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UK soccer player Duncan Ferguson introduces himself to Steffen Freund - Coming out of the Closet with Fuse: Meet Big Dunc e

Duncan Ferguson, former team mate of UK footballer Gary Speed, was jailed in 1994 for assaulting a rival player on the pitch.

Gary Speed was 'found hanged after a row'

More than 122 footballers are in jail, a charity has revealed s

More than 120 former UK football stars are behind bars for:

1. drug dealing

2. assault

3. car theft

4. shoplifting

In December 2011, former Manchester United player Ronnie Wallwork was jailed for 15 months for selling stolen car parts.

In November 2011, former Leyton Orient player Elliot Omozusi, 22, was sentenced to two-and-a-half years for witness intimidation.

In August 2011, former Southend player Tesfaye Bramble, brother of Sunderland player Titus, was jailed for four-and-a-half years for raping a teenage girl.

In 2008, Joey Barton of football team QPR was jailed for assault.

In 2008, former Plymouth goalkeeper Luke McCormick caused the deaths of Aaron Peak, 10, and brother Ben, 8, in an alcohol-fuelled road smash and was sentenced to seven years in jail.

In 1990, Tony Adams was jailed for drink-driving while he was captain of Arsenal.



aferrismoon said...

Harry Redknapp, the illiterate Premier Leauge manager, on tax charges at present, when he was at Portsmouth.

They won the FACup and then went financially askew


Anonymous said...

The coroner at the inquest into the death of Wales manager Gary Speed has said he cannot be satisfied he intended to kill himself.

BBC 30 Jan 2012

Muddying the waters?

Zoompad said...

I just found out a couple of days ago how much it cost to get Sky TV football subscription for a month, and I was shocked. I thought it was only about £80 per year.

My friend told me that is why the footballers get so much money.

Big money has wrecked football. It isn't a proper game any more, it's too elite, all the fun has gone out of it. A lot of men dont really care about football any more, but when I was young it was exciting for the men to watch the matches, and a lot of the players were local lads. Saturdays were dominated by football for most men, and grandstand and match of the day had several matches on, but now you have to have Sky to see a lot of the matches and its too expensive to go to take your lads to see the match. A lot of boys got sneaked in through the turnstyles when I was young, I suppose that was not a good idea, thinking about Hillsborough, but the men seemed to have a good time, that was until all the fighting started. I dont like football so it doesnt really affect me, but I do wonder whyt football is sometimes more expensive than going to see the Opera, and you get a lovely comfortable seat in a beautiful hall at the Opera, rather than a cold windy bench, getting freezing cold and not even being able to have a flask of tea any more in case it is used as a weapon.

A13 said...

What i found really STRANGE, is that the inquest into GS's suicide says that he may have "nodded off"
Yeah right..witha noose/ stragulation device around his neck..really, as if..
He must have been on the turps (blind drunk)real bad for that, or taken some pills to just "nod off" whilst strung up don't you think..
I'm sure if it was just for the "shock factor" of his wife to discover him like that, and her admittance to "go for drive" and sleep in the car.. is very strange.
it's usually the bloke that gets told to go away.get out of this house..or go for a drive.especially if there are kids around...I think it's suss.
and i refer to your previous post on the matter w/ child abuse.
something haunted this guy...obvious.
cheers A13

majestika said...

Also strange is the fact that his wife doesn't remember what they'd argued about before he died ('something or other'). If you'd argued with your spouse and they'd then committed suicide the next day I'm pretty sure that the argument would be on your mind. or maybe that's just me...

re Harry Redknapp/Portsmouth - he was then in the employ of the Gaydamaks...

Luvvly jubbly....

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