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Muammar Gaddafi is leading the Human Rights Hero of 2011 award of Amnesty International USA's online poll

On 1 January 2012, Franklin Lamb, author and researcher, has an article entitled "Will 2012 Bring Tribal War to Libya?"

Among the points made:

1. Libyans are increasingly speaking out against the 'new Libya'.

2. 'Ahmad' was betrayed by friends for militia cash, was arrested, tortured and jailed without charges simply because his family was known to be Gadhafi supporters.

He and the other more than 100, including Sheik Khaled Fantouch, all held in a large room in a makeshift Misrata militia prison, were given nothing at all to eat and shared bottles of water to stay alive.

3. More than 55 rebel militia, totaling more than 30,000 armed fighters control parts of Tripoli, some of them loosely under the protection and direction of the TNC, Tripoli Military Commander Belhaj.

Belhaj was formerly with Al Qaeda.

His party, now being formed into the Muslim Brotherhood will likely win next June’s election.

His in the third largest militia in Tripoli. The largest is run by Salh Gait, from Tripoli, and according to his deputy has 5000 fighters and adding more.

Photo of 12/29/11 women’s demonstration at Green Square (Martyr’s Sq) in Tripoli in favor of the right of Libyan women to give their husbands and children Libyan citizenship

4. There has been a demonstration in Green Square organized by a group demanding accountability for those who have disappeared and are being held in scores of secret militia prisons around the country.

In addition to the 7000 plus pro Gadhafi loyalists acknowledged as imprisoned, there are more than 35,000 Libyans being held secretly by militia that are outside the control and sometimes even the knowledge of the essentially powerless TNC.

5. Libyan women have been disappearing from public places and not heard from again.

Militias have taken over various homes.

Some of the home invaders have moved in their families from other parts of Libya and some are accused of holding kidnapped female foreign domestic workers and are suspected by the women advocacy groups, kidnapping women off the streets and enslaving them within their sanctuaries.

6. One local militia commander explained: "Whatever intra-tribal or geographical divisions existed a year ago, they are 500 times worse today.

"The Tribes are arming and have given the new government several deadlines for committing to rebuild destroyed homes and businesses, helping homeless families, and getting the guns off the streets and sending the armed gangs back to where they came from. To date nothing has been achieved by the new government and people are growing very angry."

7. Other current problems causing strife here are the rising prices on everything except electricity which no one has paid in the whole country according to my sources since last February. But the electricity cuts are similar to during the NATO bombing.

Lack of money is a problem with citizens not being allowed to withdraw more than 750 dinars each month. Money is still relatively scarce and if one accepts that 7 billion was taken out of Libyan banks by former Libyan officials and businessmen early last spring, more than 8 billion was withdrawn by citizens in a panic last summer before a limit of 500 dinars per month was imposed by the Gadhafi government.

8. This observer has been advised both in neighboring countries and inside Libya by Tribal officials that war in coming maybe as soon as March 1.

During a meeting in a nearby country one Gadhafi loyalist explained:

"We know which tribes worked with NATO and sold out their birthrights. Some did the same thing with the Italians and over the years with foreign oil companies.

"We will fight to restore a path for the Libyan people knowing that mistakes were made by the Gadhafi regime but also that his support today ranges from 90% in Wafala Tribe areas like Bani Walid to close to 60% in Tripoli."


Noor al Haqiqa said...

It seems everything is going according to plan in Libya then, doesn't it? Sounds a lot like how well things have gone in Iraq...

How I detest the complacency of the West about what has been done here.

I heard a pathetic thing today...

"War, created to teach Americans geography."

Then they move on....

I voted for Qaddafi.... I hope everyone else does. It is so easy....

Prosperity said...

You can still vote for
"Muammar Gaddafi" (please watch spelling) here (see right column):

Anonymous said...

Humanity sacrificed to Oil

John said...

Remember not everyone in the west is part of this, I for one of many am ashamed of what has happened in our name. Here in the US, most here only know what they have been told by the TV and that's it. We have also been invaded and occupied here, just in another way; for now.

The powers that be are already changing history as they always do after they destroy a country.

The slaves here in the US are being told all the things he did for the people of Africa are all lies and it was Dick Cheney and Halliburton that made the 8th wonder of the world ( man made river) soon this will be the only thing known in America, this is what they do, so the Libyan people need to make sure they keep the truth of their country alive anyway they can or it will all be blown away in the dust storm of time.

Good luck and God Bless!

I try and do my part

Anonymous said...

Looks like even the mightiest and most powerful military coalition in history still can't crush the ideals of the Green Revolution, even after they killed its author!

Anonymous said...

With the facts & evidence of a violence torn Libya in the aftermath of NATO's intervention, note those who ignore this, yet claim to be against Global imperialism.

There are many hidden agendas.

The alternative media has become a force to sway public opinion, therefore, efforts will be made to infiltrate (and thus control) the alternative media.

A clever disinformation agent can put out 85% correct information, but the 15% which is false or omitted (often slipped into reports or analysis as an aside, but designed to promote a "controlled" meme) is "where the money is".

That is how you can identify a disinformation agent.

And, often, how you can determine their true agenda.

Now, it's also true that well-meaning alternative media will get some facts or evidence wrong or draw a wrong conclusion, so, just because an alternative site comes to an opposite conclusion (than you, the reader) doesn't necessarily identify the site as disinformation.

It takes discernment, good judgment, and a practiced eye to identify disinformation.

It's an art not a science.

But necessary when digging for the truth in a world where many are either paid or have an ideological bent to hide, obscure, or distract from the actual reality of the matter at issue.

Asif said...

hi anon Happy New Year 2012

nina said...

See? We don't even have to go run around and attack resource-ful nations anymore. Just send in the clowns ...

Anonymous said...

To commenter on 5:32 pm: Well said.

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