in the forest, sex is part of the greeting ritual.

Fights and tensions in the group are quickly resolved by an outburst of sexual activity.

If humans could adopt the Bonobos’ concept, wars will be a thing of the past.


Brad Renfro and gay child stars



Zoompad said...

Being forced to have sex isn't very nice.

Anonymous said...

Obsessing on the same sex is a normal phase of early adolescence - it's a time when children are beginning to individuate and trying to find an ideal model. Theron was probably talking about such a phase and joking about it. has some useful information on that and also on the animal/homosexual issues (which they tend to dismiss for various reasons - it's a little complicated - the essay on the Animal Homosexuality myth is here:

Anonymous said...

Pushing the gay agenda....

nina said...

Charlize is a fantastic actress, one of the tiny few who can play anybody - convincingly. From the Road to the Florida serial killer and many more. If she is listed in the credits, whatever it is, is a must see.

I've been away, back and away again, I missed you.

Have you ever heard the "Big and Rich" CD? Yummy! Now there is a band.

Anonymous said...

some animals are canabilistic and eat their young,some engage in paedophilia and doesnt mean we should follow their example.we are not animals and should in no way take our behavioural cues from them.

A13 said...

I'm glad i'm a Human being with a conscience, rather than a monkey ;0

"When Bonobo groups meet in the forest, sex is part of the greeting ritual"

The above statement is out of the Bohemian Grove welcome manual.
Cheers A13

TrutherSceptic said...


There is a lot of disinfo in your post about homosexuality. Firstly, the Tenn bill only DISALLOWS explicit discussion of homosexuality in class. In the US, the glbt lobby is one of the biggest bully as they, like Perez Hilton, love to shame same-sex attracted ppl into supporting them/being open about their unresolved feelings, or forcefully outing them.

Please take a look at some of the things the gay lobby (owned & funded by Jews & supported by angry, hurt & misguided ppl) promote to SSA & GID ppl:

They actually encourage them to embrace a dangerous lifestyle.

My profile on ZIppcast gives a brief explanation on how glbt ppl have been fooled by the lobby:

Feel free to post it if you ever discuss this subject again.

Posters should also read the NARTH site:
to see accurate scientific info on homosexuality.

Don't trust what the media says about gay bullying. is also a great site for balanced info on glbt & the issues that affect them.

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