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Gary Hyde

On 19 January 2012, we read of the collapse of the trial of arms dealer Gary Hyde.

Hyde had been accused of helping to organise a shipment of arms from the UK to Nigeria.

(BBC News - Gary Hyde arms deal trial collapses)

Reportedly, Hyde regularly does business with the UK Ministry of Defence.

(British gun dealer investigated over AK-47 empire.)

Osae Brown asks: Who is sending the guns to Nigeria?

River Children
Nigeria by * Daniel *

On 2o January, it was reported that Nigeria-bound arms have been seized in Ghana. s

"In recent weeks, there have been increasing and disturbing reports of attempted importation of arms and ammunition into the country.

"Most recently, the Ghana Police Service intercepted a truckload of arms destined for Nigeria.

"The arms and ammunition were concealed in a lorry with an inscription of Coca-Cola brand name on it. In the consignment were pump action guns, AK 47 rifles, double-barrel guns and a large quantity of AA and BB cartridges.

Posing Children
Nigeria by Iris (Irene Becker)

"According to the Accra regional police command, the vehicle was intercepted following a tip-off from residents in the area that a truckload with a Nigerian number plate was heading for the Ghana-Togo border with offensive arms...

"Coming at this time that Nigeria is in the throes of its worst security problem posed by the terrorist sect, Boko Haram, the incessant reports of attempted arms importation into the country, is a present danger that should be tackled swiftly.

Nigeria by anthonyasael

"Only a day after the Nigeria-bound arms were intercepted in Ghana, a Briton, Mr. Gary Hyde, an arms dealer from Yorkshire, England, was arraigned in a London court for allegedly smuggling 80,000 guns and 32 million rounds of ammunition from China to Nigeria.

"Mr Hyde has also been fingered as the arms merchant behind the 2007 shipment of 40,000 AK 47 assault rifles, 10,000 9mm pistols into Nigeria..."


The Sunsaints said...

That a huge shipment of arms to Nigeria came from China is confirmation of what is prophesied in scripture: the King of the North will invade Arica by way of Egypt. Once he and his NATO army enter Africa (perhaps to take over the US operations already there), then China will seek to intervene; since it is heavily invested in that continent. But the former will overcome the latter: this king then subordinates the Chinese military for his own purposes.


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When is someone going to make the connection between the Bout take-down and the AFRICOM ramp/Spring.....

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