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Blogger has been notified, according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that certain content in your blog is alleged to infringe upon the copyrights of others. As a result, we have reset the post(s) to \"draft\" status.

We have now removed some images.

John Ensign, whose mother was a Cipriani.

Senator John Ensign of Nevada, in the USA, is a born-again evangelical Christian.

He was the fourth ranking Republican in the Senate.

He was seen as a possible future US President.

John Ensign is a member of the Pentecostal International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.

He and his wife Darlene have been active in the Promise Keepers, an evangelical group that promotes 'godly manhood'.

Las Vegas, in Nevada, has links to 9 11.

John Ensign represented Nevada.

John Ensign is pro-war.

In 1998, Ensign denounced Bill Clinton as a "disgrace" during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and said: "He has no credibility left".

It has now been revealed that from Dec 2007 to Aug 2008, John Ensign had an 'affair' with a campaign staffer who was 'married to an official Senate staffer'.

Ensign's mother is Sharon Lee Cipriani.

(Republican Senator John Ensign confesses to affair with aide)

The Mafia has connections to Las Vegas in Nevada.

Pippo Cipriani, the former Mayor of Corleone, once told BBC News Online: "The characteristic of the Mafia which most marks it out as distinct from other purely criminal organisations is the way in which it is rooted in society, its permeation of the economy, society and its institutions."

Antonio "Toni" Cipriani is a fictional character in the Grand Theft Auto video game series.

Toni is the Caporegime of the Leone family of the Mafia in Liberty City, working directly for Don Salvatore Leone.



Anonymous said...

It will be very interesting to learn:

Whose copyright is alleged to have been infringed
What exactly what the infringement was, or was claimed to be
Who made the allegation

Or will we not in fact be able to learn any of this?

Anonymous said...

& so it begins...

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Orwell's world! Can scummy DMCA name what that "certain content" is all about that they feel offended? Truth hurts. Now be a good sheeple and obey.

Louise said...

Oh my

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

what posts were turned into drafts? they are the ones with the alleged copyright infringements. can you check aangirfan?

Anonymous said...

It is an omenous direction:

It is a prior restraint, and according to U. S. Supreme Court interpretation of the First Amendment, prior restraint is subject to 'strict scrutiny'.

In constitutional interpretation when the 'strict scrutiny' standard of review is applied, the state has a very high bar to pass muster, and. almost never does, and the statute is struck down.

It appears too many people are being informed of information, facts & evidence, which the Powers That Be find damaging to their objectives.

You see the Powers That Be want to construct a 'World Goverance' structure which is 'top down' and modeled on a secret society' pyramid, where the people at the top, the Global Elite, don't have to answer to the average people via a democratic, representative, framework, nor do the PTB even want to explain what is their actual agenda.

In other words, fascism.

Fascism is antithetical to representative democracy.

But as Aangirfan has pointed out in a prior post, Fascism is neither, right, left, or center, it is a 'structure of government' and control.

If you are an Elite (most Elites, anyway), you are not interested in restraints or control imposed from below, but, rather, want to impose control from above onto the average people.

In a way, this is as 'old as history', and tribal in nature. The elites in the tribal structure of society have always imposed control from above via priests or kings, or councils, or from a 'big man'.

Human nature is social and hierarchical.

Representative democracy depends on the belief that men by whatever measure (a belief in God or a belief in individual human equality via precepts of humanism) have an equal say in the control of the society they live in.

Therefore, a majority vote expressing the will of every person constitutes the basic governing principle.

This belief in representative democracy (or even pure direct democracy) in a sense relies on the restraint of brutish, raw human nature.

The Greeks had something there: Moderation between the two extremes.

nobody said...

Hullo Aang, I'm just wondering how this works. I've never been informed of anything of this nature (not popular enough I suspect) but God knows I could be.

Were you informed specifically which pictures infringed? Or just which posts? How specific was what you were told?

Anon said...

Google did not say which items infringed. Nor did they say who was complaining.

- Aangirfan.

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