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Elvis Presley had Scottish origins.

Scotland would be the 6th richest country in the world if it had INDEPENDENCE

The revenue from Scotland's oil, over the last several years, amounts to £3.48 trillion.

Over the past 30 years, Scotland has produced more oil than Dubai and Abu Dhabi combined.

Over the past 30 years, Scotland has produced almost as much oil per capita as Saudi Arabia.

Uncle Sam was Scottish.

There is still a lots of oil off the coast of Scotland.

Half the oil is still to come

(SCOTTISH OIL RESERVES EXCEED ESTIMATES / 60% INCREASE IN ESTIMATES OF UNTAPPED OIL .../ Scotland's true oil wealth was hidden to stop independence.)

Each year in Scotland, tourists spend £4.5 billion.

Scotland's whisky exports are worth around £4 billion a year.

Scotland has 8.4% of the UK population, but in 2009-2010 paid 9.4% of the UK tax revenue.

The Scottish government has had budget surpluses, while the London government has been getting ever deeper into debt.

What does the Jewish media say?

According to Melanie Phillips, Jewish journalist and friend of subsidised Israel, "The only way to save the United Kingdom is to stop throwing cash at the Scots."

The Scots, who are a mixture of races, are said to rule the world. (JEWISH SCOTLAND)

So, what have the Scots ever done for us? (The Independent)

Scotland has produced huge numbers of famous thinkers:

Adam Smith author of The Wealth of Nations.

Sir William Paterson who thought up the idea of the Bank of England.

Kirkpatrick Macmillan who invented the bicycle.

Davy Crockett was Scottish

Thomas Telford who designed some of Britain's most famous canals.

Andrew Carnegie, billionaire steel magnate, who built New York's Carnegie Hall.

Glasgow chef Ali Ahmed Aslam who invented chicken tikka masala.

James Clerk Maxwell, a Scot, was one of the world's top scientists. He identified and wrote the equations of the electromagnetic field. That made possible the mobile phone, satellite communications, radio and television.

More famous Scots:

Admiral Thomas Cochrane who was commander of the Chilean navy.

Sir James Simpson who invented chloroform.

James Maxwell who invented colour photography.

Dr Henry Faulds invented fingerprinting.

John Napier invented logarithms.

Dolly the Sheep was invented in Edinburgh.

Life expectancy in some parts of Scotland, such as Calton in Glasgow, is lower than in India. Scotland's wealth is stolen by the rich elite in London.

More famous Scots:

Peter Pan was invented in Scotland by J M Barrie.

Alexander Bain invented the fax machine.

Sir Thomas Lipton invented the World Cup.

Alexander Cummings invented the flush toilet.

George Cleghorn discovered that quinine could cure malaria.

Robert watson-Watt, the inventor of radar, was Scottish.

Scotland invented golf.

Scotland invented gospel singing which led to black gospel music.

More famous Scots:

James Braid was the first, in recent centuries, to experiment with hypnotism.

Alexander Wood invented the hypodermic syringe.

James Watt developed a way of making steam engines efficient, to speed trains along.

Sir David Brewster invented the kaleidoscope.

William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, invented the Kelvin Scale.

King James, of the King James Bible, was Scottish.

Lachlan Rose invented Lime Cordial.

Robert Louis Stevenson and Captain Kidd were Scots.

Alexander Fleming was Scottish.

More famous Scots:

Dick and Mac McDonald who invented McDonald's burgers were of Scots descent.

Robert Watson-Watt developed the magnetron which has led to the microwave.

James Young discovered that by using heat you could distil coal to make paraffin.

Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin.

John Broadwood is credited with developing the piano foot-pedal.

John Boyd Dunlop invented the pneumatic tyre.

James Watt was the first to use a propeller, applied to a steam engine, on board ships.

Robert Watson-Watt invented radar.

Charles Macintosh invented the macintosh.

James Watt was Scottish

More famous Scots:

William Cullen invented the refrigerator.

Elvis's ancestors came from Aberdeenshire.

Dr John Harvey Kellogg, who invented cornflakes, was of Scottish origin.

James Nasmyth invented the power-driven hammer.

William Ged invented the stereotype, a type of printing plate.

John McAdam invented tarmacadam.

Alexander Bell invented the telephone.

Davy Crockett came from Scotland.

Scotsman John Boyd Dunlop invented the inflated rubber tyre.

More famous Scots:

John Logie Baird was the first person to publicly demonstrate a working television system.

Samuel Wilson, America's Uncle Sam, was from Scotland.

John Paul Jones founded America's navy.

Thomas Jefferson was one of 23 American presidents with Scottish or Scots-Irish origins.

Sir James Dewar invented the vacuum flask.

Lord Kelvin, a Scot, played key roles in everything from thermodynamics and electric lighting to transatlantic telecommunication and the age of the Sun.

List of some Scottish Enlightenment thinkers

Robert Adam (1728-1792) architect

James Anderson (1739-1808) agronomist, lawyer, amateur scientist

Joseph Black (1728-1799) physicist and chemist, first to isolate carbon dioxide

Hugh Blair (1718-1800) minister, author

James Boswell (1740-1795) lawyer, author of Life of Johnson

John Logie Baird was Scottish

Thomas Brown (1778–1820), Scottish moral philosopher and philosopher of mind; jointly held the Chair of Moral Philosophy at Edinburgh University with Dugald Stewart

James Burnett Lord Monboddo (1714-1799) philosopher, judge, founder of modern comparative historical linguistics

Robert Burns (1759-1796) poet

Alexander Campbell (1788-1866) founder of the Restoration Movement

George Campbell (1719-1796) philosopher of language, theology, and rhetoric

Sir John Clerk of Eldin (1728-1812) prolific artist, author of An Essay on Naval Tactics; great-uncle of James Clerk Maxwell

William Cullen (1710-1790) early medical researcher and chemist

Adam Ferguson (1723-1816) considered the founder of sociology

James Hall, 4th Baronet (1761-1832) geologist, geophysicist

Henry Home, Lord Kames (1696-1782) philosopher, judge, historian

David Hume (1711-1776) philosopher

Francis Hutcheson (1694-1746) philosopher of metaphysics, logic, and ethics

James Hutton (1726–1797) founder of modern geology

Sir John Leslie (1766-1832) mathematician, physicist, investigator of heat (thermodynamics)

John Millar (1735-1801) philosopher, historian, historiographer

John Playfair (1748-1819) mathematician, author of Illustrations of the Huttonian Theory of the Earth

Alexander Graham Bell was Scottish

Thomas Reid (1710-1796) philosopher, founder of the Scottish School of Common Sense

William Robertson (1721-1793) one of the founders of modern historical research
Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)

William Smellie (1740-1795) editor of the first edition of Encyclopædia Britannica

Adam Smith (1723-1790) whose The Wealth of Nations was the first modern treatise on economics

Dugald Stewart (1753-1828) moral philosopher

John Walker (naturalist) (17310-1803) Natural History Professor

James Watt (1736-1819) student of James Black; engineer, inventor (Watt steam engine)


Anonymous said...

Elvis' dad was Scottish, his mom was Jewish FYI.

Anonymous said...

BuelahMan has Scottish roots (Dad's side). All from the Niven clan, came here in 1679.

True story: my dad lived in a duplex in Tupelo, MS when he was a young child. The other side was occupied by the Presleys.

Dad and Elvis were about 1 year apart (Elvis a year older). Since my Dad was about 5, all he remembers is that Elvis was the biggest Mamma's boy he ever knew. He would cry over anything.

I have pictures of my Mom and Dad sitting back stage with Elvis just before a concert. They went often and partied with Elvis and the boys.

Where's my kilt?

aferrismoon said...

Scotland also developed modern football, apparently the 'glish used to just hump the ball up the field.

Renton FC , first ever World Club Champions 1888.

Paisley textile design

Gerorge Rennie Mackintosh - designer, still influential in many areas of design today.

Kilwinning Lodge 0 , perhaps the world's first Freemasonic lodge

Jamesey I also invented the Union Flag

@ Anonymous - Scots invented Judaism


thetruthhurts said...

and Gordon Brown

Anon said...

Love the comments.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Nae mention of Genghis McCann or Yehudi McEwan!!!!

Penny said...

hey aang!

thanks for the link over to the thailand stuff, but!!!!
Did you know that there is a large and continuous Israeli backpacker network, complete with restaurants and travel agents that cater to the Israeli's. Also synagogues.

kind of curious stuff, these "backpackers"
They appeared in a big way in Patagonia, Argentina.

Anonymous said...

In Roman times and later, the people of Scotland were known as Picts.

Picts were very fierce, so fierce and independent that Rome made a wall, Hadrian's Wall, rather than attempt to fully subjugate the Picts, which the Romans had done with most other tribes and nations they encountered.

This tribal characteristic of being fierce & independent continued well after these people were no longer known as Picts, but were known as Scotsmen.

(The textbooks state there is some mystery as to what happened to the Picts, but I conclude the Picts and the Scotsmen are roughly the same people.)

What made the Picts/Scotsmen so fierce & independent and as the post points out, high cognitive ability?

The physical environment of Scotland is harsh.

It would appear that not only were (and are) Picts/Scotsmen fierce & independent, they are smart with a large capacity for high level abstraction or theoretical thought, but also have a high level ability for empirical observation & measurement and, then, practical application.

Picts/Scotsmen are able to connect abstraction & observation to solving practical problems or achieving goals -- making devices or understanding the physical environment -- Nature -- the Laws of Nature.

Was it the fact that during those long & cold Winters, much thought was going on in their huts? That it took thought as well as brawn to survive those long & cold Winters?

What is the connection between high cognitive ability and being fierce & independent?

By the way, thank you, Picts/Scotsmen, for coming to America and making so many contributions to the Republic, starting from the beginning and up to the present day.

I am proud to have Scotsmen as my fellow countrymen.

We, Americans, your fellow countrymen, need your fierceness & independence, high cognitive ability, and practical application, now more than ever.

Not for the Globalists, but for the American People.

As for the issue of sovereignty in your native land, I decline to get involved. It is not my business.

I do pray for the goodness that is in the Pict/Scotish heart and that may play into whatever decision and outcome which comes from the debates concerning Scotish Independence.

Good luck and Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

Another great post...

- freethinker...

Anonymous said...

You missed ME, Aangs! Descended from the Gunn Clan of Caithness, latterly Dumfries, same as the Robson/Robertson/Robesons etc., from Northumbria, and the Pagans on grandma's side. So, you see, I'm not ALL bad!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... independent thinkers... a wee bit of wisdom... in them words.

Anonymous said...


I don't want to be a story spoiler but Daily Mail seems to have different information concerning the remaining oil and natural gas in the North Sea, be it Scottish, Norwegian or whatever..


Anonymous said...

The American Revolution was a minority affair, like the 39% of Scots who want full independence. The population would have probably voted for a "devo max" alternative. The urgency of Cameron's timeline is tactical. The later vote, 2014, makes more sense. At 39% today, a majority may be reached. But the City of London will make sure that they author the content of the proposition and that it includes the divisive middle position.

Scotland should be free. The elite of the remainder will have to seek funds elsewhere for their Empire project.

HPrice said...

Why is it that so many people leave Scotland because they can't stand it (true! I've known quite a few people down here in New Zealand like that) but then moan about how fantastic it is when they are far away from it?? Hmm ...

And why is it that Scottish people are big girls blouses? I went to school in Scotland for a few years and the ones that tried to bully me were easily stopped by me and I've always been a ten stone weakling (although, the guy who did try to shoot me with an air rifle was an emo-psychopath, admittedly).

Oh and why is it that the world is in such a terrible state? Because Scottish people seem to run everything! Have you noticed that???

(its the Welsh by the way who pick up all the pieces and actually do the good work after the Scots get their ugly mits on things but the Scots seem to get all the glory for some truly obscure reason.

Oh and don't even get me started on the Irish. Talk talk talk, drink drink drink ... did you know that the Irish stole Guinness from the Welsh !!!! and that they jabber incoherently about potatoes and lepracauns all the bloody time. Top of the bloody morning to you too mate :D).

ps oh and apart from Denis Law (the ugliest footballer ever) and Kenny Dalgliesh, the Scots are really really terrible at football. Although only women's teams and New Zealanders are in fact worse ...

pps I think if you stare enough at world history for long enough, you will see that the Scots didn't actually invent everything. Things need time to develop or are invented by a number of people, and not by just one person. Also certain things are actually invented earlier by other people rather than the ones who actually get all the credit. Logie-Baird's television was a mechanical nonsense. It was Russian and German scientists who really invented television, and Alexander Graham-Bell stole the telephone from someone else. These are just two examples. Suddenly Scottish people don't look so ... godly.

Still they do like making pigs bladders and filling them with mince and crap, and reading really terrible poetry at each other ... so thats ok then hehe.

HPrice said...

ps I heard something once that the Presley's name actually comes from "Preseli" which is a small hilly region in South West Wales - the location of where the big blue stones at Stonehenge come from (that is a fact, and no you Scots cannot claim it for yourself!!!) ... so maybe, they aren't so Scottish as some people like to believe (??). And anyway, I also heard once that Presley was part Native American too ... or is that another urban myth canard legend thing, and he actually came from Inverness (the same as other famous people like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Justin Bieber, Murun Buchstansangur, and James Tiberius Kirk).

dognamedblue said...

I think the only thing that can be added to this excellent piece is that best james bond ever is also from north of the border

CS said...

"(The textbooks state there is some mystery as to what happened to the Picts, but I conclude the Picts and the Scotsmen are roughly the same people.)

What made the Picts/Scotsmen so fierce & independent and as the post points out, high cognitive ability?"

That's all rot. What the Romans called Picti (painted people) were the woad-painted Britons they first encountered on the invasion of Britain.

In time, as they pursued the conquest of the territory, the came to know the Picti of England by their tribal names. But Scotland was such a barren and remote place they decided to simply wall it off. As a result, the people of Scotland continued to be known solely by the generic name of Picts.

Oxford professor of human genetics, Bryan Sykes, conducted an extensive genetic sampling and analysis of the indigenous people of the British Isles and found all to be primarily of the same Celtic stock.

So sorry to spoil this fantasy of Scotch racial supremacy, but the Scots are of the same common clay as the English, the Irish and the Welsh.

kerdasi amaq said...

Scotland gets its name from Ireland.

Scotus was the Latin word for an Irishman.

The Sunsaints said...

Scotland gets its name from a princess named Scota--one of the two daughters of Zedekiah, the last king of Judah. She led a group of Ionian Greeks in an invasion of Ireland. Centuries later her people migrated from Ireland to Northern Britain, because a comet exploded over Ireland about 562 BC. In honor of their great queen from the past, these people decided to call their new home Scotland.


The Sunsaints said...

Scotland gets its name from a princess named Scota, one of the two daughters of Zedekiah the last king of Judah. She led a group of Ionian Greeks in the invasion of Ireland. Centuries later her people migrated from Ireland to Northern Britain because a comet exploded over Ireland about 562 BC. In honor of their great queen from the past, they decided to call their new home Scotland.


Anonymous said...

Links between noted Scots regiments and Russians. The perpetrators are now 'friends' of the Scots ?

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