Saturday, February 25, 2012


War graves in Libya

In Benghazi, in Libya, Commonwealth War Graves have been smashed up by the mad Islamists put into power by the USA and NATO.

Headstones commemorating British and Allied soldiers, killed during World War II, have been destroyed.

Gaddafi's Libya - By anthonyasael

Two British journalists have been arrested by mad Islamists in Libya.

On 21 February 2012, reporter Nicholas Davies and cameraman Gareth Montgomery-Johnson were seized by members of the fascist Misrata Brigade and are being held in Tripoli.

War Criminals?

Fighting continues in the Libyan city of Al Kufra.

Isa Abdel Majid, who is leading the Tibu fighters, said around 100 people on the Tibu side had been killed since the clashes began.

"More than 30 of those died while they were being evacuated by road to hospitals in other towns," he said.

Left: pro-Gaddafi. Right - anti-Gaddafi

"Lawless armed militia now rule much of Libya and are forcing whole communities to flee as they impose a regime of torture and violence, Amnesty International said on 16 February 2012.

"The charity quoted detainees claiming they 'had been suspended in contorted positions, beaten for hours with whips, cables, plastic hoses, metal chains and bars, and wooden sticks and given electric shocks with live wires and Taser-like electroshock weapons'.

"Amnesty claimed at least 12 detainees had died since September from torture injuries. The report said: 'Their bodies were covered in bruises, wounds and cuts and some had had nails pulled off.'...

Small crowd celebrates new government

"Amnesty said it visited 11 detention camps in central and western Libya this month and last, and found evidence of torture and abuse at all but one.

"'There's torture, extrajudicial executions, rape of both men and women,' said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay."

Small crowd turns out to celebrate fall of gaddafi


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aferrismoon said...

Quite amazing really - the British 'government' will save Libyans from their own people yet allow the killing and torture of their 'own' citizens , and this of course is in collusion with those embedded journalists [ aka those who judge where the next bout of genocide will be].

Probably you've seen it but 'Wagging The Moondoggie' by Dave McGowan deals with Moon-Landing-Hoodwinkery , with humour.


A13 said...

Thank you for the linl over Aang, The situation in Libya is truly sad.
The media. The oppressors are just in concert, and the people suffer.
When people suffer, the world suffers..we all do.
The same as happening in Syria..
infiltration and manipulation coming to your country via whatever means in 2012.
Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

nobody said...

Hey Aang, I wouldn't make too much of the fact that photos display evidence of having been put through photoshop. Frankly I'd be surprised if they weren't.

When you're in the business of processing digital images, of course you put it in photoshop. I know that two of my favourite bloggers do the same thing I do, and that is: put every image through photoshop. Every single one. And not for anything special - levels, colour balance, the crop, the rez, you know... 'the usual'. Of course you put it through photoshop, it's what you do.

So anyway, having photoshop in the file tag (or whatever it's called) doesn't mean much in and of itself. Photoshop is not automatically synonymous with 'fake'. Pick any entity that deals with images in a non-amateur fashion and every image there will have a photoshop tag in the header, even the ones have not been digitally altered, or faked, or whatever you want to call it.

I'm not disagreeing with the overall premise here, merely with this bit the evidence as proof of anything.

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